By Nick Stamatakis

For many weeks after the Nov.3 elections the main question preoccupying many of us, who are convinced that many irregularities, illegalities, and fraud occurred, has to do with the intervention of the US Supreme Court in the case of Pennsylvania.  The Court through Judge Alito is already there and today this Judge announced that he moved up the deadline for the PA administrators to file opposition papers.  But will the Supreme Court finally act?

I will support that the US Supreme Court has no choice but to act.  Here is why:

  1. The Court has already issued an order for PA officials to segregate all ballots that arrived after 8 pm on Nov. 3, an order that was largely disobeyed. Issuing this order a few days before the elections was a clear indication that the Court was ready to consider the many constitutional issues arising from PA.
  2. These issues began over a year ago when the Legislature allowed mail-in ballots but this was with signature verification, post stamps, and other temporal restrictions.  But then a few weeks before the elections the (leftist) PA administrators and the (even more leftist) PA Supreme Court took it to their hands to eliminate all requirements for matching signatures, post stamps, and deadlines.  And decided to extend the vote count (which should have been named “vote discount” to be exact) for days after Nov. 3.
  3. These are grave violations that render the PA elections completely unconstitutional, as they violate the PA and the federal constitution on several counts. If the US Supreme Court, whose only job is to safeguard the Constitution stays inactive it would have abolished its role and diminished its existence. And when the Left takes over the Presidency and possibly the Senate (as they already control the House) in January they would be very much justified to increase the 9-member Court to 13 or 15 and in so doing to radically change the character of our constitutional republic.  Because the US Supreme Court itself would have already given them the grounds to diminish it.
  4. The nine Judges are very much conscious of the historic nature of today’s circumstances.  They are conscious of their role as the safe keepers of this republic. I know many among us have doubts about some of them, but I disagree. All nine judges are aware of the magnitude of the times but at least five of them are compelled to take action.

I will close this short analysis with a link (here) to an excellent analysis of this issue by one of the best experts on constitutional law, Mark Levin.


  1. No doubt Justice Thomas will consult with the others given that he is well aware at a personal level of how low Bidenites can go…


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