EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Dr. Lee Meritt, a military doctor, who has all the medical credentials necessary, says it like it is in this 30-minute interview where she unfolds the WHOLE TRUTH about Covid-19:

  • The nature of the virus does not justify the fear and the hysteria. A naturally benign virus that cannot harm over 99% of people. BUT IT IS HIGHLY TRANSMISSIBLE.
  • It’s a possible bio-weapon made to create fear: the “warhead” is a “spike protein” in the virus.
  • Masks do not work!
  • It was made in China with our own American money! It is likely used by China against us!
  • They are really not vaccines!
  • We have several treatments against the virus!! And they do work!! (Hydrochorochine, ivermectin, and many others)
  • Why do they hide treatment? Because of those who make money!  Vaccines is a 69 Billion dollar industry!!



  1. This interview with Dr Meritt is OLD STUFF done on jan 14 2021 and since then a lot happened and our Knowledge on Coronavirus effects and treatment increased. Specifically Israel vaccinated more than 80% of its population a month ago and since then they have NO coronavirus hospital admissions, NO coronavirus deaths and they move about freely without masks or antiseptics and social distancing!

  2. You’re not listening, Leonidas. We have treatments for COVID 19 called lysosomictropic agents, and we are being kept from those treatments. mNRA bio-engineering is not a vaccine. The data on these so-called vaccines is non-existent. We have the right to an informed consent. AND, you are not listening to Dr. Merrit’s thesis on the binary weaponization capabilities inherent in this agent. You are just parroting what CNN wants you hear. You are mere propagandizing.

  3. In the article you referred me to, it states:

    “Seychelles vaccine facts

    More than 60% of Seychelles residents have received two vaccine doses, but questions remain about Sinopharm, a Chinese vaccine brand that, as of mid-April, had been administered to 59% of recipients, Bloomberg reports. Although the World Health Organization believes in Sinopharm’s efficacy, there are concerns about data related to its side effects.

    Another brand commonly used in Seychelles is India-made Covishield, a version of the AstraZeneca shot, which is thought to be less effective than some other vaccines against newer strains of SARS-CoV-2. (The South African variant was found in Seychelles in February.)”

    So according to above the Chinese Sinopharm and the Indian vaccine Covishield used in Seychelles are less effective than the Pfizer corona vaccine used in Israel.
    Look at the tragedy in India where only 1% of the population were vaccinated and they have more than 4000 corona deaths a day.

  4. Boris Johnson UK prime minister announced today UK had ZERO coronavirus deaths yesterday because vaccination rate of the population exceeded 70%, as in Israel.
    India with only 1% of the population vaccinated lives days of panic desperation and death as u tube shows.

  5. At this point– yes— – but they must stop pushing the young children into getting this vaccine—the Science isn’t there—

  6. Leo
    You’re not listening to the assertions in the video. Treatments, not shots, can have same results, preventively and when virus is present. mRNA therapy should require informed consent. And what if the spike protein can be re-engineered by the same PRC that gave us the gift of the Covid-19 ? TREATMENTS WITH AVAILABLE KNOWN MEDS THAT SAVE LIVES HAVE BEEN DENIED OR PUSHED ASIDE IN THE NAME OF PROFITS AND POLITICAL AGENDA , mRNA SHOULD BE A CHOICE NOT A REQUIREMENT. Death rates from the beginning have been consistently LOW throughout this epidemic, NOT PANDEMIC !

  7. American: As treatments are prescribed by the physicians I am sure they are used extensively, but within a few days of illness the coronavrus patient may be gasping for breath !
    Lets see the next video and congratulate Boris Johnson on achieving ZERO coronavirus deaths yesterday with mass immunizations in the UK

  8. I for one contracted Covid (or so the magical ‘test’ said so) along with my husband, which initiated from our 40 yr old son when he traveled from Georgia to Florida at the end of March without knowledge of his infection. The worst case of “illness” was a few sniffles, a slightly stuffy head and some coughing. We lost our sense of smell and taste, and slept considerably more than usual. However, never at any point during our ‘illness’ were we concerned that the ‘virus’ wouldn’t run its natural course. We do have health conditions, but never felt that the virus was an impairment. That said, I realize it has been different for everybody infected with a virus of ‘some kind’.

    While my son and I consented to being tested (which I regret because now the government and others have my DNA), none of us sought any form of treatment and were over the “worst” of it within 12-14 days. Instead, we consumed larger amounts of Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin C and D3 to support our immunity.

    During this time, we all kept working while limiting our exposure to others. I attended a luncheon before knowing I was ‘positive’ and no-one else became ill. I spent time with other family members before knowing I was ‘exposed’ and none of them became ill when in hindsight, I was infectious.

    My bottom line is that we DON’T LIVE IN FEAR, WE WALK WITH FAITH IN GOD. Everyone should take responsibility for their OWN health and do what they feel is best for them. However, a government or country which INFLICTS, MANDATES OR DEMANDS vaccinations isn’t what America was founded on: IN GOD WE TRUST AND, THE LAND OF THE FREE.

    None of us buy into the hype behind the false narrative of manipulating the so-called “science” (which is not fact, but a series of hypothesis’ of what ifs, then this COULD BE, a possibility) behind a multi-billion dollar vaccine program of any kind regardless of age. Medical Discrimination is yet a different subject warranting discussion on it’s own separate merits for another topic.

    Vaccines are man-made and are a means/method/tool for financial gain and profit by mega Pharmaceutical corporations, in order to manipulate DNA for a means of population control. Nothing more. This is irrational thinking using ‘science’ to play upon ones’ emotions. Not logic. Emotions lie to us everyday. Emotions are not based in reality but are purely FEAR based feelings, which are temporal and fleeting. Please don’t take this as an affront when I ask the rhetorical question of whether you really believe the hype being fed to us?

    I completely agree with the original release of information which was immediately suppressed in the beginning of this massive charade touting the miracle of common place drugs, which have been in existence for 50 years, used world-wide without serious side affects as a successful, harmless means of treatment. Purposeful suppression and poo-poohing of these readily available medications by the media and others was for an agenda based political coup. Countless lives would have otherwise been spared had the world not gone into ‘panic mode’ and dealt with this rationally.

    What we suspected from day 1, in January/February of 2020, still remains true today. The constant barrage, touting, pushing for worldwide seclusion, isolation and face masks then followed by the push for vaccinations by China, the WHO, Fauci, Bill Gates and other nefarious individuals, organizations, leftist countries and politicians not only seems disingenuous but downright seriously wrong. Can you not see through this charade Leo, or are you still drinking the Kool-Aide? Again, I’m not attacking you, just questioning whether or not your sources are not biased and not politicized falsehoods?

    To have had a so-called “pandemic” DISTRACTION which was never a crisis, but merely an epidemic, before a Presidential election, creating media falsehoods with an erroneously fictitious number of individuals becoming infected and then supposedly ‘dying due to Covid-19’; when in fact, the death rate was actually attributed to causes other than Covid-19 but because of the governmental PORK which was being distributed, was a purposeful manipulation manifested to upend an election and overthrow the victory that President Trump clearly won.

    The world FEARS TRUMP not because he may have been a bit harsh with his warnings, words or truths spoken, but because he was single handedly exposing the worldwide deep S-W-A-M-P web which is in fact, THE REAL INFECTIOUS DISEASE FROM WHICH WE SUFFER AS HUMAN BEINGS. Think whatever you may regarding our past President. Trump WAS NEVER THE PROBLEM. I apologize for digressing from the originally video content about which Nick wrote. But, they all link together! God is a master at not wasting or creating any opportunity with which to bring us closer to HIM.

    Point here is that the Wuhan virus was clearly used as a bio weapon of DISTRACTION to re-direct our attention away from the election and the steel/coup which ensued. Remember, God died on the cross and rose again so that we may be made in HIS likeness for the forgiveness of sins and life eternal. Do not place your life and well being in the hands of man alone Leo, but with faith in God.

    I then must ask the question, why do you think Biden was hidden? Was it purely because he suffers only from dementia and it would have been more bad news for him to be out in public misspeaking, forgetting words and saying…? Not entirely…That’s what they would like for us to believe…But, the ‘fix’ was already in place to not only rig but overthrow whatever results didn’t do by way of the deceptors.

    Only this time, the call for global interference, just as the ‘fix was in the ‘bag’ for Hillary Clinton and failed, was to make certain a successful overthrow of power took by whatever means and methods possible were available even if, it meant collateral damage. If you don’t think this is World War III, think again! Only the playing field has shifted and the rules of engagement have changed. The players are still the same.

    Leo, I don’t walk in your shoes, but tell me that deep down inside, you can’t see what the blind man is saying? Try expanding your information base of knowledge to other documents and sources outside of a complicit and corrupt media propaganda machine to obtain a fuller picture of what is still currently taking place in the world. I know you can connect the dots you write intelligently. You just happen to read differing sources of information which has led you astray from understanding and seeing the truth behind the narrative.

    Most importantly Leo, are you a man of faith? Do you own or read the Bible? Do you pray daily and frequently throughout the day? The New International Version or NIV is much easier to understand than the King James Bible KJV interpretation. Do you attend any other faith based church(s)? Again, this is not meant to be a personal attack nor do is an swear necessary. God knows your heart and intentions.

    Remember this as a last thought:

    It takes nothing for any of us to have God’s mercy and compassion. However, it takes Faith in Christ to have HIS UNMERITED GRACE AND FAVOR. Which do you have? I pray you will have both God’s Mercy and Grace before leaving this temporal world.

    Please allow me this prayer:
    Lord, may You fan into flame a flicker of hope and faith within our dear brother Leo, so that he may turn to You Christ, with a great thirst seeking Your truth, wisdom and knowledge imparted by the Holy Spirit.

    I pray for a heart of stone to change into a heart of flesh. Lord may you grant Leo, the eyes and ears to see, hear and understand Your Word, so that he will be enlightened, encouraged and blessed by the many miracles which surround us continuously. Lord, please guide Leo with a desire to seek Your presence of everlasting love free from condemnation filled with Grace.

    Lord by Your name and the authority given to me by You, I rebuke and banish the evil forces which seek to bring confusion and control into Leo’s tender spirit.

    May God bless you Leo with an abundance of health and provisions so that as Christ’s disciple, you will feel compelled and moved to spread HIS word of love, forgiveness of sins and share His testimony of walking in Faith and not fear. Amen. God bless.


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