EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Arthur Piccolo made this informative video depicting exactly where some of the thorniest issues are standing today, regarding rebuilding Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero. When you have billionaire John Catsimatides proclaiming that it is appropriate to invite even Muslims to come to Saint Nicholas then the problem is huge and the battle ahead of us is very hard… 


  1. So the movers and shakers want muslims welcomed here? Would that mean plane loads $$ from the mid-east? What is it “code” for? What a turn-off! Who runs their public relations? As B L M just sided with the palestinians -without disavowing HAMAS’ collateral damage–where in this upside down world of anti-everything decent world do our leaders stand? Exactly where?

  2. John Catsamitides wants Moslems in our Orthodox Church –
    would the Moslems want Christians in their mosques?

    Notice John Cats isn’t running for Mayor of New York like he teased or for Governor.

  3. The Turks invaded Cyprus and desecrated our churches and forbid Oxthodox liturgies in their illegally occupied territories. The Turks turned the most holiest cathedral in our history into a mosque. Where is the outrage from the Muslim community?


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