By Alex Aliferis

Greek American Restaurants suffered across the USA as a result of these Democrat-inspired lockdowns.  These lockdowns affected thousands of Greek American owned small businesses. The economic devastation is felt in the restaurant sector. Big cities like Chicago and New York City have turned into barren ghost towns.

In California, Governor Newsom released over 22,000 prisoners from state prisons. Crime shot up. Citizens rushed to purchase their first pistol or shotgun with ammo in the USA. In New York City, the police have been defunded and demoralized by communist New York City Mayor DeBlasio. San Francisco turned into a ghost town. You will end up a crime statistic if you dare to walk the streets of Chicago, New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Trenton, etc.

One by one, restaurants are forced into bankruptcy. The government tells them to erect outdoor tents. Then, they shut down. It costs lots of money for tents, heat lamps, etc. What about local permit fees? During the wildfires, Californians were forced to sit outside in smoky air.

In California, there is huge pushback against Democrat Governor Newsom’s authoritarian measures. What is going on in California?

What Can You Do?

Patrons of Basilico’s Pasta e Vino in Huntington Beach wait for tables on Sunday, December 6, 2020. The business never shut down since the original lockdown in March, and has operated normally. (Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG)

First, lawsuits by small businesses (restaurants, stores, etc.) in counties around California are being filed. Attorney Steven Bailey of the California Constitutional Rights Foundation filed a lawsuit from Nevada County which represents Lake Tahoe. Additional lawsuits from other counties are forming. In Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, etc., there are attorneys who have filed lawsuits on behalf of restaurants, small businesses, churches, etc. I urge you to search for current lawsuits or form one with an attorney. It takes about $10,000 to $25,000 for a lawsuit. Remember, the US Constitution was never suspended for Covid 19. Why is it that Democrat State Governors act like Dictators while Republican State Governors like Florida Governor DeSantis opened Florida 100% for business? Churches, restaurants, schools, events, etc. are open in Florida. Seven US States like North and South Dakota never had a lockdown.

Second, Private Membership Associations are formed in bars and restaurants across California. What is a PMA? How does it work? Customers need to sign up as a member. An establishment can charge $1 one-time fee. The doors must be locked to the public. They must be on the list to eat inside the restaurant or bar. A Greek-American, Denis Xenos, stood up in Lodi, CA with Denis Country Kitchen. He formed a PMA for his restaurant with indoor dining and made it private. He only serves breakfast and lunch so he has no liquor license. When any health inspector or officer appears at your business, you have a right not to allow them indoors. You must ask them if they have a warrant and ask them to leave. Anything you say will be used against you by officials looking to write citations.

Denis Xenos defies Lockdown Orders


Third, restaurants and bars are open for indoor dining, in defiance. United we stand, divided we fall. The police and Sheriffs know what is going on. The communist Democrats with their BLM/ANTIFA terrorist groups attacked police and burned cities with anti-police/defund police rhetoric in 2020. Police and Sheriffs across America have openly stated in Democrat-controlled cities/counties/states that they will not enforce unconstitutional laws. It takes citizens to call their Sheriff or City Councils to say to not enforce unconstitutional lockdown orders. Many cities and counties outside San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. are not enforcing the unconstitutional Communist Democrat Dictator Newsom’s orders.

Fourth, residents can push for a Business Sanctuary City Resolution in their local City Council. It is time to expose scumbag Mayors and Councilmembers who favor illegal alien criminals and the homeless but want to shut down small businesses. If there are sanctuary cities for homeless and illegal alien criminals, why not have a Sanctuary City for Business? Hold a Rally in front of City Hall. If you see a Politician (Mayor, Assemblymember, State Senator, Governor, Councilmember, Congressman/US Senator), then kick him out of your restaurant. Why? Scumbag politicians need to see civil disobedience. They are all acting like dictators who allow Walmart, Target, and Amazon to thrive with record profits while small businesses are heading to bankruptcy. The city of Atwater, CA in Merced County declared itself a ‘Business Sanctuary’ City during the summer. Mayor Paul Creighton has traveled to neighboring cities/counties to meet with citizens.  He had the balls to tell Dictator Newsom to pound sand! The movement is spreading. We need more pro-Freedom/pro-Business Greek American Republicans to run for local office(City Council, County, State Legislature, Congress). Stand up!

A restaurant owner in Covina, CA forced a public health inspector not to leave. Citizens guarded a restaurant in the State of Washington and kicked out the State Police. The rebellion has started. The pushback has started in Lodi, CA with Denis Xenos across California counties. The owner of Nick the Greek in Ventura, CA confronted health inspectors.

It would be great if hundreds of Greek American small business owners in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, etc. filed lawsuits. Follow the rebellion in California.

Stop giving money to Democrat or any politicians who forced you to shut down and head to bankruptcy while Walmart, Target, Amazon, and corporate chains recorded high profits.


Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

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