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“We were just at the beginning of it,” the former secretary of state said of what he considers good Middle East policy under Trump.

March 4, 2021

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is suggesting the Biden administration continue with former President Trump’s Middle East policy, which he called “brilliant.”

“I think that one of the great successes of the previous administration was … they had achieved two things in the Middle East,” Kissinger said Tuesday in a speech. “One, to separate the Palestinian problem from all of the other problems so that it did not become a veto over everything else.

“Secondly, of lining up the Sunni states in actual or potential combination against the Shiite states, which is Iran, that was developing a capacity to threaten them,” he continued.

“I think that this was a brilliant concept,” Kissinger also said. “We were just at the beginning of it.”

Kissinger gave a speech about his role in the transition from the Johnson to the Nixon administration at the Nixon Seminar, a monthly talk about conservative foreign policy.

He also said: “So, in the current situation, it is important that we don’t slip into diluting this pattern that has been created and which … at an appropriate moment can even lead to discussions with Iran. We should not give up the pressures that exist on Iran until we know where they are heading.”

Kissinger continued” “And I think that is something that we need to consider carefully with current period. If we break out the Iranian issue from the overall Middle Eastern issue, we run the risk of losing the two achievements namely of separating the Palestinian issue, which removes it as a veto over everything else and the Sunni cooperation with Israel, which is unique in its openness. So, that is how I would handle that.”

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  1. Kiesinger is no friend of Greece and he agreed to the invasion and occupation of 33 % of Cyprus by Turkish troops in 1974 when he was US Secretary of State.
    Trump we saw was a buddy of Erdogan and allowed him to invade and occupy the northern part of Syria and refused to investigate the money laundering of Erdogan’s Halk bank or impose any sanctions on him for purchasing the Russian S400 missiles.Biden is more aggressive against Erdogan and this may work to the benefit of Greece ,if Mitsotakis
    can grasp the opportunity to strengthen Greece’s defenses in the mean time ,while EU finally decides to defend Greece’s Exclusive Economic zone in the Aegean as one belonging to EU.

    • Trump’s Middle East policy and specifically the “Abrahamic Accords” were the most anti-Turkish act of the last 40 years. It was a real disaster for turkey’s dreams to become a regional power. In foreign policy, there are no “buddies”, but only interests.

    • The Abrahamic Accords kicked Turkey out of the wider Middle East. If anyone doubts you should go back and listen to the screaming statements by Erdogan and Foreign Minister Cavusoglu… The damage that has been done by the Abrahamic Accords to the turkish foreign policy is beyond repair.

  2. The Abrahamic Accords made several muslim Middle East muslim countries friends of Israel and were against Iran’s aggression. They were not against Turkey.
    Greece must revert to two years of military service as it was before 1980, and still is so in Israel,build its defense industry,
    declare the Exclusive Economic Zone boundary with Cyprus,reduce taxation to 12% as it is in Cyprus to attract investments , close the borders ,return the migrants to their country of origin and repeal the UN MIGRANT COMPACT that Chipras signed and Mitsotakis faithfully implements ,which expects ALL migrants to be settled in their country of preference ,thus realizing Erdogan’s plan of islamizing Greece . EU must defend Greece’s borders as EU borders.Unfortunately for us Turkey is supported by Germany,is allowed to act as a pirate and benefits by exploiting the parts of countries it occupies by confiscating oil, gas, migrants and dirty money for laundering.


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