By Alex Aliferis

There is a mass e-mail circulating in California so citizens write to major airlines in the USA to oppose the bad idea of a “vaccine passport”.

It is time to defeat any idea to restrict our freedom of movement and free to fly with no masks, Covid Testing, or a Vaccine Passport.

It is up to you to defeat this Covid tyranny. It’s about controlling you. Globalist elites have their private jets. Did you know that those who fly on private jets don’t wear masks, have a Covid Test, or need a “Vaccine Passport”?

It is time to write comments to the airlines.

ALERT: Oppose the threat of ‘vaccine’ passports

In early February, J.D. Powers conducted a survey of airport passengers. Of the 1500+ respondents, 58% said they have moderate to little concern about being exposed to Covid.

And given that Covid is “burning itself out” around the country (when infected people recover and receive God-given immunity), you can expect even lower concern today.

In the survey, travelers at a major U.S. international airport were also asked about the notion of airlines requiring passengers to have a “digital vaccine passport”:

33% selected “Good idea, should be required”
32% selected “Good idea, should be optional”
19% selected “Bad idea, should not be introduced”
16% selected “Bad idea, should be optional”

Do you see how two-thirds of respondents said there shouldn’t be a “Covid vaccine” in order to fly? What this means is the inhuman, tyrannical idea of a “vaccine passport” is still “up in the air” with airlines. This means now is the time for pro-science, pro-constitution, pro-liberty Americans to CONTACT the major airlines and lobby them to NOT require “vaccine passports.”

Here’s a less-than-1000-character message for you to copy or edit as you wish:

Please oppose any “vaccine passport” in order to fly.

A vaccine passport is unfair to people who don’t have easy access to Covid vaccines, threatens medical privacy, and is hard to standardize worldwide.

There is no flu vaccine required to fly, so there shouldn’t be for Covid, which is less lethal than the flu . And herd immunity, where the infected recover and attain natural immunity, has been increasing for months.

Since these “vaccines” are experimental biological agents without full FDA approval, they’re inherently risky, thus controversial. A growing number of people are declining Covid “shots” due to complications, injuries, and deaths that have resulted.

Please also end your unscientific facemask mandate, which doesn’t stop Covid transmission, but dehumanizes and marginalizes passengers. You never required masks for the flu, and you shouldn’t now.

Here’s where you can send a message to any of the largest seven airlines in the United States:

American Airlines
Delta Air Lines (click feedback & complaints)
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines
Alaska Airlines
JetBlue Airlines
Spirit Airlines

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.




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