EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Just a few days ago (April 20 – link here) Helleniscope was explaining to AB Elpidophoros what exactly the haters of BLM and the “Social Justice” warriors (like the “reverend” Al Sharpton)  are all about.  About 25 years ago, our community had its first encounter with these haters. Then, prosecutor Steven Pagones sued Al Sharpton for defamation, got a $350,000 award, and shamed him to eternity.
Today, if someone reads the details of the so-called “accidental”  death of NY police officer Tassos Tsakos, where his killer was repeating the hate words she would hear around her social environment, WILL HAVE NO DOUBT AT ALL THAT THIS IS A HATE CRIME AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH BY THE AUTHORITIES.  If you promote hate all the time then this hate is brainwashed into stupid people’s minds and eventually it translates into hateful acts, like the one that ended Tsakos’ life.
It is shameful that Greek-American media – the well-known blindfolded leftist ideologues that they always were – ignore the facts of the case and present this as an “accident”.  It’s a desecration of his memory and it’s a slap in the face of our community.  Tassos Tsakos was a model citizen by any account, a good husband and father, and a graduate of St.Demetrios of Astoria School.  How can we ignore the facts and present this case as an accident?  How many more police officers and others need to die before the lunatics of the left get under control?
As for AB Elpidophoros, we cannot expect much.  But he would offer a tremendous service to our community if he distanced himself from these sub-humans who present themselves as fighters for “social justice”… The greatest crimes against humanity in history were performed in the name of religion and social justice… Enough is Enough!
Helleniscope calls all of you to contribute anything you can to support Tassos Tsakos’ widow and two young children at this gofundme page

“F**k The Police” Proclaims 32-Year-OId Livestreamer Before Killing Cop In 2AM Drunken Hit-And-Run

BY TYLER DURDEN (ZeroHedge.com)

A New York woman was arrested early Tuesday morning after striking and killing a veteran police officer in a New York City hit-and-run, according to the Daily Mail.

In a nearly two-hour Facebook Live stream following the trial of ex-cop Derek Chauvin, 32-year-old Jessica Beauvais could be seen taking shots of vodka and saying “fuck the police” just hours before plowing into 43-year-old NYPD Highway Officer Anastasios Tsakos, 43, on the Long Island Expressway around 2am Tuesday morning while driving her Volkswagen on a suspended license.

Beauvais posted a 1 hour and 51 minute livestream on her Facebook page Monday evening. At one point, she washes down the contents of a red shot glass (above)

Taskos was redirecting traffic from a fatal car Queens accident at the time when Beauvais allegedly aimed for Taskos and struck him head on – killing the married father of a three-year-old son and six-year-old daughter. The 14-year veteran of the NYPD was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

“We stand here this morning reminded once again, in law enforcement, there is no such thing as a routine job,” said NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea, adding “We stand here devastated and trying to pick up the pieces of what is a shattered home and a shattered NYPD family.”

NYPD officer Anastasios Tsakos

Following the accident, Beauvais reportedly sped off with a ‘completely shattered’ windshield before she was arrested by police.

Jessica Beauvais, 32, faces vehicular manslaughter charges after allegedly striking NYPD police officer with her car on the Long island Expressway on Tuesday morning

Beauvais, who says she has a 13-year-old son in the video, offered a tearful apology for Tsakos’ death as she was led out of the NYPD’s 107th Precinct in handcuffs on Tuesday afternoon. ‘I’m sorry that I hit him and that he’s dead,’ she sobbed. 

She is set to be arraigned on two counts of vehicular manslaughter, and reckless endangerment, leaving an accident resulting in death, fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle, and other charges, including driving while intoxicated. –Daily Mail

“This week we are going to talk about the ignorance that was the Derek Chauvin trial – or the ignorance that is essentially just is this f**ing justice system,” Beauvais said at the beginning of her 1 hour 51 minute Facebook Live video as part of her Face the Reality radio show. “Police say an oath and in that oath they say an oath that they are not supposed to be afraid of that position and that is literally in the rules.”

Beauvais is wearing the same clothes in the footage (left) as she was seen in both at the time of the crash (center her arrest) and when she was being led out of the NYPD’s 107th Precinct (right) 

She then proceeded to say that police officers are “signing up for potential death like in the army,” and that it’s “part of the job” that people “might try to fucking kill you.”

After which she killed a police officer, allegedly of course.

“‘Like (hip hop group) NWA say about the police – if you’re going to kill me, at least I get to take someone with me,” she told her audience, adding “I’m one of those people. If I’m going to go, someone is coming.”

Read the rest of the report here.


  1. Justice for Officer Tassos Tsakos!

    Notice no rioting for a White policeman.
    Notice no AB Elpidoforos speaking up for a fellow Greek Orthodox.

    Elpidoforos is professional Judas Betrayer toward Orthodox Faith he’s supposed to defend nor it’s Greek people.


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