EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Very rarely in my 36 years in New York did I read a story in the NY Times that would pronounce any achievement of Greece and the Greeks unless it was in tune with the interests of the “powers that be”.  In our case today, these are the powers behind many major moves in the geopolitical chessboard, which currently happen to be the globalists who also manipulate Biden’s every move…  A few days ago the Times celebrated the capitulation of many in the hierarchy of the Greek Church who were “convinced” (Why? Because the state pays their salaries…) to abandon any religious and humanistic principles and take part in the government’s campaign in support of vaccinations… Yes, they campaign for the vaccinations that are proven non-effective all over the world…
Doctors and medical personnel know very well that they have no business to force any medicine or therapy on any patient.  Why does the Greek Government and now some hierarchs of the Church feel they have such a right?


ΣΗΜΕΙΩΜΑ ΣΥΝΤΑΞΗΣ (Στέλιος Τάτσης): Ανάθεμά σας ΚΑΡΑΚΑΤΣΑΝΙΑ ( έτσι ονόμαζε ο Πατέρας μου ο Παπά Μιχάλης τους Δεσποτάδες). Χαράς ευαγγέλια στους NEW YORK TIMES και στους κύκλους των Σατανάδων, που λέγουν επιτέλους ρίξαμε το κάστρο, μην κόπτεσθε όμως και μην τρέχετε να πανηγυρίσετε γιατί υπάρχει και η Ορθόδοξη Ρωσία εκεί που ο Προεδρός της δεν είναι Κούλης.. η Μπούληw….. αλλά ΝΑΝΟΣ αλλά τι Νάνος με κάτι ΑΠΙΔΙΑ….ΝΑ. Δυστυχώς Τα Καρακατσάνια πλην ολίγων εξαιρέσεων (και είναι προς τιμήν των) επέλεξαν να μετατραπούν σε δαίμονες της χθεσινής Ευαγγελικής περικοπής τους οποίους ο Χριστός μεταμόρφωσε σε Χοίρους οι οποίοι γκρεμοτσακίστηκαν στον γκρεμό.


A gift from God’: Greece enlists the church in its vaccine drive.

The government has turned to the leaders of the powerful Orthodox Church to appeal to the faithful and rein in clerics who have been vocal about mistrusting vaccines.

The message from Greek officials is the same as it is from governments around the world: get vaccinated, get vaccinated, get vaccinated.

But with the inoculation campaign slowing and the virus spreading, the Greek authorities are turning to the leaders of the country’s powerful Orthodox Church to carry the message to the hesitant.

With the Delta variant driving a surge in cases, Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias and the government’s chief epidemiologist, Sotiris Tsiodras, visited the church’s Holy Synod to ask Archbishop Ieronymos to pull renegade clerics into line.

After the visit, the church sent a circular to its clergy this week describing vaccination as “the greatest act of responsibility toward one’s fellow human being.”

It also offered answers to common questions and sought to clear up misinformation. Clerics have been told to distribute the circular to churchgoers on Sunday and deliver sermons extolling the vaccine’s benefits.

The move followed a flurry of discussions between government health officials and senior clerics aimed at quelling objections among priests to the vaccination drive. Some clerics have been using their sermons to stoke vaccine hesitancy while others have warned that churchgoers getting shots will be denied holy communion.

In Thessaloniki in northern Greece, a priest was removed from his parish this month after telling worshipers to not get the vaccine and to defy Covid regulations. In nearby Halkidiki, at mass celebrating the Orthodox Easter, another priest banned vaccinated and masked worshipers from attending his services, describing pressure to get the vaccine as “diabolical” and “fascist.”

It remains to be seen if the church hierarchy can control the message across the country, but the hope was the circular would carry special weight with the faithful.

It cast the vaccine as “a gift from God” and called on the faithful not to heed voices “which lack scientific grounding or ecclesiastical spirit.” It also sought to counter claims by some anti-vaccine protesters, including conspiracy theories about the shot containing embryonic cells or microchips designed to monitor people’s movements.

Beyond the appeal to the faithful, the country has sought to strike a balance in the restrictions it is imposing as it reopens.

It has required health workers to get shots and has devised a plan that puts vaccinations at the center of reopening policies — without going so far as to essentially bar the unvaccinated.

After allowing outdoor service in May, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and theaters were allowed to resume indoor operation on July 15.

According to the government’s scheme, businesses will declare whether they intend to host only those who have been vaccinated — as well as those who have recovered from a coronavirus infection — or whether they will open for all customers and then display a corresponding sticker at their entrance.

Those choosing to host only vaccinated customers are permitted to operate at a higher capacity.



  1. These clergy and hierarchs (of all jurisdictions) are pushing an experimental gene therapy (called messenger RNA) that was tested using aborted fetal tissue. They will answer before the terrible Judgement Seat of Christ. I wonder if they will repent when they see millions of people becoming disabled or dying within a relatively short period of time because of the gene therapy? They say the shot is “a gift from God.” It is amazing how deluded they have become. It is as if a veil has descended to blind them. They will soon discover that the supposed “gift from God” is really a curse from the Devil.

  2. Excellent Nick. 100% Agree with Mikhail and Larissa. The so-called “gift from God” is indeed yet another great deception and “curse from Satan”. We are made in God’s image. Our sacred and holy bodies have been uniquely designed by our Creator himself to combat illness.

    Free will allows us to choose between glutenous indulgence or following a more disciplined ancient Biblical diet which helps combat inflammation. Our genes are NOT our destiny. The lifestyle choices we make however, helps to determine our destiny. Above all however, our Lord Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega who determine’s when our time on earth is finished.

    The choice of how we choose to ward off illness, the methods of medical treatment we seek are but our choice alone, and not that of any Government or pious religious leader’s opinion, obligation, right or moral compass to force, discriminate and publicly declare such ‘mandates’.

    The idea of “masking” is yet another public attempt at outwardly shaming indiviudals who have chosen to be vaccinated or not by discrimination. Our choice in healthcare is a private matter protected under HIPAA laws which upholds the right to privacy.

    Simple idiocracy and hypocrisy fails to take into account those who had the virus and as such have herd immunity.

    I will walk in protest putting my life in peril seeking God’s truth before I will ever submit to any such secular deceit and force against God’s will. The time for uprising is here and NOW. Are we going to sit passively watching on the sidelines as governments world-wide continue to destroy free enterprise under the auspices of “saving humanity” by throwing our freedoms down the toilet? These ppl are heretics and are from the pit of Hell. Pious religious universalism is ‘woke’ gone amok.

  3. Last month’s world daily statistics show that coronovirus makes sick those with no antibodies to coronovirus as they were not vaccinated or got sick with coronavirus earlier.The decreasing number of deaths and intubated due to coronavirus is proof ,that coronavirus vaccinations are protective . More than 4 billion covid19 vaccines have been administered worldwide according to TIMEcovid19 daily news letter.The vulnerable need ALL to be vaccinated , so they can survive the epidemic.

  4. Today’s coronovirus statistics from Greece:
    Οι νέοι θάνατοι ασθενών με Covid-19 είναι 9, ενώ από την έναρξη της επιδημίας έχουν καταγραφεί συνολικά 12.935 θάνατοι. Το 95,1% είχε υποκείμενο νόσημα ή/και ηλικία 70 ετών και άνω.
    Πανω απο 5 εκατ ελλαδιτων εχουν ηδη εμβολιασθει και οι θανατοι απο 400 την ημερα επεσαν στους 9 μονο σημερα!


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