EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Day by day people grow even more suspicious of government decisions on their health… As they learn that vaccinations not only do not create immunity but also allow the spread of the delta variant of covid, more and more people take to the streets to demonstrate against a new type of authoritarianism – one that wants to violate privacy and a number of freedoms under the pretense of health protection… Soon protests will be coming to America, even though half the country lives freely…

In America, protests will likely start not only against forced vaccinations but mainly against Critical Race Theory. The Left made the biggest mistake of their history to install themselves between parents (and esp. mothers) and their children. They are bound to pay a very heavy price – they will be smashed, not only in the two upcoming governor’s races (California in September and Virginia in November) but in every local and every school board election…

But first, take a look at these photos from Europe…


Government plans to make access to public spaces conditional on health checks have provoked more protest demonstrations in France, Switzerland and Italy.

Under the schemes, vaccination cards, or a recent negative Covid-19 test, are to be made obligatory for those wanting to visit cultural, sporting and social events.

Throughout France, around 200.000 people took to the streets to protest against the proposals, which would also make vaccinations compulsory for health workers. In Paris, a demonstration resulted in clashes with police.

“Personally, I am not vaccinated, and I won’t be,” said one protester. “It doesn’t matter what we are forbidden from doing, going to stores, swimming pools, cinemas, it doesn’t matter … Life is priceless. Freedom, that’s precisely it, freedom to not to be vaccinated, and not to give in to the government’s blackmail.”

Across the border in Switzerland opposition to covid vaccines is not as strong but still more than 4,000 people gathered in Lucerne to protest against any kind of vaccine restrictions. Like the demonstrators in France, they see such a policy as an attack on civil liberties.

And in neighbouring Italy, there were two protests in Rome. One was organised by political groups opposed to restrictions on vaccinated people and the other by bar and restaurant owners. The Green Pass will be required in the country from August 6 to enter most indoor public spaces.


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