PHOTO: One of the most shameful moments in GOA’s century-old history – giving the “Athenagoras Humanitarian Award” to the baby-killer Cuomo… Shame on all involved! Especially to the mastermind: Karloutsos…

By Nick Stamatakis

As Cuomo was rapidly descending into shame during the last 48 hours, the voices demanding that he should be stripped from any honor and award ever received were multiplying.  First came the call from inside the NY Legislature itself to change the name of the Mario Cuomo Bridge back to the Tappan Zee Bridge.  Then today “the Federalist” demanded that “Cuomo Should Be Stripped Of Every Award He Nabbed While Allegedly Assaulting Women” – and the magazine lists all awards he was given the past 6 years, including the one from the Archons.

As our friends from Byzantine, TX, note, the Archons should have never given Cuomo any award.  At the time they gave him the award, he was proclaiming left and right that New York will forever be a pro-abortion state. And he kept his word: Last year, helped by other baby-killers like Mike Giannaris, Cuomo led the introduction of legislation that allowed abortion up to the time of birth!!   Well, let’s see: Our (less than pious) Patriarch will be (supposedly) visiting NY soon.  Will he have a word to say about this greatest of all sins against human life? No, he won’t. Because his main concern would be collecting money for his “Bartholomew Foundation” – he does not care at all about the basic tenets of the faith.

To help the faithless “Archons” make up their mind let’s list Cuomo’s many humanitarian debacles:

  1. Baby killer: He proudly introduced legislation allowing abortion even on the day of birth.
  2. Elderly Killer: He allowed covid-19 patients back into residences for the elderly and as a result up to 15,000 people lost their life – at the same time as President Trump had made available to him a hospital ship and plenty of beds at the Javits center.
  3. Alleged Serial Sexual Harassment against multiple females in his immediate presence.

Let’s see what weighs the most, Cuomo’s violation of any and all humanitarian principles or finishing the boondoggle of the century, St. Nicholas at Ground Zero…

This will not be the first time the Archons retracted an award.  They completely scrubbed the sexual offender Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarrick from their website, for example, as our friends from Byzantine, TX notes.  And it will not be the last, as Met. Epiphanios of Ukraine, is a …diving star… After the burning of churches and the human losses as a result of Ukraine’s “cacocephaly”, he will be third in line for losing his Athenagoras award…

In the meantime, Karloutsos & Co. are in panic mode as our sources tell us. They lost their most trusted friend… Let’s not forget the numerous statements by so many “Archons” that without Cuomo St. Nicholas would not be finished”. I am wondering what else will we learn from the numerous investigations that are certain to follow Cuomo’s sexual harassment and elderly abuse scandals. Will they bring out something we need to know about the “behind the scenes” relationship between the Governor and the bunch of predators at GOA?  Very curious…

Others in Karloutsos’ circle are weeping as they lost the political “muscle” they needed for their small-time machinations.  And this circle includes former TNH publisher Diamataris and his “business” associates like the NY Federation “rat” Galatoulas: the latter made Cuomo twice a Grand Marshall for the Greek Parade on Fifth Avenue, hoping to curry favor and influence in order to deal with a fraud lawsuit against him that is still pending!…

Well, as I have said, the truth has a very bad habit: it always surfaces…

August 11, 2021,




  1. Does this mean Alex has to resign as Chaplain to the NYNj Port Authority and also from the SUNY Board of Advisors? Both are Cuomo appointee positions.

    Limberakis needs to resign, too, come to think of it. He’s presided over the death spiral of this ridiculous frat boy and pizza parlor owner social club (who co-opt the holy name of St. Andrew) that promotes this nonsense.

    We need a Constantine to disband the New York Istanbul Empire and move it to Idaho.

  2. Oh no!! He will lose the easy money from the two sinecure positions and then he will have to raise more income from somewhere else!… Hmm… Let me guess what he will do… oh, that’s an easy one: more fundraisers with his 15% fundraising fee!!

  3. Wonder if Alex Karloutsos Boy has been advising Andrew all this time & holding his hand while Andrew wept?

    Yes the Archons absolutely must take back Humanitarian Award!


  4. Here’s hoping naive Archbishop Elpidoforos is waking up from his liberal illusions,
    he always acts so star struck meeting up with corrupt politicians, especially creepy
    Joe Biden? If only Elps would show such adulation to Jesus Christ who he sold out.

  5. Zoey– it is sad– sad that he marched… he has followers -it’s a 50-50 split– lotsa greek wokes out there.. scary- dystopia… look to your right- look to your left on Sundays– you’ll find a wokester on one side- a traditional gospel loving soul on the other– the wokesters are growing in number…. scary…..

  6. Wake up Americans. Wake up.

    truth can
    be used as
    a foundation for
    a mountain of lies,
    and if we dig down deep
    enough in the mountain of lies,
    and bring out that truth, to set it
    on top of the mountain of lies; the entire
    mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one truth.

    And there is nothing more devastating to a
    structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to follow, awakening even those
    people who had no desire to be awakened to the truth.

    Delamer Duverus

  7. While we’re at taking back awards— the gross humanitarian crisis -with the fall of Afghanistan on Panaghia’s Day—- makes the 2016 humanitarian award the biggest misguided decision ever…


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