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Is the Mask Harming your Health?


By Alex Aliferis

Is the mask really protecting you or is it harming your health?

Multiple studies have arisen since the Covid 19 Pandemic. Yesterday, a Stanford Study arose that describes how masks are ineffective against the Covid 19 flu.

The harmful effects of prolonged mask-wearing are:

Table courtesy of “Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis” research article.

According to the Gateway Pundit, the Stanford Study was suppressed by Twitter. The study was exposed by an ex-Trump campaign staffer, Steve Cortes.


The Gateway Pundit mentioned, “In March, the Hayride reported on the results of another mask study posted on June 10, 2020, at the CDC website.  This study confirms our reporting from yesterday that masks aren’t just a nuisance but can cause serious health problems. The article recently uncovered was published by the CDC and it states in black and white the side-effects of wearing a mask, specifically related to the masks trapping carbon dioxide or CO2.  The article states the masks cause breathing resistance that could result in a reduction in the frequency and depth of breathing, known as hypoventilation, in as little as an hour of wearing a mask. “

Among our Greek Orthodox Churches in the Globalist Elite Democrat-run states of New York, California, Illinois, Oregon, Michigan, etc., the churches require people to wear masks inside the church. The crazy Oregon Democrat Governor is requiring a permanent mask mandate in that state. The corrupt Democrat Governor Newsom is facing a recall.

Yet, the Greek Orthodox Churches in Free America Republican-run states like Texas, Florida, Arizona, etc. do not wear masks inside the church. It is back to normal for the Greek American community in Florida and Texas.

Greek Americans are held hostage by destructive Greek Orthodox Church leadership in blue states forcing the mask mandate inside our churches!

I urge you to act in defiance by wearing no masks in stores, restaurants, etc across the blue states. Freedom is about defiance in the face of tyranny like 1776 and 1821.

Do not let the Globalist elites control you. You control your own body.

This includes resistance against the poison Covid 19 vaccine.

Your body, your choice.

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

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  1. They are not only scaring the living daylights out of all the Greek yiayias out there– they are twisting and turning them to believe their twisted all around alphabet-soup Marxist agenda… I refuse to wear
    the mask in any– any outdoors settings… Brianwashing to the nth degree has yiayias way into their 80’s telling me the world has changed–Really? Trelathikatai?

  2. P.S. When the eighty- something year olds actually begin to “accept” these changes as reality— we are in big trouble!


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