EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Here we go! Big headlines today! Conservative activist Milo Yiannopoulos “saw the Light” and he abandoned his “gay” life to devote himself to God!  Maybe some of our hierarchs of the Patriarchate of Constantinople should also abandon their “gay” life and their Archdiocesan “thrones” and go to a monastery somewhere to devote themselves to God!  That would be a welcome change!! (Θου, Κύριε, φυλακήν τω στόματί μου = Lord, set a guard upon my lips!!)


‘Secular attempts at recovery from sin are either temporary or completely ineffective. Salvation can only be achieved through devotion to Christ and the works of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.’
By Doug Mainwaring
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March 9, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay man whose conservative messaging and willingness to speak the truth sparked riots on university campuses may well trigger more outrage now that he describes himself as “Ex-Gay” and “sodomy free,” and is leading a daily consecration to St. Joseph online.

Two years ago, when Church Militant’s Michael Voris famously challenged Yiannopoulos to live a chaste life, Yiannopoulos was not defensive. Instead, he acquiesced, and humbly admitted his human weakness.

“I know everything you’re saying, and I’m just not there yet. And I don’t know if I’ll get there,” Yiannopoulos told Voris at the time.

It seems that he has now arrived “there.”

LifeSite: I imagine that to many who follow you, your recent decision to publicly identify as “Milo, Ex-Gay” may seem like a 180-degree turn. Are you also surprised that your life has taken this turn? Or is it unsurprising, a natural and perhaps inevitable progression in your life? I ask this because over the last few years things that you’ve said have hinted at being drawn in this direction.

Milo: When I used to kid that I only became gay to torment my mother, I wasn’t entirely joking. Of course, I was never wholly at home in the gay lifestyle — Who is? Who could be? — and only leaned heavily into it in public because it drove liberals crazy to see a handsome, charismatic, intelligent gay man riotously celebrating conservative principles.

That’s not to say I didn’t throw myself enthusiastically into degeneracy of all kinds in my private life. I suppose I felt that’s all I deserved. I’d love to say it was all an act, and I’ve been straight this whole time, but even I don’t have that kind of commitment to performance art. Talk about method acting …

LifeSite: Was there any event, or series of events, that triggered your decision to become “sodomy free,” and to do so publicly? Did God knock you off your horse as he did Saul; or did it come about some other way? Please explain.

Milo: Four years ago, I gave an interview to America magazine which they declined to print. It’s taken me a long time to live up to the claims I made in that interview, but I am finally doing it.

Anyone who’s read me closely over the past decade must surely have seen this coming. I wasn’t shy about dropping hints. In my New York Times-bestselling book Dangerous, I heavily hinted I might be “coming out” as straight in the future. And in my recent stream-of-consciousness Telegram feed, I’ve been even more explicit — stomach-churningly so, if the comments under my “x days without sodomy” posts are anything to go by.

I’ve always thought of myself as a Jack Bauer sort of figure — the guy who does the hideous, inexcusable things no one else can stomach, without which the Republic will fall. I know that means my name will always be cursed, and I’ll always be a scorned outsider, so the temptation is to throw out any consideration of living well or truthfully. But even Jack Bauer has to confront his maker sooner or later.

LifeSite: Last summer you posted on Parler pictures of members of the CHANGED movement, with the caption, “Look at these beautiful souls, rid of their demons and cured of their sinful urges. Can’t you tell they’ve been saved? I can.” Are you now able to add your picture to theirs, with that same caption?

Milo: No, and I don’t suppose I’ll ever be brave enough to declare it a thing of the past. I treat it like an addiction. You never stop being an alcoholic. As for the CHANGED movement, I guess because they’re Californian they don’t see how funny their website is, or maybe they’re dirty non-doms who think God loves you more the gayer you act, but I was slightly making fun of them with that caption. (Walker Percy was right: Modern man has two choices — Rome or California.)

Someone really ought to tell them to use more heterosexual-looking photos on their website. I can share some tips! My followers have been giving me a crash course in all-American straight guy aesthetics, which apparently include growing a mullet and learning to drive stick.

LifeSite: In what ways has this impacted your personal and social life?

babyjesus.pngMilo: Well, the guy I live with has been demoted to housemate, which hasn’t been easy for either of us. It helps that I can still just about afford to keep him in Givenchy and a new Porsche every year. Could be worse for him, I guess.

My own life has changed dramatically, though it crept up on me while I wasn’t paying attention. I’m someone who responds to micromanagement and accountability, so I’ve found counting days an effective bulwark against sin. In the last 250 days I’ve only slipped once, which is a lot better than I predicted I would do.

It feels as though a veil has been lifted in my house — like there’s something more real and honest going on than before. It’s been a gradual uncovering, rather than a dramatic reveal. Maybe that lack of theater or spectacle is a sign the gay impulses truly are receding?

The best metaphor I know is that of a flower blooming — of nature’s Epiphany — an image I know Caryll Houselander was fond of. I think it was Houselander who said, “Whatever is loving in man and whatever is lovable in man is Christ in man.” I take this to mean that the more love and the less lust in us, the more we cease to obscure Christ and instead reveal Him, in whose image we are made.

I don’t mean to suggest it’s been easy, just simple: Our Lord endured worse than any of us and promised us that we have to take up a heavy cross each day. Ronald Knox says the Via Crucis shows us the 3 ways we can carry our cross: With bitterness, like the unrepentant thief; with grim resignation, like the repentant thief who said it was what he deserved; or with love, like the Lord, who never minimized suffering but said it would, in God’s time, redeem us.

Secretly, I feel I’ve done enough good in this life to excuse me from earthly penance for past sins. Your readers will no doubt respond, rightly, that this statement demonstrates how far I have to go. The best advice I can give others in my situation is: Check your pride, not your privilege. So often it’s vanity or conceit or self-satisfaction that gets in the way of accepting Christ. Learn to catch it before it takes root, and difficult things suddenly don’t seem so difficult.

LifeSite: What drew you to consecrate your life to St. Joseph?

Milo: Secular attempts at recovery from sin are either temporary or completely ineffective. Salvation can only be achieved through devotion to Christ and the works of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. St. Joseph is the spiritual father figure of the Holy Family. In this time of gender madness, devoting myself to the male protector of the infant Jesus is an act of faith in God’s Holy Patriarch, and a rejection of the Terror of transsexuals. Trannies are demonic: They are the Galli, the castrated priests of Cybele, the Magna mater, whom Augustine saw dancing in the streets of Carthage dressed like women.

Don’t even get me started on Drag Queen Story Hour. I only have to see those four words to be overwhelmed by the urge to buy rope.

LifeSite: Anything else you would like to add?

Milo: I have enjoyed a lifelong affection for the absurd and the outrageous, so part of me gleefully anticipates the day I can seize the moral high ground, however briefly, to denounce others for failures of piety and sobriety. I hope people will support and pray for me, if for no other reason than they share my delight at the prospect of Milo Yiannopoulos furiously and indignantly railing against homosexuals for sins of the flesh.

As you might expect, my professional priorities are shifting somewhat, given my new spiritual preoccupations. Over the next decade, I would like to help rehabilitate what the media calls “conversion therapy.” It does work, albeit not for everybody. As for my other aspirations and plans, well, no change: I’ve always considered abortion to be the pre-eminent moral horror of human history. I’ll keep saying so — even more loudly than before.

They say if you let one sin in, others will follow, and now I truly know what that means: As I’ve begun to resist sinful sexual urges, I’ve found myself drinking less, smoking less … you name it. I confess my weakness for designer shoes and handbags is yet to dissipate. But I am coming to realize, however slowly, that lust — per Augustine — is disordered desire for all sorts of things, not just NFL players.



  1. Awesome news from Milo!
    Let us pray for him.
    You said it Nick, hoping the many actors/clergymen living the gay “abomination life” under guise of “holy men” will do as Milo – renounce & reach out for metamorphosis!

    GOA are ya listening?

  2. If Milo can grow a beard, he could be Metropolitan material. There should soon be multiple job openings at the GOA of NA. He couldn’t be any worse than what we’ve had for too long…..

  3. Endoxy Antonis!
    Outrageous Milo couldn’t be worse than the collection of GOA freaks destroying our Orthodox Church, at least Milo is brutally honest.
    Let’s pray for Milo’s metamorphosis.

  4. Becoming ‘straight’ again is extremely difficult and one that only with the help of God’s supernatural powers can it be accomplished. What Milo says about addiction is 100% correct. Being Gay, IS AN ADDICTION. Sorry for those who may think and believe otherwise. It is a learned behavior and lifestyle. It is NOT innate. We are NOT born to chose our sex. We are simply either male or female and heterosexual. Sexual deviancy is a deception by the enemy of our soul wishing to take complete control over our lives thus far removing us from leading a righteous life in Christ’s image.

    My husband has spent a huge part of his life starting and running ‘Overcomers’ groups throughout the state of Florida for many years. Now, these groups are called ‘Celebrate Recovery’. Twenty years ago, he ran a 2nd stage recovery ministry/halfway house for addicts coming out of Christian recovery programs in Florida from Dunklin Memorial and Faith Farm. These are two top notch faith based recovery programs within the state. All of the men were required to work for a portion of the income generated in exchange for free lodging and food. Christian Bible study and church with required reading and meetings were a requisite daily/weekly as part of the process of a faith based recovery. We employed them in the landscaping industry locally as they began their transition from the safe environment of living in a Christian recovery program, to that of urban life and eventually, back out on their own. The recidivism is high as the demonic influences of living a lustful, sinful life never ceases to grab hold or let go. Less than 10% actually make it on their own depending on the severity of the addiction, length of usage/abusive behaviors and other factors.

    One of the men in the program was gay and had been saved, and renounced his past submitting to the Lord, as his savior. The devil is never far behind and doesn’t easily relinquish control. We have lost touch with this individual but we last knew, he had made a quite life giving back by working the last steps of his recovery in a leadership position for a ministry in a neighboring county. Make no mistake, the deceptions of the demonic forces are real.

    From reading the article above, I don’t hear a lot of about how Milo came to renouncing a life of sodomy, found God and then became ‘saved’. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m not judging his process, but we can only pray that his journey with the knowledge of God’s Word continues and ends with his submission to God’s will with humility and forgiveness.

    With regard to our hierarchy, the same applies. You can’t just take a man out of a life of sin and so called ‘celibacy’ in a monastic environment and think they will all of a sudden transform or change from their sinful ways. The fact that the GOA has kept this underground for decades and refuses to acknowledge this with transparency today is outright deceitful and repulsive in and of itself. Why aren’t we revolting outright against this blasphemy? Why are Alter Boys young males? Does the training ground and grooming thus begin here within the GO church? We can only pray not.

    Until the GOA recognizes and changes the requirements for leadership from one requiring celibacy to continue to the level of Metropolitan, Archbishop and Patriarch, it will forever be doomed. That unfortunately, is only 1 small step of many items of reform within the church of America. Forget about Orthodoxy abroad.

    God never meant for us to remain alone in solitude or remain single. Marriage is sanctioned by God as being ONLY between a man and a woman for the explicit purpose of bearing fruit. Sex is meant to be between a man and a woman in the context of marriage. Period. Anything outside of that is sin.

    Orthodoxy in America and worldwide is doomed just as Catholicism and other great ‘organized religions’, as it is full of deception on may levels just as governments. We don’t need an intercessory to pray directly to God. Our job as Christians, is to pray for all as intercessors with a loving and giving tender heart of compassion. Submit our sins and weaknesses, ask for forgiveness, love thy neighbor as thyself and be selfless like Christ was in His ultimate sacrifice for us in exchange for life eternal in HIS Kingdom. HE owes us nothing more. We are called to bring the unchurched to Christ for life eternal. We don’t need an over bloated hierarchy of do-nothings stealing our hard earned money to save eternal souls. In fact, we don’t even need a hierarchy. It’s all a rouse for financial gain in order to perpetuate a sinful lifestyle of lust, immorality, greed and lavish extravagance. Run faithful following. R-U-N.


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