EDITOR’S NOTE: No comments…  Except that “The National Catholic Reporter” called for Reprisals against Catholic Trump Supporters… Which means that the civil war has entered the Christian Church…  Let us hope our Orthodox “leaders” don’t follow suit to be in favor of their handlers. We supposedly have Freedom of Speech and Separation of Church and State, do we?

Here is the worrisome link:  https://www.crisismagazine.com/2021/the-national-catholic-reporter-calls-for-reprisals-against-catholic-trump-supporters



SOURCE: Westernjournal.com

By Alice Giordano

Priest Prepares Congregation for Upcoming Biden Years with Dark Homily: ‘We Are in for It, Folks’

South Carolina Catholic Priest Jeffrey Kirby recently told his parishioners that any Catholics who voted for Joe Biden should be ashamed of themselves.

“Some of you, I know, voted for someone who is now going to suffer and persecute the church for the next four years. That on top of the fact that he supports the utter slaughter of the unborn,” Kirby said on Dec. 29.

“What have you done to your church?” Kirby shouted.

“Watch how our hospitals disappear because we will not follow government dictates. Watch how our support of unwed mothers disappears because of constant and unreasonable regulations. Watch as mother church shrinks. Watch how she is treated by this government, this coming administration.

“And those of you who voted for such an administration bear the responsibility of what you have done. Because we are in for it, folks. And they are already getting ready.

“Have you seen the appointees? Some of the most aggressive, anti-Catholic, anti-organized religion leaders in their various states. And this is what we’re in for.”

In his sharp rebuke of Catholic Biden supporters, Kirby, who led one of the daily invocations as guest chaplain for the House of Representatives last January, asked if they somehow missed the lessons learned under Soviet communism, Nazism and similar current regimes like the one in Venezuela.

“If you somehow missed that, how?” he asked. “Have you been living under a rock?”

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Kirby even berated church leaders for not taking a stand against Biden, saying, “never forget the spiritual mystics tell us that the pavements of hell are paved with the skulls of bishops.”

Kirby, who has authored several books, is not exactly a nobody priest in the Catholic Church. Last summer, Pope Francis named him a papal Missionary of Mercy, a touted honor in the Catholic religion.

Kirby showed a lot of chutzpah laying out what many of us Christians have been thinking in silence.

We’ve long been irritated by self-identified Catholics like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who — in the name of “gender neutrality” — just recently moved to ban “gendered words” in the House rules and who has been a reliable vote in favor of abortion “rights.”

But now along comes Biden, hailed as only the second Catholic (JFK was the first) to ever grace the White House. According to CNN, he rarely misses Mass. His pal, Delaware Democratic Senator Chris Coons, recently told the outlet that “Joe’s faith isn’t just part of who he is. … It’s foundational to who he is.”


  1. God bless this priest who has the courage to speak the truth. I don’t think that you will see this in a GOA parish, the priests know that doing so will end their tenure. I won’t mention the bishops because we know that they are fully behind Biden and his demonic plans.

  2. Anybody religious has to feel their skin crawl listening to creepy Joe Biden’s voice. Yuck what a horrid sinister sound.
    Biden sounds like a sleaze degenerate –
    upshot is this: he’s a con man who hides in basement so we won’t find out his dirty secrets.

    Folks, we are going to find out in future just how repugnant Biden & machine are, including his vacuous sidekick Harris who’s claim to fame is sleeping with a married black politician, Willie Brown who begged her not to accept VP job.

    Don’t imagine you’ll see Joe at White House, they’ll be hiding him away there too.

  3. Trump has not been far from a Christian Angel,too. His mocking of handicapped people, caging of kids, adultery, conspiracy-spreading, lying, cheating–that’s a bunch of Commandments broken right there. Both Trump and Biden have their flaws and God will judge them both.

    • Very well said, but let’s not forget that when voting for president we do not elect a Patriarch or a Bishop and God knows most of our hierarchs are further from Angels than our politicians… When we elect a President we are electing someone who will work for “we the people” and will fix things. Trump has a proven excellent record and Biden and whoever comes after him will have to measure up against Trump’s record of achievements. The comparison will likely be not flattering, do not have a doubt…

    • Please don’t bear false witness. Trump do not make fun of a handicapped man. Do a little research and you will find the media doctored that narrative in a very evil way.


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