By E. P. Unum
May 13, 2021
If you have been watching the news these days, I am sure that you have noticed the following:
●      Inflation has reared its ugly head hitting a high of 4.2% the fastest pace in twelve years. Consumer prices rose 0.8% from March.  Interestingly, prices for used cars and trucks jumped 10%.  Contributing to this rise was a global microchip shortage that has hurt new car manufacturing, reminiscent of the crisis Japan auto manufacturers had a few years ago when an earthquake curtailed the production of piston rings for autos. It slowed production by almost a month because you can’t build a car without piston rings…even though they cost only $1.50 each.
●      There are now 8.1 million job openings in our country, the highest rate ever recorded. Yet employers widely complain they cannot find workers because they are happy to stay on enhanced unemployment benefits implemented by the Biden Administration. If you could stay at home, go to the beach and pay your bills because you are being paid not to work, what would you do? Foolish and economically unsound.
●      The unemployment rate in April now is 6.1%, up slightly from March even as more of the economy heats up.
●      The Middle East is ablaze as Hammas and the PLO fire rockets into Israel and Israel, defending itself, strikes back with devastating results for the Palestinians. In the face of this, Biden wants to reopen talks with Iran, the arch-enemy of the United States and the largest state sponsor of terror in the world. A cargo ship containing thousands of weapons bound for the Houthi rebels in Yemen and originating in Iran was seized by the American Navy. Yet, Biden wants to engage Iran towards the goal of reinstituting the Iran Nuclear Agreement which Obama so proudly hailed. Why?
I raise these points and observations to serve as an introduction to some far more important observations that do not bode well for our nation. With each passing day, I shudder at the weakness of our President and his inability to be proactive rather than reactive. But I am equally fearful of the cadre of people with whom he surrounds himself. They lack business acumen and a sound foundation in economics and finance. They are profoundly lacking in leadership and moral principles and guideposts. Virtually none of them have ever run or managed a business enterprise nor offer any particular expertise in negotiating complex multi-faceted international agreements. Taken as a whole, they contribute little to moving America forward in the world we live in today.
There is no clearer illustration of this than taking a perspective on the first 100 days of the Biden Administration and the executive actions President Biden and his administration have enacted. Few of which have made a positive contribution to America or benefitted Americans. These are delineated in the list of Biden’s First 100 Days and how his actions have changed the face of our country.
The conclusion I have drawn is simply this is what you end up with when you build an organization around you made up of people who lack experience, a sense, and perspective of history and are fundamentally not the brightest or the best we have to offer.
But beyond this admittedly harsh but, I believe accurate assessment is something more pernicious and detrimental to the America we know and love. That potentially devastating and corrosive thing is our preoccupation with Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the cancel culture phenomenon that has engulfed our country. Both are concepts that owe their origins to Marxist and Communist Ideology. Both are cancers on American democracy, meritocracy, due process, and freedom of speech. And, both are abject failures whenever or wherever they have been tried in the world.
CRT, now taught in some elementary and high schools as well as colleges and universities would have you believe that America is a racist country founded on racist principles. Our children, thanks to the progressive liberal left, is creating via CRT an education system that teaches children to hate people who are white fomenting anger and class warfare. For a President of the United States to allow this to happen is disgraceful. For people working in his administration to tolerate and push it on all of us is downright sinful. Yet, here we are.
So, as you reflect on these points, I ask that you review President Biden’s First 100 Days and the 100 major errors, mistakes, and expressions associated with this period. Then ask yourselves this one simple question: How is any of this helpful to our country and to Americans. I come up empty on this. How about you?
President Biden’s First 100 Days-Warts and All
1. Repealing the Mexico City Policy, forcing taxpayers to subsidize abortions overseas. How does a self-proclaimed practicing Roman Catholic take such unilateral unforced action?
2. Reversing Trump Administration pro-life rules that prevented tax dollars from going to pro-abortion entities like Planned Parenthood.
3. Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, costing thousands of jobs and immediately increasing the cost of oil from Alberta, CA from $10 a barrel to $36 per barrel as it must be delivered by truck or rail…in a pandemic when there is a shortage of truckers. Wonder who benefitted from this unilateral action? Certainly not America. With the stroke of his pen, this action and others wiped away decades of striving for energy independence achieved under Trump.
4. Canceling new oil and gas leases, limiting future energy supplies. See # 3 above. Killing Trump’s Energy Independence which we achieved for the first time in our nation’s history.
5. Shutting down the 1776 Commission on patriotic education in our public schools. At the same time, extolling Critical Race Theory as a curriculum for elementary and high schools. CRT is a Marxist Communist philosophy and essentially is a cancer on American democracy, meritocracy, due process, and freedom of speech. It erases history, mis-educates youth, empowers extremism, and creates a cancel culture mentality. It destroys nations. For examples of this look at Cuba, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Venezuela, Argentina,…the list is long and undistinguished. For an American President to get behind such garbage suggests to me that he is ill-suited to lead our great people.
6. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord when there is no consensus that climate change poses an immediate “existential” threat. The science is very much unsettled on this issue, although the radical left will never admit to it.
7. Rejoining the World Health Organization who is controlled by China.
8. Kowtowing to communist China by banning the phrase “China virus.”
9. Creating a crisis at the southern border leading to a record number of illegal aliens entering the country.(178,622 in April which includes 17,000 unaccompanied minors; this followed 173,000 in March with 12,000 unaccompanied minors) then echoing that “everything is under control; there is no crisis on the border”
10. Stopping construction of the border wall at a cost of $6 million a day, not to mention wasting the millions of dollars in materials laying on the ground collecting dust.
11. Preventing most arrests and deportations of criminal illegal aliens.
12. Ending Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” order for migrants seeking asylum in the U.S.
13. Allowing border detention facilities to operate at 1,500% capacity during the pandemic.
14. Preventing the media from seeing the horrific conditions at migrant border facilities.
15. Ending Trump’s travel ban on nations known to be hotbeds of terrorism.
16. Ordering the Census to include illegal aliens in congressional reapportionment.
17. Repealing Trump’s public charge rule preventing immigrants from becoming a burden on public welfare services.
18. Reinstating Obama’s catch and release program for illegal aliens crossing the border.
19. Releasing illegal aliens into the country without COVID tests. What could go wrong?
20. Releasing illegal aliens into the country without court dates. What could go wrong?
21. Flying illegal aliens to the Canadian border for faster processing at a cost to U.S. Taxpayers.
22. Paying nearly $90 million to house illegal migrants in hotels.
23. Proposing a massive amnesty bill that does not require the use of the E-Verify program.
24. Allowing 900,000 deported aliens to return to America.
25. Repealing Trump’s executive order limiting legal immigration during the pandemic.
26. Proposing a COVID vaccination plan that prioritized illegal aliens.
27. Reopening child detention facilities that Kamala Harris vowed to close.
28. Allowing transgender individuals to serve in the military, including paying for sex-change surgeries. Let that one sink in.
29. Signing an executive order including “gender identity” in the enforcement of civil rights laws. What the hell does that mean?
30. Ordering the State Department to make LGBTQI issues a foreign policy priority and giving priority to LGBTQI refugees. What could possibly go wrong?
31. Supporting the Equality Act, which would severely limit religious liberty.
32. Creating a White House Office on Gender Policy. Is this needed?
33. Redefining Title IX and eviscerating women’s sports, putting special interests above women’s rights, and opening the door to allowing, even supporting biological males to compete against females.
34. Dropping Justice Department support for young female athletes.
35. Making climate change a top national security and foreign policy priority when the topic itself is not settled science. Have you ever heard an honest debate between scientists on the subject of climate change? Shouldn’t we have such a debate before changing the face of America as we know it?.
36. Repealing Trump’s regulatory reforms that saved businesses and consumers at least $160 billion. Let that number sink in.
37. Repealing Trump’s executive order to boost trade apprenticeship programs.
38. Repealing the Trump rule requiring colleges to disclose funding they receive from Communist China. This one mystifies me.
39. Signing so many executive orders that even the New York Times told Biden to stop.
40. Developing COVID passport IDs. Is this a harbinger of things to come? Funny how you may need a Covid Passport to travel or attend the theatre but you don’t need a personal ID to vote according to democrats.
41. Telling governors to reimpose mask mandates. Why, if everyone is vaccinated?
42. Waiting longer than any president in the past 100 years to hold a formal press conference but responding only to a limited number of pre-screened questions.
43. Proposing a school reopening plan that was actually a huge step backward (50% of schools opening one day a week).
44. Allowing the teachers’ unions, not science, to dictate the CDC’s school reopening guidance.
45. Pushing a $1.9 trillion emergency” COVID relief bill with less than half of the funding going to COVID relief and a third ($600 billion) not spent until 2022 or later.
46. Including reparations for black farmers in the COVID relief bill. How is this not discrimination?
47. Funding Planned Parenthood in the COVID relief bill.
48. Claiming a vaccination goal of 100 million shots in the first 100 days, or one million shots a day. That was already happening under President Trump before Biden took office.
49. Sending stimulus checks to convicted criminals, including murderers in prison.
50. Proposing a $2 trillion infrastructure bill that’s only 37% infrastructure.
51. Proposing massive tax increases on employers that will cost 1 million jobs.
52. Deliberately ignoring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for weeks.
53. Lifting sanctions on the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, who have continued to attack civilians in Saudi Arabia.
54. Negotiating with Iran when Iran plotted to assassinate a top U.S. general and while Iran is sending weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen.
55. Appeasing Iran by agreeing to unilaterally lift sanctions imposed on the regime for human rights abuses and terrorist activities and releasing $1.0 billion to Iran without getting anything in return.
56. Sending taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority in violation of the Taylor Force Act. Have you noticed what is happening in Israel and Gaza? Hamas is firing over 1,000 rockets a day into Israel and Israel is responding with devastating air strikes; it is a blood bath that could lead to war. Do you think the PLO used any of the money Biden gave them to underwrite this assault or do you believe they used the money to help Palestinians?
57. Requiring all federal contractors to pay a $15/hr minimum wage. Do you think that will result in cost efficiencies and lower prices for goods and services?
58. Equating popular voter ID laws to 1950s segregation and voter repression. Fascinating!
59. Lying about Donald Trump sending children back across the border to starve.
60. Excusing communist China’s human rights abuses as “cultural differences.”
61. Lying about Georgia’s election reform law “ending early voting hours.”
62. Calling for the MLB All-Star Game to be moved out of Georgia.
63. Endorsing the decision to ban the national anthem at Dallas Mavericks’ games.
64. Issuing gun control regulations by executive order.
65. Lying about the so-called “gun show loophole.”
66. Falsely claiming that gun manufacturers can’t be sued.
67. Telling a CNN town hall that “we didn’t have [vaccines] when we came into office.”
68. Suggesting that Blacks and Hispanics aren’t getting COVID vaccines because they “don’t know how to get online.”  Pure utter nonsense and outright lies.
69. Smearing veterans and retired police officers as white supremacists.
70. Embracing the radical left’s theory of “systemic racism” and saying America has never lived up to its promise and values. I guess Biden missed all of his American History classes in High School and College and didn’t pay attention in grammar school.
71. Lying about wanting to unite the country while pushing extreme policies that are creating even more division.
72. Canceling Dr. Seuss. You gotta be kidding me!
73. Creating a commission to study packing the Supreme Court. How can this be important? Nine Justices have done well for our country for 150 years; why is it necessary to change now?
74. Refusing to prosecute violent Antifa rioters.
75. Claiming that Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick was killed by “a riotous, violent mob on January 6, 2021.” There was never any evidence to support that and indeed it was proven to be an outright lie. He died of natural causes.
76. Delaying the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan to September 2021, giving Al Qaeda a huge propaganda victory on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.
77. Attending the funeral of a Capitol Hill Police Officer, who was killed by a supporter of Louis Farrakhan, and then attending a meeting with supporters of Louis Farrakhan an unabashed Anti Semite.
78. Nominating Merrick Garland for Attorney General.
79. Nominating Lloyd Austin to be Secretary of Defense.
80. Nominating Antony Blinken to be Secretary of State.
81. Nominating Xavier Becerra for Secretary of Health and Human Services.
82. Nominating Alejandro Mayorkas to be Secretary of Homeland Security.
83. Nominating Pete Buttigieg to be Secretary of Transportation.
84. Nominating Jennifer Granholm to be Secretary of Energy.
85. Nominating Deb Haaland to be Secretary of the Interior.
86. Nominating Miguel Cardona to be Secretary of Education.
87. Nominating Marty Walsh to be Secretary of Labor.
88. Nominating Gina Raimondo to be Secretary of Commerce.
89. Nominating Rachel Levine to be Assistant Secretary of HHS.
90. Nominating Neera Tanden to be director of the Office of Management & Budget.
91. Nominating Kristen Clarke to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.
92. Nominating Vanita Gupta to be Associate Attorney General.
93. Nominating Linda Thomas-Greenfield to be U.N. Ambassador.
94. Nominating Avril Haines to be Director of National Intelligence.
95. Nominating anti-gun activist David Chipman to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
96. Nominating Colin Kahl to a critical Pentagon position.
97. Appointing Jake Sullivan to be his National Security Adviser.
98. Appointing Susan Rice to be his Chief Domestic Policy Adviser, thus clearing a path for the Third Term of Barack Hussein Obama.
99. Appointing John Kerry as his climate czar. John Kerry is a traitor and incompetent.
100. Appointing Kamala Harris, who compared ICE agents to the KKK, as his border czar



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