By Nick Stamatakis

Before I go on to explain my provocative title I would like to underline that this website does not endorse violence as a form of political discourse in any way, shape, or form and at any place: Around the White House, The Capitol, anywhere in DC, and in the streets of New York, Seattle, Minneapolis, or Portland, Oregon, where BLM and Antifa have wreaked havoc for months burning public and private property… while the mainstream media called it “peaceful protesting”…

Having said that, I have to explain a few things regarding the double standards, on the one side BLM and Antifa and on the other side the breach into the Capitol by supporters of President Trump (even though it is clear by now that it was part of a wider “Color Revolution” Operation using provocateurs – please look at our other posts).

In a likely trial for the Capitol riots of Jan. 6 (because the thugs of Antifa and BLM thugs who destroyed our cities and caused damage many times more serious than the events of Jan. 6 will never go on trial), the accused will have an enormous supporting argument, regarding the “mitigating circumstances”.  In our particular case, a lawyer may invoke the “aggravating situation” surrounding the events.  In Greek Law, this is called “βρασμός ψυχής” (rendered as “in the heat of anger”) and can reduce any sentence by a great amount – I know similar provisions exist in the US legal system.

I would argue that the “heat of anger” of those who breached the Capitol building was so great and so justified that any Judge who hears the case will have every right to set most of them free, after examining the particular circumstances of each personal case.  I mourn the tragic deaths more than anything else because human life is invaluable and cannot be replaced by money or any material things.

But why is their anger justified? Clearly, the Trump supporters were protesting the total collapse of the foundation of our democracy, i.e. the voting process.  Without free and fair elections there is no democracy – period. I will not waste our time presenting the arguments to support this thesis – if you need to go through the whole list you can take a look at the Navaro Report. But I will ask you, the audience, and I will demand from the opposing side, an answer to just two questions:

  1. Can you name one country in the civilized world, JUST ONE, that EVER used so many millions of mail-in ballots, without secure verification processes (signature, post stamp, etc.) in ANY election in their history? Yes, several countries allow mailing ballots but under severe restrictions – it’s not the joke that we all witnessed on Nov. 3 and Jan. 5!!  And I can name at least one advanced democracy, France, that has completely abolished mail-in ballots for fear of voter fraud since 1975!!
  2. Can we have free and fair elections without a free and fair press? The answer is an unequivocal NO. The American mainstream media, playing their leftist partisan game, decided to hide the story of the “laptop from hell” belonging to Hunter Biden and revealing a sick and corrupt Biden family – including the presidential candidate, Joe Biden… You can take a look at our stories here and here.  The first one has already over 61,000 views – a fact that is not explained by the size and the scope of our small website… Why so many views in a 1-year old website like “Helleniscope”? Because the mainstream media would not cover it… They would not cover it despite the fact that the FBI was investigating the “laptop from hell” since December 2019, and therefore the story was very credible and legitimate… As a result, a huge number of voters voted uninformed, and many (meaning hundreds of thousands or maybe millions) have said that they would not have voted for Biden if they knew about the “laptop from hell”… Therefore the protesters were more than justified to be very angry, when the foundation of our democracy, the voting system, was proven to be corrupted both by the voting system and by the mainstream media…

Then I have to ask: In what ways were the protesters – and all of us – supposed to “respect” the Capitol Building? You can say that they were supposed to at least respect the history of the building as part of the history of our Nation.  But if this was the case, shouldn’t these congressmen and senators have opposed taking down statues and renaming historical places around the country AND EVEN IN THE SAME CAPITOL BUILDING as they recently did? And shouldn’t they have punished the leftists who demolish our history at every turn? The answer is YES.  In other words, the Capitol does not deserve respect as a historical building because those who occupy it do not respect our history, but they want to change it.  In fact, before we know it – if the Democrat leaders are true to their beliefs and their recent statements and actions – they will ask to demolish the Capitol because slave labor was used to build it… Here is the evidence from our National Archives…

But since the Capitol does not deserve respect as a historical “artifact”, maybe it deserves respect as an institution? You mean we need to show respect to the place where Edward Kennedy attacked and possibly raped countless females? Do we need to respect the place where the weirdo Joe Biden also was accused to have sexually harassed his assistant? Or the place where it is regular business for democrats and republicans to get bribed without punishment (because they established laws that protect them from prosecution for bribery crimes) from foreign and domestic interests? Please do not let me start on the issue… Does the place, the center of the “swamp”, whose occupants violate their oath of office and commit crimes against our country, deserve any respect? And finally, does the place that allowed the most undemocratic elections (see above) in our history deserve any respect?

Exactly in what sense do we need to respect the Capitol?

There is only one answer to this question: We need to respect the Capitol as the ideal that it represents in our Constitution and in our Democracy.  The overwhelming majority of the protesters, the 99.9% of those who participated in the rally, and even most of those who breached into the Capitol, yearned for exactly that symbol of our Constitution and our Democracy… And they envisioned of the Capitol as the Beacon of Freedom, exactly as the Founders have envisioned it – and not as the center of the swamp and the symbol of corruption… And so they paid the Capitol their ultimate respect…

They – the overwhelming majority of them – need to be celebrated and respected and not punished.  Those who should first go to jail are the corrupt occupants of the Capitol today…

I rest my case…

January 8, 2021,


  1. Let’s face it: we’re no longer the United States of America, we’re Divided States of America. DSA.

    High Tech – Twitter – Facebook – they decide who’s President; they Stole America’s election. Imagine the President of the USA loses power of free speech on Twitter?!
    If they can do it to Trump they’ll do it to us.
    Now the villains Pelosi, Schumer and Obama conspiring to impeach Trump’s last few days to destroy his legacy.

    The people will not stand for this.
    It’s only the beginning of the greatest fight in history.

  2. Children of all races are now learning “sedition”–not the way we were taught in contextual terms regarding the days of yore— they already have the curriculum out for “sedition” falsely taught regarding 1/6/2021— Folks– beg, borrow, or steal to send your kids anywhere to Christian schools that you know won’t be teaching woke cancel culture alphabet soup trans … nor “sedition” anti-republic evil. While you’re at it–interview the Principal(s) and demand to see the full curriculum!


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