By Alex Aliferis

It is time for the parish members who are the volunteers and the Greek Orthodox Church in the Blue Democrat-run States to stop masks and ridiculous restrictions in church.

The Greek Orthodox Churches in Republican-run states like Texas, Florida, Utah, Wyoming, etc. have no ridiculous mask mandates, social distancing, or contact tracing protocols.

It is different in California, Michigan, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, etc. The Blue Democrat-run states however, continue the Covidian fearmongering.

I attended Palm Sunday service in Stockton, CA where St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church is following ridiculous Covid protocols. For example, everyone must RSVP and put down their name just to attend church(Contact Tracing). Of course, one wears a mask. Then, everyone is socially distanced from one another. It’s weird to see folks in masks. It seemed more like a Covidian Cultist ceremony, than a normal church service. I left the church without speaking to anyone in the community. Communion was offered at the end of the service.

Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco was at the service. He said we need Christ, in a time of struggle. He commented how it is good for a little discomfort. But we all can see that he is following Globalist elite orders.

I heard a church in Modesto and Vallejo does not require a mask. It seems some priests are in charge and free. The vast majority require some weird Covidian protocol.

It will take citizens to push against these ridiculous protocols which are destroying the Greek American community in the Blue Democrat-run states. It’s been one year since there was no church service or Greek Food Festivals. The churches in the Western States depend on fundraising income from Greek food festivals.

The tyranny of a few parish council members and priests restrict the freedom of the community. It leads gullible and misinformed Greek immigrants to believe in the Covid hype. What about those born and raised in the USA who don’t speak out?

 Remember, how they told us it was for two weeks? Two weeks turned to one year….and it is more. The Globalist Elites are using Covid 1984 to restrict our freedoms and isolate people from each other.

Masks do not do much to protect but they do a lot to harm you. Humans need face-to-face interaction to stop depression. With no human interaction, one gets disease fast. Mental disease and other diseases.

When will this madness stop? It will stop when each one of you contacts your priest, parish councilmembers, and others to say to stop the Mask and Covid protocols.

Will you e-mail or make a call to make your voice heard? Tell the leadership to stop any masks and Covid restrictions in church!

Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco: 415-753-3075

Metropolitan Nathaniel of Chicago: 312-736-2280

Metropolitan Methodios of Boston:  617-277-4742

Archbishop Elpidophoros: 212-570-3500

The harmful effects of prolonged mask-wearing are:

Table courtesy of “Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis” research article.

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

For More Information:

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