EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): I did not hear any Democrats protesting the killing by Police of this unarmed woman, a Trump supporter, and an AF veteran… She was fighting for justice… Or the left side’s “justice fight” has more value than the right side’s?  As I have said, the internal conflicts in this country will never stop until the hypocrisy and the double standards disappear, and until a secure voting system is established… 

(If you want to see a video of this woman please follow this link – but I have to warn you about the graphic images… A full report below by Newsmax)


Capitol Police shot and killed a woman protester during the chaos and storming of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, the New York Post reported citing unidentified law enforcement sources.

The Post said the woman – identified by Fox News as 14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit of San Diego – was draped in red, white and blue when she was shot. Photos of her laying on the floor, on top of what looks like a Trump flag, show her being treated by police with chest compression, apparently trying to stop the bleeding.

She was transported via stretcher with blood streaming from her mouth and later died at a local hospital.

Video of the incident, included in the Post story, shows a mob of people crowding around a double door when a single shot can be heard. The video, which shows the scene from several feet behind the woman and with several others in between, moves forward to show police administering aid with other officers yelling amid the chaos for others to get back because the police are trained to treat her.

In another video of the shooting, from a side angle near the double doors, the sound of the single gunshot is heard before several people immediately clear the area and a voice can be heard saying, “We have an active shooter. There is an active shooter here. Get her down.” Another voice can be heard asking for a flashlight.

Fox reported, citing Washington Fox affiliate WTTG, that Babbit’s husband told the station his wife was an avid supporter of President Donald Trump.


  1. Of course there’s no protests or burning down the town for a shot dead White Patriotic person,
    It’s just not Political-Correctness!

    The Greatest President America’s ever seen got crucified by rabid evil Left.
    Even rest of planet was rooting for Trump;
    even Joe Biden knows he’s unworthy and he won’t last too long


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