By Nick Stamatakis

As senile Biden continues his puppet-presidency the issue of mask-wearing is unmasking whatever perception of authenticity he might have left. Our main photo is from Memorial Day of last year and it looked as ridiculous then as it looks now – one year and 100 million vaccinated Americans later.  But it’s not only this ridiculous oversized mask: Biden is wearing masks all the time indoors and outdoors and even in “zoom” meetings… He and “nurse” Jill were seen repeatedly wearing a mask inside the presidential limo (!!) while both of them and any secret service men and driver were also vaccinated… What message on earth is he trying to send?  If a leader wanted to truly convince his people that vaccines do not work he would do exactly what Biden is doing…

Biden’s mask-wearing suggestions – even calling it a “patriotic” duty!!- are even more outrageous when his own Centers For Disease Control (CDC) issue quite the opposite orders and reassure the public that after vaccination there is only a negligible chance of either contracting or transmitting covid 19… (here is the link to the CDC order). If these are the scientific facts, what is senile Biden trying to achieve?

Number one, the mask-wearing issue is an “anti-Trump” marker and he is hell-bent to play the “anti-Trump” game until hell freezes over.  You can forget about Biden’s fake “unifying message”.  He did not even have the decency to say one good word for the previous administration for the tremendous work they have done in producing a vaccine in six months.  He could do it without mentioning Trump’s name – but he chose not to and by not doing it he mostly hurt his own image: his inferiority complex became even more visible and it is very well justified. Without a businessman in the White House, it would take years before we could be close to having a vaccine…

Number Two, mask-wearing is a powerful symbol of power and control.  No need to go back to anthropological “mask theory” to realize how different cultures use masks to create powerful effects.  We can simply consider the image of a Muslim woman wearing a full-face burqa: she sends a clear message that she is controlled by society and specifically by her husband.  When such a woman is seen in public in America or any Western society she also sends a signal that all basic foundations of our Judeo-Christian civilization are overthrown.  This is the reason that the Swiss have recently voted on a referendum to make it illegal!

But what do anthropologists – whose field has been exploring “masks and identity” for the last hundred years – say? Here is a quote from a publication of last year trying to analyze mask-wearing in the pandemic (Anthropology News): “Masks may, by admission of many doctors and health organizations, work better as signs of civic responsibility than as barriers to infection”… 

This brings us to the real essence mask-wearing has acquired for the political class: Power and Control.  Wearing a mask even after you are vaccinated is a clear sign that you have suspended your logic, you have ignored science and you have marginalized your civil liberties to subject yourself to the ruling class: to all those left-wing corrupt politicians who pretend to be governors of the failed states of New York, California, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, etc… And this is reason enough for each one of us and all in unison to resist such a vicious attack on our rights!

May 1, 2021,,




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