By Nick Stamatakis

By now if there is anything we all know about Karloutsos is that he has learned to smooth-talk politicians and wealthy people of all colors and flavors  (and …genders) in order to get his way, i.e. …money.  But a few weeks before and after the election and up to the inauguration, words have lost their meaning when it comes to Karloutsos praising Biden – and especially his connection with Greece and the Greek-Americans.  “Flattering” does not mean much… “Schmoozing”  cannot even begin to describe the shameless Karloutsian words… “Brownnosing” starts getting us somewhere, but not quite… “Fawning” is good but this is beyond “adulation”… And then you have the slang terms – your pick, depending on how much saliva and licking you want to use…   Until you realize that the Karloutsian shameless hagiography of Biden is outright creepy…

Here is a collection of Karloutsos’ latest creepy comments on Biden from the “Greek Reporter”:

  • “He’s a person who has suffered greatly, and because of that he always has a sense of intimacy. When he reaches out to you, he looks you right in the eyes as if you are the only person in the room, because Joe Biden is unique that way (Our comment: The excretion of saliva is beyond control…) He understands the person’s suffering and that the person is in need.” And he explains that Biden has had some extremely traumatic experiences in his life, including losing his wife and daughter in an automobile crash in 1972… But Karloutsos conveniently forgets that at the time of the accident he already had started the affair with his current wife and then a babysitter at his house… Yes, Biden married the babysitter, how “normal” is that?
  • “Joe Biden looks like he’s flexible, but when it comes to principles and values he believes in, he draws red lines. He’s a very principled person, and I believe that the presidency will need him.” Forget the syntax and grammar – it was never Karloutsos’ strength…  But what principles are we talking about? The bribes from Ukraine and China? After 47 years in the “swamp”? P-lease…
  • Karloutsos likens Biden to Nelson Mandela(!!!),” the anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa. He suffered greatly, he was jailed unjustly, but he stood steadfast, and when he became the president of South Africa, he united the country because the most important thing for Mandela was not an exercise of his power — it was to basically set an example of power for the country.” (No further comments – but more !!!!! Mandela? Give all of us a break…) But Karloutsos explains it by offering a quote of Biden saying that “I’ve traveled around the world and met major leaders, and there’s only two Christ-like figures I’ve met — one is Nelson Mandela and the other is Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.”  (Now, I am not sure who is the biggest Bull*** artist, Karloutsos or Biden?)
  • And then we move on to a crescendo – starting with “Bidenopoulos”: “We haven’t had a Greek in the White House, but now we have Joe Bidenopoulos,” the President-elect once said during the annual celebration of Greece’s War of Independence Day… (Why do I feel that the Church Bells in Cyprus will start ringing as they did in 1975 after the election of Jimmy Carter, whose major accomplishment was to lift the Embargo against Turkey…)
  • And the Karloutsian crescendo continues to a climax (I could use another word instead of climax but I do not want to make the audience blush…): “He doesn’t do that with other communities, by the way. You find other politicians taking on different things, but Joe Biden probably considers himself part of the cultural heritage of Greece.“He’s very much aware about the Founding Fathers using Greek Athenian principles, he’s very much aware of the Greek Orthodox Christian Church, he has a great sense of faith.”
  • Do you want more? Here it is: Karloutsos also notes Biden’s commitment to the Ecumenical Patriarchate when he said that Hagia Sofia should stay a museum and that Erdogan should reverse the decision made last year to convert it into a mosque. Regarding Greece, Biden is very much aware of its security concerns and he has always seen Greece as a very important strategic partner…
  • So Biden will chase the Turks out of Cyprus and the Aegean, right Karloutsos? After all the a**licking above we should not think that he will sent the 6th Fleet to fight the Turks?  No, says Karloutsos: With Biden in the White House, there will be no “major shift” in US policy regarding Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey. “There will be no major shift, but you know that his eyes will see more clearly, and his ears will hear more effectively, and that’s what will make a difference. “In other words, he’s not going to close his eyes or close his ears, he knows the issues and so I believe that Greece will be in a better place because of it, and I believe that Turkey will come to a better place because of it, and Cyprus, we believe; the issues will resonate into the mind of this administration.” What? Are you out of your mind Karloutsos? You spent half an hour to tell us that he is one of us but now you are reassuring us that the Greek issues will resonate in Biden’s senile mind?” 
  • Naturally, Karloutsos left the best for last. “Are you going to serve in the Biden administration?”, he is asked. “No, I’m part of the team called “Jesus Christ, Greek Orthodox Church of America, Ecumenical Patriarchate. I’ve been very blessed to serve this church… I would not serve in the Administration, I’m an ordained priest, and committed to serving the Church through the end of my days.” (There is no limit to this man’s arrogance… He talks as if the audience is a flock of sheep…)

There are no words to describe the thousands and thousands of people’s negative comments. Here is a collection:

  • Two of the most corrupt in embrace. How special!…
  • He considers himself as part of the cultural heritage — We don’t consider pedophilia or Marxism part of our heritage dirt bag!!
  • One thing is certain. It lets the Greek community know what an a**hole Biden is.
  • Enjoy the show, military taking over not dementia Biden the Chinese puppett!
  • What a joke fake arrogant!

  •  man of God??? The child sniffer and most corrupt man (traitor?)
  • As a Greek American, I cannot believe this. Biden is so corrupt!!!
  • Puppet with a fork tongue. …..
  • Are we talking here about the same Greek heritage where USA supported Dictatorship in Greece, was a main promoter of occupying Cyprus, always supported Turkey and provided it with arms, and looted this heritage to “safe keep” it in the Metropolitan museum among other places?! Hitler alleged that he loved Greece too!!
  • What’s the church’s position on abortion? Is Father Karloutsos aware that one of Biden’s top agenda items is to roll back Trump’s pro-life policies. Biden wants to allow abortion up until the moment of birth. Tell me how that squares with church doctrine.

  • Oh, father, father… Seems like you are a bit delusional…
  • Bull****! He’s a crook and a liar! Why are you attempting to fool Greeks into liking Biden? You must think Greeks are stupid!
  • These sick bastards don’t care about the innocent children they are sick bastards from hell..
  • What a farcical article. He has no genuine connection or affiliation to Greece. Period.
  • Don’t worry when it’s a choice between Islam and orthodoxy, Biden will pick Islam!!..
  • Hmmm! Father Karloutsos, please name just one achievement attributable to Biden!
  • He loves Greece that much that he has never been there. Very telling.

I will stop here by saying that one of the biggest traits of arrogant people is that they do not understand when they have crossed the line to being ridiculous and laughable… And that’s part of their punishment… Laughter and ridicule…

January 20, 2021,




  1. Just exactly what Orthodox Church does Rev. Karloutsos subscribe to anyway?? Cause he sounds like radical Episcopalian complete with pushing Abortion, marrying gays in church and ordaining homosexuals to the priesthood so why doesn’t he join that has been church?
    The serious Episcopalians left and joined the Orthodox Church, but not if they met with Karloutsos

  2. Newsflash:
    Joe Biden is no Nelson Mandela
    and Archbishop Elpidophoros is no Archbishop Iakavos –
    someone please educate Rev. Karloutsos who lives in ivory castle of delusion.

    P.S. Trump will be back bigger and badder


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