EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): This is a comprehensive list of incidents that can convince even the most doubting minds that last November’s presidential election was rigged.  Those of you who doubt please remember that last November you were telling the rest of us that Dr. Fauci is a “scientist” and we should trust him.  What do you call him now? A professional liar? A criminal? A fraudster? Take your pick…  And then re-think the other lies fed to all of us by the corrupt establishment and the mainstream media…
By Caroline Reynolds
June 3, 2021
Many voters who voted Republican in the Nov. 2020 election believe that it was stolen and that Biden and Harris are illegitimate occupiers of the White House. The Democrats and the mainstream media call this “The Big Lie.” Following is evidence to the contrary.
The three categories of evidence are somewhat arbitrary. I believe the events and analyses highlighted in the last category are the most significant.
A.     This first category contains incidents of suspected fraud that are probably not determinative because they are too small, not systemic, not provable to favor one candidate over the other, or just machine “glitches” or some other excuse, but important nonetheless. These instances taken one at a time in court cases don’t amount to much for a presidential race, but for local races, they do make a big difference. If taken collectively they could make a difference in the presidential race, but our court system doesn’t work that way.
1)     In Michigan, more than 500 mail-in ballots for Trump/Pence were “dumped” and later found to be “misplaced and accidentally not included in the results.”
2)     Michigan postal workers and others were told to back-date about 100,000 absentee ballots so they would be accepted and counted. This was sworn to in an affidavit.
3)     Box of ballots from people not on voter rolls found in Detroit.
4)     Nov. 20, proof of election fraud in MI and PA and illegal votes in WI according to sworn affidavits. A whistleblower from Smartmatic tells how their software rigs elections.
5)     In Fulton County. GA, over 900 sequentially numbered military ballots were for the Biden/Harris ticket. Not one military vote was for Trump/Pence. In 2016 Trump took Fulton County. by 26%.
6)     Matt Braynard’s Voter Integrity Project estimated that, in Georgia, 12,670 votes were from those not eligible to vote in the state.
7)     In AZ a poll worker witness testified that she was instructed to let people vote who were not registered or were from out of state, but not if they were pro-Trump voters from other counties. Trump voters were sent away.
8)     In De Kalb County. GA, a hand recount revealed 9,626 votes improperly allocated to Biden/Harris.
9)     700,000 more absentee ballots counted than mailed out in PA.
10)  A subcontractor employee testified he drove as many as 288,000 ballots illegally across state lines from NY to Lancaster PA. This was provided in sworn testimony.
11)  In states that Biden/Harris supposedly won, Biden was expected to have ‘coattails’ that help the down-ballot candidates win. Biden did not have any coattails because his coat wasn’t authentic.
12)  In Mike Lindell’s 2 hr. long video, Absolute Proof released 2/5, there is strong evidence provided for local, typical fraud such as dead people voting, out of state residents voting, people double voting, fake ballots, breaks in the chain of custody, back-dating ballots, more people voting than are registered, etc. in MI., NV., PA, WI., and GA. In most of these states that amounted to hundreds of thousands of votes in question.
13) On May 18, attorney Matt Deperno, reported that he had determined that the voting machines in Antrim County., Mich. can be accessed and totally manipulated even after an election by backdating all the voting information.
14)  In Windham County. NH, when machines were audited, the votes for Republicans were consistently undercounted, but Democrat votes were not. It was also determined that no two tabulating machines resulted in the same number of votes.
B.     This second category contains incidents that are larger, more likely to have an impact, and/or more provable, but probably would be argued by the opposition still not significant enough to impact the presidential election if taken one-by-one in a court case.
1)     Nov. 4, at about 1 AM Eastern Time, WI., MI., PA., NV., AZ, and GA. all stopped counting in unison for about 3 hours. Trump/Pence were leading when the voting stopped in all those swing states except Nevada where it was about tied. After the “pause” Biden/Harris were leading with an unusually large number of statistically abnormal (impossible) votes in those states.
2)     In Pennsylvania, late absentee ballots were counted anyway. The dates on these ballots were “impossible” and there were 23,000 of them. In addition, in Delaware County. PA, 50,000 votes on USB cards were missing.
3)     By Nov. 8, the news was out that programs called “Hammer” and “Scorecard” could grab vote totals off the internet and change them in real-time and that this happened in the Nov. 2020 election. This according to a former NSA Senior Analyst who got the info from attorney Sidney Powell who got the info from the person who developed this capability. The reportage was confirmed by Navid Keshavarz-Nia.
4)     As reported on Nov. 8, a Detriot poll worker observed a van with out-of-state plates, unloading 61 boxes of ballots at 4 a.m. on Nov. 4. Another report says at least 50 boxes unloaded from a van registered to the city of Detroit at about 3:30 a.m. Nov. 4. This is 8 hours after the deadline for receiving votes. The van left and returned with more boxes about an hour later.
5)     By Nov. 13, three experts discovered that the ballot-counting machines didn’t count ballots. Instead, their images are tabulated. Often the images are not retained as required by law. If they are not retained, the automatic storage features of the machines have been overridden by manual means. This happened in MA and MI. Without the images, audits must be done with much more difficulty, by hand.
6)     Reported Nov.13, an MIT data scientist and Fulbright Scholar learned that there is a “weighted” feature internal to some of the machines. With manipulation, this allows, as an example, for 1 Trump/Pence vote to be counted as 0.75 votes and 1 Biden/Harris vote to be counted as 1.25 votes.
7)     Alleged Philadelphia mob boss (Skinny Joe Merlino) supposedly was delivered 300,000 raw ballots before the polls closed on Nov. 3, to be marked for Biden/Harris. The dirty work was allegedly requested of Merlino by PA Democrat Party operatives. Merlino was reportedly paid $10/ballot for his dirty work. The ballots marked for Biden/Harris were taken to a Philadelphia convention center for counting. Merlino was willing to testify to this in exchange for an “expungement of his criminal record.”
8)     By Dec. 2, Sharyl Attkisson reported that in Georgia, the statistical analysis determined that after Trump/Pence was in the lead, Biden/Harris began to gain ground by 4,800 votes over and over in successive updates until he led Trump by about 1,000 votes. In some updates, Trump actually lost votes, an impossibility.
9)     Attkisson reports that a former military intelligence analyst alleged he had proof of foreign interference through Dominion’s voting machine server connections to Iran, China, and Serbia relative to the Michigan election results. This was in a lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell.
10)  Attkisson reports that late in the evening of Nov. 3 in Philadelphia, Trump/Pence was leading Biden/Harris by 285,000 votes. Then 44 batches of ballots giving Biden about 6,000, 12,000, or 18,000 net votes turned the result to a 46,000 vote win for Biden. The multiples of 6,000 (x2 or x3) are highly suspicious. That was a swing of 331,000 votes to Biden’s favor.
11)  Dec.14, in Antrim County., MI it was reported that a Dominion Voting System was shown by a forensic team to generate 68% of ballots to be in “error.” The machines were designed to do this. The ballot errors were intentionally generated. The ballot errors are then set aside to be adjudicated with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail.
12)  On Dec. 16, Attorney Jesse Binnall reported to the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, that in Nevada, mail-in ballots went from 70,000 in 2016 to over 690,000 in the Nov. 2020 election. This was due to last-minute changes in state election law that provided for universal mail voting but did not provide sufficient safeguards. As a result, over 42,000 people voted more than once; at least 1,500 dead people voted; more than 19,000 people voted who did not live in NV; about 8,000 people voted from non-existent addresses; over 15,000 votes came from commercial or vacant addresses, and over 4,000 non-citizens voted.
13)  Peter Navaro’s self-generated report available by Dec. 17 shows vote irregularities and illegalities in multiple states. In Arizona alone, 254,722 possible illegal votes were documented. The Biden/Harris “victory” in that state amounted to only 10,457 votes.
14)  Jan. 9, Lt. Gen. (retired) Thomas McInerney, in a casual speech with reporters present, gave his opinions about election fraud. There was not much evidence provided. He did however allege that Jim Comey sold Hammer and Scorecard to the Chinese so that votes could be “modulated.” He also confirmed Italy’s role in changing votes. He also said, quoting Trump, that about 142,722 (he wasn’t sure of the exact number that Trump gave) votes were switched from Trump/Pence to Biden/Harris at 06:31 on Nov. 4. The specificity of Trump’s statement struck McInerney as indicative of special intelligence.
15)  John Ratcliffe, then Director of National Intelligence, said in a letter to Congress, obtained by the Washington Examiner Jan. 17 that China did seek to influence the 2020 U.S. election.
16)  Mike Lindell in his video, Absolute Proof interviews experts in cybersecurity and information warfare. These experts claimed the voting systems used were compromised causing extraordinary rates of adjudication (see B-11): 68%-82% in Antrim County., Mich. and 93.6% in one case in Fulton County., GA. The machines were intentionally set to do this. Ballots set aside for adjudication because the machine detects an error, are decided and counted without oversight. A normal adjudication rate is less than 1%.
17)  On Feb. 20 there was a report published that alleges a firm in Guangdong, China had printed counterfeit ballots for the U.S. election at a rate of 500,000 per month since July.
18)  According to the 5/20 Tierney Real News report, 15,000 ballots were cast in Georgia before they were picked up from drop boxes. An impossibility. Also, an audit in AZ showed thousands of ballots with no backup ballot meaning that they were fake ballots.
C. The third category of incidents and analyses is of the greatest significance for the presidential election. The incidents are more systemic and the analyses are much more sophisticated and detailed. They are game-changers.
1)     GA, MI, PA, and WI violated the Constitution by altering election procedures without their state Legislatures changing their state election laws, rules, and procedures. This was done illegally using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse. These states allowed wholesale mail-in and absentee voting, which violates state election laws, thus opening the door wide to potential fraud. SCOTUS would not hear the case.
2)     As reported on Nov. 8, Antrim County, Michigan, a traditionally red county, showed a huge bump for Biden/Harris of 130,000 votes in the early morning of Nov. 4 after the “pause.” No votes at that time for Trump/Pence and the totals from the voter machines did not agree with the paper print-outs. A recount using the paper tapes showed Trump to be the winner.
3)     By Nov. 12, a report showed that votes were switched from Trump/Pence to Biden/Harris in multiple states. The reporting claims that in these states (WI., IL., LA., TN., MN., AZ., CA., VA., OH., GA., NY., MI., Fl., NJ., and PA.) anywhere from 2,078 votes to 220,883 votes were switched from Trump to Biden. All of the states mentioned were using Dominion system voting machines. By Dec. 17 a video was out showing raw data from multiple AZ counties including Maricopa that documented 700,000 votes transferred from Trump to Biden in 8 counties. A provided map showed the number of stolen votes in each of the 8 counties. On Dec. 30, during a Georgia state senate hearing, it was revealed that 30,593 votes were deducted from Trump’s total vote and 12,173 of those votes were switched to Biden.  Georgia used Dominion machines for the election.
4)     As reported on Nov. 13, three experts analyzed four Michigan counties. They found a minimum of 69,000 votes were shifted from Trump/Pence to Biden/Harris in just the 4 counties.
5)     By Dec. 11, Sidney Powell reported that a Dominion Tabulator was tested in Ware County., GA by inserting the same number of ballots marked for Trump/Pence as were marked for Biden/Harris. The Dominion Tabulator showed Biden won by 26%. The tabulator did this by counting every Trump vote as 0.87 of a vote and counting every Biden vote as 1.13 votes (see B-6).
6)     On Jan. 6, Maria Zack, founder of Nations in Action, was interviewed on video. She revealed that a senior software engineer/ whistleblower in Italy confessed in an affidavit that he had uploaded software that gave the instructions to change votes from Trump/Pence to Biden/Harris. The upload went to a satellite owned by the large Italian Company, Leonardo, then to servers in Germany, and then to the U.S. The CIA was reportedly involved and so were Dominion machines. The votes in seventeen states were affected including GA. Governor Kemp was informed. The sworn testimony of the software engineer mentioned that this happened when it was realized that Biden was losing.
7)     Jan. 12, a 36-page report regarding foreign election interference in our Nov. 2020 election was released by Stanford researcher, Jovan Pulitzer. He states that 65 foreign countries were involved in the attack of over 600 county polling centers. He stated that “this is vetted and factual.” His report charges irregularities and fraud in MI., PA., WI., MN., GA., NV., AZ., and NM. The report states “Critical infrastructure [was] utilized …….. to subvert the will of United States voters and install a China ally.” The researcher provided evidence at a GA. Senate hearing that the Chinese Communist Party financially controlled Dominion Voting machines and the testing of Smartmatic Software used with those machines. He also stated in the hearing that without counterfeit ballots, Trump almost certainly would have won.
8)     Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof, a 2 hr. long video released Feb. 5, features experts who describe documented evidence of machine manipulation of tens of thousands of votes accomplished by the intentional setting of voting systems to weight votes (see B-66) using algorithms (instructions) that have since been unraveled. The weighting was in Biden’s favor. 7,000 votes in Antrim County., Mich were flipped from Trump/Pence to Biden/Harris. Even more astounding is the foreign interference primarily from China where votes were simply deducted from one candidate and given to another, or injected for the candidate of choice (Biden). Other countries (Spain, UK, Germany, and Italy) are also implicated. Our own federal government is also alleged to have been involved. The DOJ shut down investigations into the election and also tried to shut down court cases dealing with potential election fraud.
9)     Mike Lindell’s Absolute Interference, a 2 hr. long video released about Mar. 19, implicates China, Iran, Serbia, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Russia in the U.S. election fraud. Per Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, in one county of NH, the vote on Nov. 3 started with a gift of 300 votes for Biden/Harris before the polls even opened. Dr. Douglas Frank stated that people that don’t exist were registered and then votes were ‘provided’ for them. He also indicated that in cases where voters were told at the polls that they had already voted, that this was because the algorithm had already voted for them. Per a camouflaged voice from a person called “John”, there is absolute proof of incursion into 150 election servers in 14 different states by China. The incursions also include multiple offices of the secretaries of state. “John” stated that “China chose Biden/Harris, not the American people.”
A cybersecurity and advanced threats expert, who was not named and whose image was blurred, spoke of a cyber footprint that was locked in time. He then went into detail about 19 instances of incursion. He said all of these 19 incursions were initiated by China and that 2,295 counties in the US had been attacked in all 50 states. Votes for Trump/Pence went down over time and Biden/Harris went up. The downtrend is impossible in a valid system. In just these 19 incursions, 518,617 votes switched from Trump to Biden. The unnamed person stated that using data from just these incursions, Trump won AZ, MI, WI, PA, and GA.
10)   Mike Lindell’s Scientific Proof, a 1 hr. long video released Mar. 31, is devoted almost entirely to the work of Dr. Douglas G. Frank, a Ph.D. physicist who looked in-depth into vote manipulation by voting machines. Dr. Frank adeptly presents multiple graphs and charts to make his case. His first clue that there was something amiss was when he looked at a voter database and noticed that there were far too many registered voters who voted only in the Nov. 3, 2020 election. He and his volunteer team knocked on 1600 doors and found out that 32% of them did not exist. They were phantom voters. This led to checking a curve of registrations by age group against a curve of ballots actually submitted by age group. This curve comparison shows gaps pointing to which demographics don’t vote as much and subsequently where there is room to ‘provide’ ballots without exceeding the numbers of registered voters in that demographic. Dr. Frank determined how much room there was for the fraudulent expansion of the votes (registrations vs. actual voting) in each demographic in 14 counties in Ohio, took an average of that discrepancy for each age group, and plotted the discrepancies. The curve can be described mathematically with only 6 numbers instead of 82 (ages 18 thru 100) plus a seventh number for turnout to predict the 2020 election numbers. His predictions fit perfectly with ballots submitted (not necessarily all valid). The fit was so perfect in all 88 counties that it was statistically impossible as shown by extremely high correlation coefficients (R) – even 1.00. For example, it showed that across the whole state of Ohio, the exact same percentage of 70 yr. olds voted in each county. This was true for all age groups and is not normal behavior. It could maybe be accepted in a precinct or two, but not across 88 counties and all with the exact same formula (algorithm) for deceit. It could only be accomplished by machine manipulation of registrations and votes and Dr. Frank had discovered the algorithm that accounted for the fraud. He also discovered because he noticed the same two strange little glitches in all the curves of county data (impossible), that the algorithm was based on 2010 census data. Those population data were used to program the voting machines to increase registrations so that the illegally input votes would not exceed registration numbers for each demographic thus making it less suspicious. An adjusted algorithm for PA. showed the same evidence of deceit. However, because the turnout was so great, and Trump/Pence voters so predominant, the algorithms were not enough. Therefore, we get the shut down in the middle of the night so algorithms could be adjusted and more illegal votes input into the system. Thus in one county in Colorado, 150% of the population was ‘registered’ to vote. In fact, in the first 20 or so counties listed by Dr. Frank, in Colorado, there were more registered to vote than in the total population. This anomaly may not have been discovered if 2020 census data were available and used in the programmed machine algorithms. The voting machines had to be, and were, online before, during, and after the election to accomplish this. They are not supposed to be online at all. These illegal vote additions occurred across the country, not just in swing states. So even in states where Trump/Pence was given a win, they won by much more than was reported. Apologies to Mike Lindell and Dr. Frank if this summary doesn’t do them justice.
11)  On or about June 3, Mike Lindell released another video, Absolutely 9-0, in which a cyber expert explains and shows the data that were used by machines in China to alter votes in U.S. machines. The machine data (called PCaps for packet captures) are encrypted, but Lindell’s hired experts translated them and they show irrefutable evidence of vote flips from Trump to Biden and not the other way around. These data can’t be altered and can’t even be obtained after the fact. They must be recorded during the hack and they were. Lindell showed evidence of enough vote flips by an incursion into our machines to give the election to Trump in MI, WI, GA, PA, and AZ.
In summary, the Nov. 2020 election was stolen; there are a lot of data to substantiate fraud; it is not a conspiracy theory; judges have dismissed cases on procedural grounds and not the merits; Trump/Pence won the election. If the courts – particularly SCOTUS hear this evidence. Trump will be our president again. I hope it is not an idle wish.
P.S. There is at least one citation available for each listed item (A.-1 thru C-11). If you wish, I can send you my notes which are consistent with the outline and have the citations.
Contact me at caroliner41@charter.net.


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