EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): You know a policy has failed when it is ridiculed daily – especially by those who followed it… In the first of these two Greek videos a very popular singer who got vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine – but got sick again with covid – explains that he has a nice “green covid passport” so he can go from nightclub to nightclub and spread covid freely!!  While the unvaccinated will be stigmatized and either were masks forever or stay home forever… When will the craziness stop? When the CORRUPT globalist politicians (Mitsotakis, Macron, Boris Johnson, Merkel, Biden etc…) will finally be forced to quit this nonsense and follow the only reasonable path: Protect the vulnerable and make therapeutics easily and widely available!

It will happen only when the demonstrators who are now flooding the streets of Athens, Paris, Berlin, London, Melbourne will become so loud that the politicians realize they lost the game…

In the second video Mitsotakis is reduced to a “butt of jokes” as he certainly deserves…



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