EDITOR’S NOTE: In this 10′ video Andreas draws from his recent college experience to explain the demise of American universities into “cancel culture” and “critical race theory”… A useful video for all parents with kids in college or about to enter…


  1. Truth is, there’s no racism anymore … what’s devolved now is Reverse Racism —
    and its target: the White Christian Heterosexual Conservative Male.

    Yes he’s true victim under constant attack by religion of leftism: political correctness.

    USA is so racists to allow a half Black man be President?

  2. Dear Mr. Gatanas– I agree-and see the dire need for this to be addressed by all clergy and higher-ups–as it is the “fringe” that attempts to take over what was once a decent society. Let’s hope the fringe has not already infiltrated the confines of our own Church– for the sake of our children and their children… God help us!


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