EDITOR’S NOTE: No comments at all!! Bill Maher nails it all in about 6 minutes!!


  1. Finally, well lefty Bill Maher must’ve learned something from his conservative friend
    republican Ann Coulter.
    Hoping Bill Maher eventually connects the dots & leaves Democrat party

  2. Yeah, well if Billy-boy has any integrity, he’ll admit that he voted for Biden/Harris. He’s a hypocrite who makes a living saying whatever ‘entertains’ people.
    Talk is cheap; research to whom he gave campaign contributions. So did China.

    I hope he, and everyone else who voted out Trump, gets what they asked for, good and hard.

  3. Absolutely right on Antonis!
    If you notice, every weasel who’s attacked President Trump always got their just desserts & I don’t mean cupcakes.

    I actually once saw the smarmy & very short Bill Maher on 5th Avenue, NY outside St. Regis hotel accompanied by with the sleaziest black hooker.
    Yup, that’s only type that hangs with him.


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