By Nick Stamatakis

AB Elpidophoros has not missed an opportunity for the past two years to ask (to beg is the proper word) community leaders and organizations to help in increasing the number of students in Holy Cross / Hellenic College.  Yet for the past few days, the troubled Seminary is faced with a new serious episode of losing enrollment. What’s the reason? The revolt that is brewing among its students and some of its teachers regarding vaccination.

Instead of dealing with the subject using common sense, love, and the teachings of the Church, GOARCH and the Seminary’s administration followed the harsh “deep state” guidelines which have resulted in failure anywhere they were applied –  Greece, France and the “blue”, democrat-lead American states – are prominent examples. Instead of unity, AB Elpidophoros chose once again division and conflict. “Maybe those are not the kind of students we want at Holy Cross”, AB Elpdidophoros said at a recent meeting of the HC Board of Trustees, when he was told that there were a number of students who did not want or need to be vaccinated.

Things became much worse because of the callousness of Th. Kalmoukos’ reports at TNH.  The universally despised for his underhanded ways “theologian” raised his ignorant voice in judging those who refused to vaccinate as “unworthy” to be students of the Seminary… For one more time in his disgraceful career as a “journalist”, he chose divisiveness instead of inclusion and put first the globalist priorities supported by the Patriarchate instead of supporting basic human rights.  (You can link to a sample of his evil advice here).  Here is how he ends his “jewel” of a pathetic report, where he questions the anti-vax students’ character: “….what sort of students are attending and entering the School. What are their mindsets and their pasts? The situation brings to mind the well-known aphorism: “the wrecks of life become liturgies of the highest God.”  With pride, he explained that he sent a letter to the Archbishop to report the problem and demand action… Well, if the Archbishop listens to the advice of people like Kalmoukos, his remaining days in America are really not many…

About 20 students (OR BASICALLY HALF THE SCHOOL!!!) have been reported to refuse to vaccinate and some of them live near the campus with their families – and we all understand they are faced with additional dilemmas if they are asked to vaccinate their underage children.  In clear contrast, both St.Tikhon’s and St.Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminaries (operated by OCA) not only did not impose any such requirements but they stayed open with in-person teaching during the pandemic!  HCHC did not see it fit to consult with any students before “issuing orders”…

But in GOARCH we follow the globalist way, the road taken by Mitsotakis, Macron and recently by Biden: universal vaccination with NO exceptions as if we are managing a cattle farm.  We do not care if someone is so young that it would be ridiculous to vaccinate them, we do not even have the decency to ask if someone has any medical conditions. We do not even ask if someone has had covid and overcame it. No, the cattle attending HCHC have to be vaccinated one by one…

AB Elpidophoros’ compatriots, the Turks, always preferred force, and what did they get in return? Universal hatred and continuous revolts.  What did Mitsotakis and Macron get for their forceful hands in the pandemic? Just search the recent news and watch hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating in the streets… Wait a few weeks and you will see the same photos here in America if Biden and his team keep acting in the same fallacious way.  Let’s me re-iterate the fallacy:

  • If we count the millions vaccinated already (70% of the total US population) and the even more millions who overcame naturally a covid infection, then we are well past “herd immunity”.  This fact alone should put a STOP to any further forced immunizations anywhere in the US.
  • People have every right to refuse a vaccine that is experimental and does not have proper authorization by the CDC. It’s their undeniable human right.

I could go on and on but these two basic tenets should have been enough for GOARCH to make the correct decisions.  What is GOARCH planning to do next? Ask for Covid passport at the entrance of all Churches? Go ahead, chase the remaining few faithful away… They have many reasons to abandon the Church, this would be the final straw… Then you can sell the buildings and pocket the money from the properties built by the sweat of millions of Greek immigrants…

Helleniscope congratulates the HCHC students for their courageous and heartfelt response and applauds their defense of basic human rights. We expect that GOARCH and the administration of the School will moderate their unscientific (to say the least) positions.



Email from a Student Representative to the President (Mr. Cantonis) and Deans of the School:

Dear President Cantonis, Vice Presidents Dn. Alexander and Dr. Demetrulias, Deans Fr. Parsenios and Dr. Patitsas, and Dr. Beck,

I hope this finds you all well.

As you are no doubt aware, the decision to impose a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine has been met with considerable resistance among both students and staff. In my conversations with members of the Hellenic College Holy Cross community, they communicated to me that their concerns are not being heard and they are at a loss as to how their Orthodox Christian school could treat them in this manner.

In my capacity as Student-Faculty Representative, I conducted a survey among students and staff who are opposed to the imposition of the vaccine, and I am writing to convey to you the findings of this survey. The survey includes not only numbers but also personal testimonies.

The respondents feel that these testimonies are important. As one put it, “Our students are good, loving, faithful, and thoughtful; they have legitimate concerns about their health, their families, and their personal medical decisions.” As you will see, many of our students are seriously considering not returning to Hellenic College Holy Cross in the fall. Sadly, some have already made this decision. Their loss is more than a matter of finances or accreditation status; these students are worth fighting for. Unfortunately, the actions of the School have left her children feeling like orphans. 

As Student-Faculty Representative, I would like this report to be shared with the faculty of our School, whom the students feel are unaware of their concerns. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

(Student Representative – Name Withheld


Email from Presidents Office to Students

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

As we prepare to reopen the campus for the fall semester, I must remind you that
all of you are required to provide proof of being fully vaccinated against
COVID-19 no later than August 17. This requirement is to ensure the continued
safety of our campus and community to the greatest extent possible. Most people
in the United States receive either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine in two injections
several weeks apart, and are not considered to be fully protected until two
weeks after the second shot. This means that anyone in our community who has
not yet been vaccinated should schedule the first injection no later than
mid-July in order to meet the August 17 deadline.

A clear photo of each individual’s vaccination card should be submitted to as the necessary proof. Anyone with a medical or other legitimate extenuating condition that precludes vaccination should contact me at as soon as possible to discuss possible options for special accommodation.

You are also reminded that July 7 is the deadline for securing campus housing.
Please send your housing-related information to Marcie Moline at September 1 is the official move-in day for new students and for those moving in to married student housing. September 2 is the move-in day for all returning students who
will be living in Polemanakos Dormitory. Students with holds on their accounts
in the Finance Office will not be given keys until their accounts are in good

The past year has been a difficult one for everyone in our HCHC community, but with
God’s help and your cooperation, we have made it through and can look forward
to being together again very soon on our beautiful campus as long as we
continue to work towards the common good.

On behalf of the entire Administration, I thank you all for your patience and
understanding as we move forward. Please feel free to contact me with any

With love in Christ,

Dn. Gary D. Alexander
Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Operations and Finance



  1. The 20 are boxed in— soon-it will be required by all schools of higher learning— after that is completed, they’ll come after the lower schools, etc. etc. Can’t win– get vaxed -or lose out on education..

  2. This is a red flag.

    There are schools that are not requiring the vaccine, there is no reason HCHC should be making this non FDA approved medical intervention a requirement for education.

    This is completely non Christian and non Orthodox.

    The Orthodox Church holds a huge buffet, a spiritual smorgasbord of interventions, activities and sacraments. By participating in the full calendar, in the daily rhythm of prayer, in the fasts, the feasts, the rituals, the readings, the services, the sacraments, all the Church offers, one can work out their salvation with fear and trepidation, one can progress on the spiritual journey of theosis.

    Despite all these things being for the good of the individual and the greater good of the whole, does the Church REQUIRE these things?

    No. Never. The free will of man is always RESPECTED. The Church does not require us to do anything, especially not something against our will.

    The Lord God Himself honors our free will. He lets us make all kinds of stupid choices. He doesn’t force us to do anything.

    In my experience in the medical field I have seen patients make really bad choices, and the good and honorable providers do not overstep boundaries but respect that if a patient does not consent to a procedure, then it is not done and the patients wishes are respected.

    Even if refusing the Covid mRNA injection is the worst decision one could ever possibly make, every person should be FREE to make that decision for themselves.

    Even if it is a foolish choice, it’s THEIR choice.

    Healthcare providers do not require, they recommend or advise. How much more then should non medical persons not require, but recommend or advise?

    Here we have a non medical institution requiring a medical intervention that violates the free will and possibly the spiritual conscience of some of the students and staff.

    This is not an expression of the Orthodox Christian way. It’s an unnecessary violation of free will.

    I pray that HCHC reconsider this requirement. Not only is this hurtful to create this type of crisis for students and staff but it is destructive to the faith.

    Seekers of the true faith will be repelled by this type of stance.

    • Heather,
      Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

      This from Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios “…Not few of those in high positions have been involved in strange groups [freemasons], in ecumenism etc. I mean members of the clergy in high positions and who have virtually betrayed the church. Do you honestly believe that these people will ever speak out or protest against the spirit of the antichrist or the antichrist himself? Never! But they live in the spirit of the antichrist, how could they ever protest?… the conquest is taking place within before the antichrist’s coming…. therefore could it be that we shouldn’t always wait for them to be told what’s correct to do?… there will come a day when the word of God won’t be preached anymore – it’s not only that it won’t be preached what I mean is that the word of God preached won’t be the Orthodox word… the true word of God. Therefore when you’ll see some reassuring situations appeasing people saying ‘Ah, that’s not important, it’s nothing at all’, Could that be from God? When St. Cyril says ‘the church charges you before the Living God’ can we still be appeasing people saying ‘This is nothing serious’ or ‘that’s not important, that’s nothing at all’ ?”

  3. “Maybe those are not the kind of students we want at Holy Cross”, says AB Elpidoktonos.
    Where he is from, people know they must submit to the will of the pasha. Submission is one of the pillars of islam.
    When a bishop (who acclaims himself axios btw), orders you to do something, even if it contradicts the Gospels, you better comply.
    These self-absorbed tyrants are now public health authorities, legal experts, expert financiers, and now expect to control your personal medical choices. (despite their disastrous record of failures that would make the common village idiot blush in embarassment)

    Christianity, based on Hellenism and Hellenistic Judaism, has become unrecognizable. To call it Orthodox is flagrant sarcasm. But thanks to God for this scamdemic, it has revealed so much for what it truly is.

    Risai mas apo tou Ponirou !

  4. Neither St. Tikhon’s nor St. Vladimir’s stayed open with in person classes during the pandemic. They both shut down the school and had zoom class, and also did not allow students to go to Church. During the application process to St. Tikhon’s the dean has directly asked students if they are getting the vaccine or not. I doubt they will mandate the vaccine like Holy Cross, but they are certainly going along with the agenda, at least at a slower pace. It’s weird seeing OCA people thumbing their noses at GOArch over the usual issues when they are guilty of the same tomfoolery.

    Jordanville is the only seminary that did not interrupt its operations for the pandemic. The cathedral was forcibly shut down by the NY State Police, but the school continued to operate as normal, only with services taking place in the monastic dormitory chapel instead of the cathedral.

  5. I was informed that HCHC only held online courses last year. They are not offering this option again this year, thus the problem for these students. If they offered online courses in conjunction with their in person classes for those who don’t want to be vaccinated, or those who are waiting for a better option (new vaccines coming later this year), then they could give their students the option of continuing online until either the pandemic passes or a better vaccine that meets their concerns is released. Instead they are pushing the students into different camps. The school administration is very narrow in their view on how to open the school. I understand maintaining a hybrid model takes more effort on the professor’s part but the school is really small. They are capable of maintaining online as they did just that all of last academic year. The question is why don’t they want to offer a hybrid model since the pandemic is still going on.

  6. Jane– –I caught what you said— don’t twist it— the hypocrites whose mantra is: “My body-my choice”—(of which I’m no way a part of) —these hypocrites -autocrats all— demand vacs–it so suits their mantra of evil doom and destruction— their narrative to destroy babies– and to a one size fits all of us marxism….

  7. Big breaking national news- 475,000 peaceful protestors have assembled in Synthagma Square, Athens -mostly young- healthy- I pray but know our nation and their nation will continue to suffer— seems that big techs, governments, pharmas and yes– churches have all determined this— socialism ? No— the other one– the “c” word…. Healing? hmm.. this one issue will strain nations- divide nations-people- families- students- clergy- mothers-fathers- like no other issue on earth…

  8. Why would some communities support this agenda indirectly by making donations(see below link). May we should start a movement of “DEFUND THE PATRIACHARTE AND ALL INVOLVED”. Without this$$$, they are nobodies. Shame to the below. They should have kept that money for future upkeep of their buildings.


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