At the end of a very difficult year, as 2020 certainly was, we all need to take a breath and reflect on the things we are thankful for – and there are many.  HELLENISCOPE is very grateful for its loyal readers and even more thankful for a very lively team of Greek-Americans (writers and providers of information of all kinds), who support us in our quest for “Truth Through Knowledge”… A year and a few months after our launch, this website has become a point of reference for all major issues affecting our community and beyond… We are hoping to continue on this path and expand in the coming year and the years ahead!…


Nick Stamatakis



I would like to invite all of you to a beloved – since my childhood years – European tradition and a wonderful way to ring in the New Year: the New Year’s Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic (a dream still not fulfilled for me, to attend in person…) In the US it is usually shown by PBS twice during New Year’s Day.  Check your local listings and set your DVRs…  And take a stroll in the wonderful Viennese Waltzes and the Polkas…  Here is a taste…

But as it always happens with us Greeks, a party is not a party if it does not end with our music… Here is a wonderful performance of Zorba and a syrtaki by the Igor Moiseyef Ballet…




  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Helleniscope people!
    Pray 2021 will deliver America out of degenerate leftist anarchy, our historical statues put back, the Ancient classics restored and taught in schools, the Police never defunded and respected again.

    God help this country, thank goodness for the religious right who stand their ground.


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