EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): In this open letter to Holy Cross Hellenic College, Heather Georgiou, draws from two decades of experience as a health professional and explains all the truths that the news media misrepresent.  She is also deeply founded in her Orthodox faith before making her final conclusions on whether one has the right to refuse to be vaccinated. 


An Open Letter By Heather Georgiou to Holy Cross Hellenic Colege

To Whom it May Concern,
Christ is Risen!

I am writing as a concerned Orthodox Christian and as a healthcare professional of over twenty years. My area of specialty is public health. Needless to say, in my work I have been closely watching events related to the Covid 19 pandemic since its inception, reading
medical literature, reviewing research, participating in CDC webinars and other seminars for healthcare providers as well as creating pandemic infection control policies and procedures.

I can tell you with certainty that there is great concern with many aspects of the way the Covid pandemic measures have been implemented. There have been departures from the accepted standards of public health research and administration that give rise to the need for caution. The most serious concern is regarding the “vaccine”. (Technically these medical interventions do not meet the criteria or definition of a vaccine as they do not directly initiate an antibody response within the body, they program the body to initiate a process to make a spike protein, a process that we know begins but we do not know if or when it ends and what the implications of this are.)

In reviewing the protocols for the randomized control trial of the Pfizer vaccine, we can see that the 10th visit for the test subjects occurs 24 months into the study. It is a mathematical impossibility for this 10th visit to have occurred already as the trial has not been ongoing for two years. This means the study is not over, the clinical trial is still ongoing. The so-called vaccines are still in the scientific experiment stage. This is exactly one of the reasons the “vaccine” is NOT yet FDA approved. There is no conclusive data that meets the accepted standards of research, on the “safety and effectiveness” of this product. Although the mRNA technology has existed in laboratories, it has not been tested on small groups of people in experiments or on the whole population, until now.

One of the outcomes of the post-WWII Nuremberg trials was to prevent the crime against humanity of forcing another human being into being part of a science experiment without their consent. Absolutely no institution or organization in this country should be requiring the so-called Covid 19 vaccine, because doing so forces a person into participating in an experiment. Recommending it, suggesting it, encouraging it, sure. However, requiring it is unethical for any secular institution. Even more so for any institution claiming to be a Christian institution as they would understand that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that what you do to the body also affects the soul (ie the basis of fasting) and that great care and discernment must be used in making decisions regarding ones physical body as it is attached to ones spiritual body.

Throughout this pandemic ordeal, as a healthcare worker, I have relied on my faith to bring me through this difficult time. I watched others around me act in fear of death and I watched as Satan played on their fear of death. Satan succeeded in using that fear to gradually change their behavior as they stopped kissing icons and priests’ hands. Satan succeeded in changing their beliefs as they accepted closed churches instead of increased church services and communion from multiple spoons to “protect the faithful from disease”. As we read in scripture fear of death is natural for the flesh and is expected from the worldly, but it is the fear of The Lord that is holy, that is blessed, fear of The Lord that brings us closer to our God, the fear of The Lord that is the beginning of wisdom. Christ has trampled down death by death, what do we fear? Where do we place our fear? On earthly cares or in The Lord? The misplacement of fear can give rights to the evil one.

Some might argue, we must have the vaccine so we don’t get Covid. There is no evidence that this “vaccine” gives immunity to Covid, the goal of the clinical trial was not to test for that, and the trial is not over. Further, when it is over, where is the unvaccinated control
group if everyone is being vaccinated? Anyone with a basic understanding of the process of a randomized control trial knows that without a control group, your study results are not reliable. Not to mention there are currently thousands of documented cases of
“vaccinated” persons becoming infected with Covid.

We must never lose sight of where we are putting our faith and where we are putting our fear. As a healthcare professional I understand medical interventions, masks, and other PPE, vaccines, and medicine, they are useful when used appropriately but I don’t put my faith in them. I would certainly never require someone to participate in something that is against their conscience. For example, many medical treatments, including these covid measures, involve the use of human cells. These must be live cells taken from a living human being, a painful process that the person does not survive. These are commonly referred to as aborted fetal cell lines, which many people find objectionable to their

To require these young people to inject themselves with an mRNA modulator that is still in experimental trials and is not yet FDA approved is an egregious violation of their God-given free will and autonomy over their own bodies/temples of the Holy Spirit. By forcing them to participate in a science experiment or forego their education, unnecessarily puts these young people in an extremely difficult position both now and potentially in future generations. One of the most serious risks of being injected with this substance is the potential risk for damage to the reproductive system. I and many of my colleagues around the country are seeing an unexplained increase in fetal death, both miscarriage, and stillbirth. Damage to the male and female reproductive systems are very real concerns.

We know that Christ came to give us life and give us life abundantly. We know that Satan works against this and does not wish this blessing upon us and as evidenced by the way the evil one has influenced almost an entire nation to normalize and accept the killing
of sweet tiny innocent babies in their mothers’ wombs. It would not be surprising if he put scales on our eyes so we could not see the threat to our future generations through barrenness. Without any short-term conclusive data and without long-term research on the
effects of these treatments on people of childbearing age, we should proceed with extreme caution.

Amid the confusion of information, misinformation, disinformation, mixed messages, ever-changing guidelines, and restrictions, we look to the one thing that never changes. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. His saints are with us every day through the hymns of the Synaxarion and through our prayers.

Saint Paisios is quoted to have said:
“Behind the worldly spirit of today’s “freedom,” the lack of respect for the Church of Christ, older people, parents and teachers who have fear of God, is hidden spiritual slavery,
anxiety and anarchy which lead the world to an impasse, the destruction of man’s body and soul. Therefore, behind the perfect system of the computerised “convenience cards”, is hidden the universal dictatorship, the slavery of the Antichrist. Also “he causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: his number is 666” (Rev 13:16-18).

St. Andreas of Caesarea writes, “On the dirty name of the Antichrist. Time and experience will reveal to those who are vigilant the accuracy of the numbers and anything else written about him … but divine grace did not wish that the name of the scourge be written in the Holy Bible; a lot will be found written on the subject…” Oddly enough, many spiritual people, apart from the fact that they give their own interpretations on this issue, are afraid of the evolving secular filing-system. They should also be concerned in a spiritual way, however, and help Christians by alerting them positively on the subject and strengthen their faith, so that they can feel God’s consolation.

I wonder! Don’t they question what is going on? Why don’t they put a question mark next to their mind’s interpretations? What if they help the Antichrist in marking more people? How can they sway these people from losing their souls? “For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect” (Mk 13:22).” It is interesting to note that while Saint Paisios wrote this many years ago, today according to some reports, Microsoft holds a patent for a quantum dot digital identification tattoo with patent number 060606. Some people have raised concerns that the Covid 19
injections may contain additional quantum particles which could be harmful.

As a public health professional, I understand the need to, and importance of implementing health-promoting strategies on both national and global levels. I am also mindful of the individual’s right to refuse such treatments. Even when the concerns don’t necessarily
appear valid from a medical standpoint, they must still be respected as that person is a creation of God, created with free will. All people must be permitted to use their discernment, follow their consciences and exercise their free will as they see fit.
Rules that require an experimental vaccine as a condition for obtaining an education (or employment for that matter) at an Orthodox Christian center of higher learning do not allow for personal freedom, spiritual discernment or the following of ones conscience. This requirement could potentially have disastrous health consequences for a population that has a low risk of poor covid outcomes, not to mention some of these people may already have natural God created immunity from having recovered from Covid.

For these reasons, I respectfully ask the administrators of Hellenic College Holy Cross to allow students and faculty to decide for themselves if they would like to receive what is being marketed as a Covid 19 vaccine and reconsider the current Covid 19 vaccine

With Love in Christ,

Heather Georgiou RN MSPH CHES


  1. Microsoft patent number is 666!
    This all sounds too scary & even our beloved Orthodox St. Paisios warning itself is grounds to not take vaccine.

    If ppl get Covid19, doctors can now treat us with proven remedies like Ivermectin, Remdesivir & hydrochloroquine etc.

  2. God bless you Heather for this excellent letter. I hope that more will find the courage to speak out. It is vital to our true spiritual and physical life that these issues are deeply considered.

  3. Heather, God bless you!! Well written and expressively detailed…. poignant and to the point!
    Final thoughts, DO NOT become vaccinated! Lord have mercy…🙏🏻✝️
    Power in numbers…what would happen if all those students walked out en masse?

    Thank you….

  4. Thank you Heather for speaking truths! The only thing to fear is fear itself. It’s time ppl get on with their lives and just live to the fullest.

    The rest of this sad sickening story is still playing out for all to bear witness to false prophets and Pharisees.

  5. It is IMPOSSIBLE to argue with logic for or against dogma or faith!
    Συμφωνα με τα δεδομενα >12 μηνων της Πανδημιας του Κορωνοιου Παγκοσμιως ,πρεπει να κανουμε τα εξης:
    Κρατειστε σε καραντινα στο δωματιο τους ΜΟΝΟ ΤΟΥΣ ΕΥΠΑΘΕΙΣ ,ΔΗΛΑΔΗ ΤΟΥΣ ΗΛΙΚΙΩΜΕΝΟΥΣ >65 ΕΤΩΝ ΚΑΙ ΧΡΟΝΙΩΣ ΠΑΣΧΟΝΤΕΣ ΜΕΧΡΙ ΤΕΛΟΥΣ ΤΗΣ ΠΑΝΔΗΜΙΑΣ, Η ΕΜΒΟΛΙΑΣΜΟΥ ΤΟΥΣ.Αυτοι ειναι ~20% του πληθυσμου.Συλλεξτε πλασμα απο αναρρωσαντες απο τον κορωνοιο για θεραπεια των βαρεως νοσουντων. Εφοδιαστε τα νοσοκομεια με στoλες προστασιας,δεξαμεθαζονη, ιμπουπροφεν, Ο2,αναπνευστηρες, αντισωματα της Regeneron, ιμβερτιν,υδροξυχλωροκινη,κολχικινη,zinc,βιτD3,αντιπηκτικα για θεραπεια των νοσουντων απο κορωνοιο.

    Καντε ΤΕΣΤ ΑΝΤΙΣΩΜΑΤΩΝ κορωνοιου ΣΤΟΥΣ ΤΟΥΡΙΣΤΕΣ και σε ΟΛΟ ΤΟΝ ΠΛΗΘΥΣΜΟ και ΟΣΟΙ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΘΕΤΙΚΟΙ η ΕΧΟΥΝ ΕΜΒΟΛΙΑΣΘΕΙ να αποκτησουν ΔΙΑΒΑΤΗΡΙΟ ΥΓΕΙΑΣ ,ωστε να κυκλοφορουν ελευθερα και να εργαζονται χωρις μασκες, αποστασεις και αντισηπτικα ,οπως και οι ΝΕΟΙ ΥΓΙΕΙΣ κατω των 55 ετων ,διοτι η νοσηση απο κορωνοιο σε αυτους κατα 45% ειναι ασυμπτωματικη,μονο ~5% χρειαζονται εισαγωγη σε νοσοκομειο και συνηθως αναρρωνυουν κατ οικον σε 10-20 ημερες.Οταν > 60 % του πληθυσμου εμβολιασθει τοτε η πανδημια ληγει ,οπως στο Ισραηλ.Παντως ο Δημοφιλης ραδιοεκφωνητης Δημητρης Φιλιππιδης στο HELLASFM.us ,υγιης ,αθλουμενος ,δεν προλαβε να εμβολιασθει ,αρρωστησε ΔΥΟ ΦΟΡΕΣ με κορωνοιο περυσι και φετος,και ηταν βαρεια αρρωστος για τρεις εβδομαδες καθε φορα συμφωνα με δικη του δηλωση στο ραδιοφωνο.

  6. Thank you, Heather, for this courageous and thought-provoking letter. We need more nurses, doctors, and religious figures who would speak up against this tyranny. Vaccine mandates are not about the health of the nation, otherwise, they would not be enticing people to get the jab with free donuts, beer, and free concert tickets. It is about power, oppression, and increasing the profits of pharmaceutical companies. These pharma giants are NOT liable in case of any adverse events, injury or death as a result of this gene therapy “vaccine” or any vaccine that is currently on the market. Good luck suing the government.
    How can this experimental shot be mandated for entering the seminary? It is a shame that our religious leaders jumped on the bandwagon without a blink. Why are our priests silent???

  7. what an amazing and well articulated letter! Truly mind boggling to see some bishops and priests PROMOTING this thing!!! Or the antiochian leaders saying this is a decision that belongs between patients and their doctors! Abhorrent. May the Lord have mercy on all of us.

  8. Thank you, Heather, for your clear, responsible, and conscientious articulation of both rational and faithful concerns regarding enforcement of vaccination policies which are being advanced in the hope of effectively addressing a perceived COVID-19 crisis. You have not only spoken for me, but, no doubt, for many thousands of discerning Orthodox Christians throughout the world.

  9. Excellent article. Let me just add that I’m also a healthcare practitioner. Here are some of my reasons that I did not take the vaccine:

    – it’s just an Experimental biological agent with mRNA technology, not used in past
    -Prior coronavirus vaccines were deemed unsafe
    -No animal studies
    -Known complications – antibody enhancement syndrome – body overreact in negative way to pathogen
    -sars covid 1 vaccine never came through due to above
    -lots of unknown – potential fertility problem as it harms a layer on placenta
    -covid survival 99.9 until >75 why take the risk of the unknown
    -vaccine makers are shielded from any law suits
    -no proof that vaccine will stop transmission among people
    -no answer as to how long will vaccine last
    -vaccine given to healthy people – far too risky because above has not been answered -better take old established meds
    -PEG (polyethylene glycol) in Moderna and Pfizer (anaphylaxis and allergic reactions)
    -feta tissue

  10. The title itself is misleading, leading the reader to accept as “truth” the opinion of one Orthodox medical professional, based on her reading and interpretation of the information and data regarding the vaccine. How about having an honest discussion with other faithful Orthodox medical professionals who have a totally different view? We have some very faithful Orthodox physicians (a bit better trained than nurses) specializing in infectious diseases who actually have done some very serious work with the vaccines and have been involved in clinical trials. To claim in the title that what this nurse has to say is “The Truth” is nothing less than dishonest. It is the truth she has chosen to believe.

    • The title is not misleading but explains who the author is and what she believes in view both of the scientific facts and our faith. It would be far more productive to state your arguments and prove her wrong, instead of beating around the bush.

  11. Dr Fauci, Boris Johnson, President Biden and many other dignitaries have been vaccinated against covid.
    A young healthy health professional may be infected with covid without significant symptoms, but may infect his vulnerable patients ,if he sees them without mask,even though the vulnerable were vaccinated as ~ 5% of them do not develop good immunity.


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