EDITOR’S NOTE / UPDATE FRIDAY APRIL 9: Arthur Piccolo posted this video, supporting the claim that St.Nicholas at Ground Zero was, is, and should remain a Greek Orthodox Church!!  


First, we have to note that the flagpoles issue is preposterous: As you will see in another post today, Karloutsos stated recently that finishing St.Nicholas will be done next year!!  The whole issue of finishing the “Shrine” is under question again!

Second, at this moment the most crucial issue is the nature of the “Shrine” itself. We have noted in the past that even Muslims will be able to enter and be part of the Shrine! As for the “Cenotaph” idea (that the “shrine is actually a “Cenotaph”), which was recently raised by GOA, we remind its supporters that nearby there are already two big cenotaphs in existence: the two pools with cataracts in the foundations of the twin towers…

Third, we are dealing with an even bigger issue, the HUGE display of ARROGANCE by Patriarch Bartholomew himself, whose “hagiography/iconography” is planned to be at the lobby area (“narthex”) of the Church!! This is a major desecration of the selflessness example set to eternity by the Saint himself, for all of us to follow!! Unless all these people stop desecrating His Name, nothing good will materialize regarding the “Shrine”!

With such issues in our hands, raising the flagpoles issue is certainly secondary. If and when all issues above are resolved in an appropriate manner, we would certainly support the idea of raising one or two flagpoles, as long as we keep in mind that, after all that transpired, this is now a NATIONAL shrine and not simply a Greek Church…


EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Twenty-Five years ago, Arthur Piccolo of the Bowling Green Association (then and now) and Theodore Pavlakos (then President of Epidavrou Limiras Association, representing his association at the Federation of Hellenic Societies of NY, now president of the Panlaconian Federation of the US and Canada) worked together and raised the flag pole at Bowling Green, where the celebrations of Greek Independence Day start annually.  Today, they ask the question: Where are the flag poles at St.Nicholas? (The photos and wording below by Arthur Piccolo)




It should surprise everyone as much as it does me to learn there are NO flag poles planned @ The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox National Shrine @ The World Trade Center now planned to finally open on 9 / 11 / 2021

Why aren’t there two 55 ft. flag poles? There is NO good reason at all

one more example of  “cancel culture” minimizing the true identity

of the most important Greek Orthodox church ever to be built in America

this was and is a Greek church in Lower Manhattan the original of course destroyed on 9 / 11 / 2001

the opening of the Shrine should be a very proud moment for every Greek

instead, there will not be a hint of Greek identity until and unless you step inside this very small new church guaranteed that will not be easy to do

there will be long lines or tickets required

this important Shrine needs, demands,

TWO large flag poles outside its entrance

one flying the American, the other the Greek flag

it is time for a fund to raise the $50,000

for two flag poles & their installation

in time for 9 / 11 / 2021

just as the Greek American community did

25 years ago for the second flag pole

Arthur Piccolo


Bowling Green Association

4 / 7 / 2021


  1. Enough with the Ethno-Phyletism! Orthodoxy is “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic”.. our Churches do not need flags.. of Greece.. or America.. or Byzantine double-headed eagles ..

  2. George, I am glad you intervened here. The flag issue needs to be raised once again and discussed throughout our community. There are many sensitivities out there because of the recent “muddling of the waters” by the globalists’ agenda.
    Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero was a Greek Church, built by sailors and others and it has been a “haven” for the New York Greek community for decades. After 9/11 it became a national symbol and as such it invites the discussion of whether other national symbols could fit next to it.
    But if we want our Church to move to pan-orthodox unity then flags should have no place in our churches.

    The way to move there will not be straightforward… Some parishes operate afternoon Greek schools in their community centers – and so there should be some occasions where displaying “Greek pride” is appropriate. Also, would we object to using the American flag on Memorial Day, during and after a memorial service for the dead?
    In a unified pan-orthodox parish there may be similar occasions for all. As long as it is done sensibly and with respect for each other it will move all of us in the right direction. The particular display will have to signify not “exclusion” but “unity” and “respect”.
    Again, the way there is not a straight line…

  3. Well, endless delay of this shrine will give plenty time to sort out flag issue.
    But It’s real letdown, theres always a monkey-wrench


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