By Nick Stamatakis

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how narcissistic our hierarchs can be.  Today was such a day, a moment of pure arrogance… We received the news from our “West Coast Resistance Group” as they exploded with anger at the photos published today at the Orthodox Observer…  Are they serious at the GOARCH (lack of) “leadership”?  Twenty years and $95 million later, about $80 million over budget and this is the “progress” they want to present to the public and the faithful? A few months before the supposed “opening” of the “Shrine of Crime”? Yes, my friends, these are the photos showing the actual “altar” at Saint Nicholas, exactly as it is today… You would think this is a joke but no, it’s not… These people live in their own little world, in a cocoon, where this disaster is supposed to mean progress…

I will let the photos, the documents, and the video, all thanks to our “West Coast Resistance Group”, talk for themselves… There are no words to easily describe the arrogance and the self-centeredness of the “leadership”…

We all know that such “hubris” comes from the top – directly from the so-called “leader” (but truly the destroyer of Orthodoxy), Pat. Bartholomew… Who is expected to be here in early November to celebrate the “opening” of the “Shrine of Crime”…

Yes, we will “open” the “Shrine” but we are not supposed to enter.  Why? Because the interior is “scheduled” to finish (if it ever finishes…) in the Spring of 2022… Sometime in April… My friends, as you can see, words such as “opening”, “schedule”, “finish”, have lost their true meaning when it comes to GOARCH and the “Shrine of Crime”, Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero…

Let’s recapitulate the sordid story of Saint Nicholas…

It will certainly end when the “Curse of Saint Nicholas” fully materializes….



  1. “Hubris” is understatement!
    Look at main actors running this pathetic monumental disaster:
    every single one of them is a Godless Leftist

    They spit on Christianity’s ecclesia while calling themselves Greek Orthodox?
    The worst is Prince of Darkness himself,
    the fraud priest Rev. Karloutsos

  2. You can’t expect anyone to build something and skim (or more accurately, steal) money at the same time, can you?

    Shameless, feckless, ridiculous (when you picture them slapping each other on the back proclaiming themselves ‘axioi’).

    The time is long past for MAJOR reform and a massive personnel overhaul. When comes the time to throw out the trash?

  3. Prince of Darkness is truly in control as they do not want the True Church of Christ in the middle of one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the United States. They should fear the wrath that will be coming to them soon.

  4. So called “Father Alex” has truly fulfilled his nickname: Prince of Darkness –
    he operates in the shadows, so many dark & shady deals & always with the most corrupt of individuals;
    in politics he only adores the degenerates like vile Clintons & dirty Joe Biden & his perverse son Hunter. Why Archbishop Iakavos never defrocked him is disturbing.

  5. Judging from the size of the altar and solea, I’d wager St Nicks cost $50,000 a sq. ft.
    Park Ave penthouse might be $4,000 a sq.ft.


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