EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): We have been receiving numerous and very urgent complaints from our friends n Naples Florida, regarding the sudden removal of beloved Father Philemon by Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta… We have said many times that most of our leaders in the Church hierarchy suffer from the same diseases: arrogance, love for money, etc. They are mostly self-serving and if we do not raise our voice against them they will keep chasing all decent priests out of our parishes while promoting those prone to corruption…  All of you in Florida please read the announcement below and take action!



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    I’m Michael Whyte, and operate Naples only family owned and operated funeral home in Naples Florida, I have worked with Fr. Philemon for many years. I know his love and compassion for his parishioners as well as all people of our community. His departure from St. Katherine will in my opinion will be a great loss to the people of Naples, and St. Katherines, Our company has conducted many services including two Orthodox Priest at St. Katherines. This is a very sad time for all. I ask the leadership in Atlanta to Humble themselves and correct this wrong and lead by doing a retreat from a disturbing decision.


  2. Forget arguing with Alexios and Elpi. Declare yourselves self-governing, keep all you money in house, organize the reading of the services by The Royal Laity until brave priests agree to resist. We are an American Church and must act like one. You will be labeled “non-canonical” but the earliest communities in the 20th century were considered non-canonical, so what? You must separate from the cancer to which you are attached or you will die as a community.


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