EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis):  Finally, the main stream media, specifically a journalist who decided to do her job, Catherine Herridge of CBS, reported today that DNI Ratcliff has confirmed China’s interference in Nov. 3 elections.  Would someone now in our legislative system – from the local Legislatures to the US Congress, start connecting the dots between the proven fact of the Chinese interference and “Beijing Biden”?  And would finally our congressmen and Senators – including the swamp swimmer extraordinaire (whose wife has interests in China) Mitch McConnell –  stand up and do their duty on January 6?  


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China, not Russia. What in the world would China have to gain from a Joe Biden Presidency?

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  1. Beijing Biden machine is so satanic that the Supreme Court fears riots across America instead of declaring Truth on massive voter fraud!
    Dirty Joe Biden presidency will never be accepted as legit


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