By Nick Stamatakis

Today TNH published a story about the defamation complaint Mr.Koularmanis filed against me for the well-known reports I did on St.Demetrios School.  The story fails to mention that on August 11, Judge Hagler denied Koularmanis’ injunction: The Judge stated clearly that his case has a very low probability of success and therefore he does not deserve any “relief”, meaning any measures prohibiting publications against him.  While almost all the Greek-American media announced the lawsuit against us back in June, NOBODY bothered to mention that in August Koularmanis lost the injunction (as any lawyer will tell you, losing the injunction is a good indication of where the case will end up…) You can link here for our report for the victory for Helleniscope… 

TNH failed to stress this fact even today – but surely they have their reasons… For them, it always has to do with money and almost never with the truth – that’s why they are struggling to survive now… I have noted many times in my reports that TNH was getting about $25,000 annually from St.Demetrios Parish (for advertising!!) while A. Diamataris was part of the scheme to take control of the school away from the community and he planned to have his daughter – unrelated to education – as a member of the school board!

In this story, and in the complaint (which the Court rejected yesterday and the revised submission is not approved as of yet) there is a big lie: That I told Koularmanis’ brother, George, that I was paid $1,800 to write stories about his brother.  I do not get money to write – it is very obvious to anyone who visits Helleniscope and especially to those who know me.  But the real story is that George Koularmanis had sent me two emails last July of 2020 where he tells the truth about his brother. He calls him unprofessional, and describes the school that his brother ran in very dark terms using the horrible experience of his own daughter – a school student where her uncle was the principal!!!

In the second email George Koularmanis goes on to describe Andriotis as a gang leader who “used to call him (Anastasis Koularmanis – the principal) stupid, malaka, ilithio, in front of other people, in front of me one time he told him voulosto (Shut up)”…  George Koularmanis goes on to say about Andriotis: “if you look around, you will find the way, fake donations, under the table commissions from construction companies, the conflict of interest has deep roots and Andrioti is using it to get his point across. If you don’t agree with me you will get fired”… This same “raw” attitude we had the chance to see on a video last Sunday during the swearing-in ceremony of the new Parish Council when he acted like a true “mafioso” in Church...

The two emails by George Koularmanis below were filed in my response last August (as exhibits H and I) and are part of the Court record…  Enjoy reading them!

Should we expect that now A. Koularmanis (and also Andriotis) will file a defamation lawsuit against George Koularmanis? 


From: GEORGE KOULARMANIS <(his email address here)>
To: Nick Stamatakis <>
Sent: Sat, Jul 11, 2020 3:50 pm
Subject: Yeia sou niko

         I’m probably the last person you would expect to write to you but I like things to be said with their name. You put out some good articles Niko that have a lot of truth in there, you leave out however some small details and you make koularmani to be the monster of the school. ..That he wasn’t.
Koularmani thought it was a good idea to be “extra” friendly with his staff and his students as they were with him. Professional I wouldn’t call it that but not rude or sexiest as Alex, Evaggelia, Erini and a couple of more make him look like. I know the schools and it’s faults, know that my daughter went there and I’m sure you can ask the “alumni” that know her, they can tell you she wasn’t spared from “bullying”
She hates the idea to even pass by the school that’s how much she liked St Demetrius But for me It wasn’t or is that bad. They learn our language they became Greek orthodox. Is everyone perfect NO, no one is perfect but I think St D’s is a good school.
Yes kids got expelled and St D’s gave them a second chance to come back, why is it so wrong? Kids leave the school after middle school to go other high schools, why? there is a high school there. I’ve known many amazing students and young adults that came out of that school. I told my daughter to be a good person before anything else and I trust her judgment so this is what she had to say.
The articles are not wrong, yes they leave out details but not wrong over all. Some students hated your brother some liked him same goes with the teachers. The school was like a kafenio, everyone was talking about everyone else, no he wasn’t professional meaning he wasn’t acting with authority and yes kids were seeing him like their friend so their conversations were off topic about everything and anything. School stuff, personal stuff all together. How were the teachers? The teachers were a joke,they couldn’t get a good teacher for nothing, and who would stay making no money. Your friends are posting some not so kind articles.. The student’s that write these articles should be the last to do so, because they got the most help from your brother. She gets kiked out of St D’s goes to Bryan her bullying didn’t work there and comes back begging your brother to take her back. Why she got expelled ? she never came to school, she bunched a wall and they blamed Stavro… Evaggelias brother got bullied,daily…. But at no point Peter Stasinos made any sexual comments, everyone love Petro, all the kids .With Alex everything went sideways when your brother and Petro told him to stay way from me, which it’s BS because nothing was going on…We were friends…we all were friends at some point
….  Senior trip?
   Did we go to Hooters? yes. No your brother didn’t take us there, we actually called him to come there since he was leaving the next morning.  Who took you to Hooters? The guys from the class…Its a restaurant nothing more nothing less, there 5 year olds there, the whole families are there.  What else happened in the trip? A few girls got into an argument about a boy…girls stuff Another took her top off  not to mention names…. By the way we went to 4 restaurants, every night was something different and the legal age in Aruba is 18.
  Did he take money from the seniors? Take? no the money were given to Mrs Dakis and then if we needed them we would ask your brother and he would tell Mrs Dakis. Were all the money given back to the seniors? No some kids didn’t come to the trip so the school kept some for them just in case they wanted to do something else.
If you had a problem did your uncle take care of it? LOL never, it was the run around game, tell you teacher , tell the assistant principal,tell the dean….back to the principal, by that time you got tired and gave up. NO ONE took care of anything.
Look, it is what it is, its over, was it fun? i won’t say it was but i don’t have anything else to compare it to, so it’s all good and people should move on.
  Were the grades over inflated? Did my grades looked inflated? My average was 88 to 90 my college average is a 4.0  …you tell me. Maybe under inflated. What about tests?  We took our SATs at another school, remember you took me I wanted to go to Frank Sinatra HS, didn’t make it ..I guess having an uncle for a principal didn’t help. Did he call you? NO Mrs karagiorgos does the calling…Dad Mrs kolarou gave everyone zero for a test she never gave us…My God just to talk about this makes me mad.
  So as you see Niko everyone, every kid has a different opinion or story to tell, everything is true and everything is a lie, it depends how you see it.
   All the people involved in this “drama” including my brother are victims, yes victims…Kosta, Elisabeth, Gerasimos even you. The kids my god the kids …no one cares about them?  I know them all, our friendship for years is damaged, for what? My daughter was doing sleepovers with their daughter, that’s how much I trust them.
The real perpetrators are still in charge. Families are getting destroyed for nothing. It’s up to you to sit them all down and stop this madness and go after the real thieves and mafiozous.
On Tuesday, July 14, 2020, GEORGE KOULARMANIS <(his email address here)> wrote:
Andriotis was and has always been the main figure that called ALL the shots, I don’t like anyone that will use the words I and ME, those words show no leadership and people that are all about themselves are not to be trusted. Koularmani did was he was told not only by Andrioti but by the priest also. (he wants to be a Bishop no matter what) What happened to my brother was the same that happened to the last principal. You have to understand my brother is an Amerikanaki as we call it. He trusted him even though I had warned him numerous times not to. I don’t personally know the guy but if you go around and brag about things that you do, you are done in my book. Showing off and putting your name on a building… it’s embarrassing, especially if you are not a saint. They all made money from the faithful but trust me Koularmani is not a thief, stupid yes, thief no. I know my brother very well he is a good man, his main problem is that he likes to be liked by everyone and he talks too much.
You are a smart man Niko… who is the only person out of the symoria? Only Koularmani, which was Andriotis main goal. Ask around, he used to call him stupid, malaka, ilithio, in front of other people, in front of me one time he told him voulosto…but my brother needed the job I had told him one time to tell him to fuck off and leave. The Last 6 years in the school was torture, everyday he was reminded who is the boss there and if he didn’t like it he can get the fuck out. In every school you are going to find kids that don’t like the administration and others that do and that’s not the point. Elizabeth and Kosta were my brothers good friends I really don’t know how it went South. I guess no one acted like the adults we are, it didn’t have go that way. It’s embarrassing for all.
  If you want Andrioti out… and the rest of the gang, you need to find another way to do it, trust me if you look around, you will find the way, fake donations, under the table commissions from construction companies, the conflict of interest has deep roots and Andrioti is using it to get his point across. If you don’t agree with me you will get fired… All the kids that got kicked out was not my brothers decision and it wasn’t his decision to bring them back. I have proof to prove that ….I never talk out of my ass.
 My brother never got any commission, they gave him a bonus at the end of the year a few thousand dollars and told him to take it and shut up.
 I have no problem to sit down with you, gerasimo, kosta, elizabeth and anyone else you want… I know many people that you know, I’m a straight shooter, I never lie and I never cared of what is anyone’s opinion about me.
 Anyways… I’m sure you’re a busy man and I will leave you with that, my brother is not going after the community neither he want’s a dime from them he only want’s to be left alone he wants Andrioti and the rest to come out and say the truth, so do the right thing and I hope one day we can sit down and discus this under better circumstances.
P.S Andrioti, Papamichael and the priest were having a private meeting the other day. ( you are going after the wrong people)…


  1. Apparently the presiding priest, Fr. Nektarios, was and still is very afraid of the Andriotis gang and their usual threats and blackmails. The real question should be: Why the Archdiocese sent a warning letter to Fr. Nektarios about “conflicts of interest” and then allowed Fotis Papamichael who is an ALMA associate, to be part of the parish council and the executive board… Any answers? Crickets… The Phanariots are executing their usual balancing act watching the two opposing groups, the “mafiosi” and the younger generation, attack each other while they play the role of the referee… They are not referees, they are supposed to be leaders of the Church of Christ!….

  2. Papmichael continues on executive parish but the others with conflict of interest also remain as parish council members. A conflict of interest should disqualify these individuals from both executive PC and PC members. It’s obvious no one cares for warnings from Archdiocese if they did they would resign but at the same time the Archdiocese ratifies their re-elections so it seems to me neither side doing their job or due diligence.

  3. Well this is bad and unethical school leadership that is totally detrimental to the students education in St D schools.
    I think the Brooklyn Greek Charter schools have much better administration ,teach Greek just as well and are FREE .
    The Orthodoxy part ,the students learn at home and by attending church services on Sunday with their families.


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