By Margaret Karakas

(In response to the news published in Greek New Online on June 3, 2021 regarding the $95 million raised for St.Nicholas)

Let’s call a spade a spade and speak openly with truth, honesty, and love as God commands us to live.  Does anyone really care about the “Calatrava” Shrine?  Or what AB Elpidophoros do or doesn’t do anymore?  Is this “Shrine” actually going to save our souls from the depths of Satan and his demonic angelic hosts of the temporal world?

Isn’t whatever ‘new’ “news” is printed, still rather the same “old news”?   The storylines haven’t changed one iota, yet the complicit propaganda media machine is still trying to convince readers that “action” is now taking place due to the outpouring of funds raised, while the characters REMAIN THE SAME.

If this construction project was run above board, like most real businesses in the real world, not only would the contractors have been fired, BUT the CEO would ALSO have been replaced long ago, as well as the Shrine committee along with their nefarious accountants and attorneys!  Furthermore, and most importantly, if the St. Nicholas Church shrine had truly been edified by Christ himself, don’t you think it would have already been completed and opened to the public long ago?

How many more years does this infamous saga continue?  Last I checked, the facts are still the facts:

Funds were raised in full well over a decade ago, several times over the original proposed budgeted amount YET, the “news” virtually remains unchanged to this day.

There is still no transparency, nor any explanation as to where the funds were misappropriated, by whom, to where, and for what purposes.

The fact that there have been no indictments, trials, convictions or jail time for those who absconded with the hard-earned money donated off the backs of many wealthy and working-class American Greeks is proof enough that the stolen funds and corruption surrounding the Shrine, have become an AFFRONT to God.

If the money has truly come pouring in to now ‘overfund’ the shrine with the liquidity of good ole C-A-S-H, I say get every subcontractor willing to work from where ever they may live, give them free housing, pay them a bonus for each day they show up for work in exchange for working 6 days a week tax free (if you can schmooze the beloved New York Mayor and Governor), UNTIL this debacle of an embarrassment is finished and over-with before more delays occur due to some sort of “hurricane”, “climate change”, “pandemic” or any other excuse which may come down the pike.

Since the Biden’s are well known to have “deep connections” within the ranks of the Archons, the upper echelon of the GOA Church, the Patriarchate and the Catholic Pope, perhaps Joe’s son Hunter, may have had a “hand” in coming up with the money which seems to come pouring in out of thin air?

Margaret Karakas



  1. Margaret, your voice is our voice. This is a Shrine to Corruption, not to St Nicholas, and the GOA desecrated it from the start of all this mess.

  2. The Calatrava Shrine is what it’ll be referred to in future years once it’s sold to the Chinese or Moslems. And what will GOA announce by this September, date it was to be completed?
    The late great Nick Karakas warned us & he’s spinning in his grave

  3. Here are the comments post by AZ at GNOnline:Greek NewsJune 8, 2021 at 9:32 pm
    Just to remind you the event organized by the Archons in the presence of the Patriarch with Mike Pompeo and
    the fact that former Secretary Azar will be the MC at the Athenagoras Award Ceremony. The Archon leadership is Republican all the way, my dear.

    Here is my response dated:June 14, 2021
    “My Dear” AZ~
    Thank you for allowing me the courtesy of a reply to your reply. Anyone can take an old photo relevant to an event at the time it was held and publish it and re-publish it to create interest in a newly printed article about the same subject matter. Does that make it NEW “news”? I believe that is what you refer to in your comment above.

    Perhaps it would better suit your ethos to eliminate the comment section altogether. Using the term “my dear” as derogatorily as you intended is extremely condescending and inappropriate as a man of your stature and position, regardless of any point(s) made.

    In direct response to your comment above, the world has become enlightened (not ‘woke’) to the fact, that there are countless both religious and political party members who are merely hiding behind the veil of “Religion” i.e: Catholicism, Espiscopol, Greek Orthodoxy etc., as well as labels such as “Democrat” or “Republican”, who are entrenched and fully vested in perpetuating the deep political “swamp” worldwide with varying hidden agendas all leading to the same common goal of that of the anti-Christ, a new universalism, a new world order reset to remove us further from our journey with faith in Christ alone, not man.

    I care not, if members of the “Friends of St. Nicholas” committee are either Democrat or Republican, white, black, or red. I care not who will or will not be present, in whatever lavishly pompous ceremonious festivities which may take place in the present or the future regarding the St. Calatrava Shrine. Nor do I care about the power or position any of these individuals may currently hold, or how much money or clout they may or may not bring to the table. It’s totally irrelevant to my original comments regarding your article printed.

    My late 94-year-old sage father Nick Karakas, with whom I did not always agree, is compelling me from above (not below), to continue his quest and life’s journey in revealing and speaking the truth as he did openly, frequently with honesty for all interested in having an open and honest discussion. If anyone thought that by my dear father’s recent passing, the church would be free of any opposing viewpoints, they will be sadly disappointed. I speak from the heart with discernment of what I see spiritually. It grieves me ever so.

    When I speak of truths, I must also acknowledge the support which my late father has garnered over the years and remain humble and grateful to the many hundreds of brave American Orthodox readers (many of whom are well-known within the Orthodox community) who have written us over the years voicing opinions on both sides of the equation with great respect and give encouragement on that which I will continue to espouse. I am by no means alone in my beliefs of what truths I speak, see and write, my dear friend.

    So, to your “point”, my point is about the facts of the “shrine to all faiths” Christian and non-Christian, as an affront to God Himself by addressing the real “elephant” in the room.

    What I DO CARE ABOUT is NOT continuing the propaganda machine cover up which is merely an ongoing demonic distraction to the real story behind this particular “story” about which was printed and is yet another bizarre twist and turn called “news” which isn’t any “new” news at all about which to bother writing.

    Truths have still yet to be revealed regarding the stolen and misappropriated funds, nor is there any transparency by the non-profit “Friends of St. Nicholas” committee as to the accounting methods and the egregious theft of millions of dollars which have in fact taken place and were diverted to other more “pressing matters” of the Orthodox Hierarchy and Patriarchate as a cover.

    How about the $5,000,000 Leadership 100 gives to St. Nicholas despite the prohibition to do so as given here below in #3.
    1. Compliance with application instructions.
    2. Perceived ability to carry out the plan.
    3. Presentation of realistic outcomes/objectives by which the success of the grant can be measured.
    4. Leadership 100 funding capabilities and the relative merit of the proposal vis a vis other competing proposal.
    5. In the case of local initiatives, determination that the program has national interest and significance, and will result in materials and expertise that will have national application.

    1. Endowment or debt reduction programs.
    2. Support of an organization’s fund-raising efforts.
    3. Capital requests for the planning, construction, renovation or purchase of buildings; or for the acquisition of land.
    4. Direct assistance to individuals, local entities or for-profit organizations.

    Then, there is the new “Barthomew’s Fund”, of unknown purpose, unknown monitoring, no transparency and another Fr. AK’s involvement of $100,000. See #4 above which states, NO DIRECT ASSISTANCE.

    There will be a day of reckoning and it’s coming to the front pages of newspapers worldwide once publishers realize that they can no longer bury the facts because they can’t sell print copies or online subscriptions. Where will Greek News be when that day of atonement arrives?

    People want and deserve answers. I simply speak about the well-known published crimes committed and the ongoing Federal criminal investigations which continue to be suppressed or addressed in any of your printed articles but are purposefully kept under wrap.

    It’s not about any Democrat or Republican affiliation. However, given the fact that many “Politicians” (wordsmiths) on both sides who are also deeply connected to this “cause” is yet another great alarm for suspicion and concern. Wherever you have religion, money, power, influence, greed, egos, politicians and government involved, you have corruption.

    Follow the money trail and the truth will set the GO Church free in order to align with Christ, His covenants and commandments. Redemption, humility and atonement will be necessary by all as we bear a sinful nature. Until then, the Greek Orthodox Church has fallen off the reservation and is an affront to Christ and His teachings.

    Thank you for the opportunity to continue this ongoing lively discussion.
    Margaret Karakas


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