EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): For the last 30 years, under Pat. Bartholomew (but some say even before that time), Karloutsos has been destroying the moral and spiritual foundations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in so many ways it is hard to count.  By blurring the lines between the faithful priest and the unholy politician, by turning the primarily spiritual enterprise of the Church into a maze of financial and political calculations, by self-promoting and self-profiting and in every possible way, and particularly for blowing a $20 million project (maximum) into a $100 million disaster (Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero).

Yesterday this so-called “priest”, who is now under investigation for his suspicious role in GOA and the re-building of St.Nicholas, the “priest” who was placed by his “best friend”, disgraced NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, in two sinecure positions (SUNY Stony Brook Board of Trustees and Port Authority Chaplain), needed a “reputation lift”.  He recently had one too many issues: federal investigations, lawsuits (against his son Mike aka “Fredo”), the collapse of the protective Cuomo regime. And so he proceeded to an ultimate act of “hubris”, the burning of the mortgage of his Church in the Hamptons. Here is the video:

Yes, this is the Church/parish which, according to Karloutsos’ own admission in writing, did NOT pay its annual dues for the past few years!! What was the excuse? That Karloutsos “fundraised” a certain donation for GOA!! Tell us Karloutsos, did you make a 15% for yourself out of this particular donation? Of course, you did. And your Hamptons Church profited too by not paying dues… And the businessman-donor profited also very handily by escaping taxes… Let’s all guess who was the one who did not profit…

What do you suppose the rest of the (rapidly shrinking) 500 parishes will think now? That they are “suckers” for paying to the wasteful Phanariots at the headquarters, $50,000 or $100,000 or even over $150,000 per year? That they are idiots for paying their annual dues while they never get accountability for? For how many years did the Hamptons Church NOT pay its dues? Why doesn’t GOA publish a list of parishes and the annual dues they paid going back 30 years? Why is this a “secret”?  Why is the percentage that Karloutsos self-awarded as a “fundraising fee” a secret?  Who gave him the OK to do that? Why is it a secret which GOA credit cards Karloutsos is using and how much he is charging on them?  And not only him but also so many others going back decades (including his presbytera and his son)?

I have a word to each and every parish which is abused by GOA and they cannot take this system of lack of transparency and accountability any longer: There are other Orthodox Churches in America who could accept the parishes (those which happen to be separate non-profit corporations and are not directly under GOA).  Start preparing to move so the Phanariots realize this is the end of their reign.  The faithful are voting with their feet and have moved already.  I made my own poll and this August – especially this past holiday – the Churches were the emptiest anyone has ever seen.  What are you waiting for? If you are waiting for GOA to announce which parish pays and how much annually, you are wasting your time…

The most recent example of financial unaccountability: they started raising funds (by an extra tray in parishes during Sunday service) supposedly to support the fire victims in Greece. But they were heavily criticized for lack of transparency for an issue where they already have a blemished past (a few years ago a similar fundraiser for fires in Greece collected hundreds of thousands which “mysteriously” was lost or ended up in Istanbul…) AB Elpidophoros a few days ago was forced to send a video pledging transparency – but they still have not announced how much money they raised and in which separate bank account they put it.

The time to break up with this disastrous leadership is NOW…

August 16, 2021, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com


  1. Yes the infamous Prince of Darkness aka
    Alex Karloutsos has morally and financially destroyed GOA to the ground, we don’t recognize our Church.

    Alex boy, the narcissist pretending to be a holy man is both laughable and ludicrous especially to witness his slobbering adulation over creepy Godless Joe Biden.
    Birds of a feather.

  2. The leaders of the churches have profited by bowing to their political cohorts while enriching themselves. They stink! Phew!

    Run from them as fast as you can!!!!

  3. Oh how cringeworthy to watch the greedy “Shilok” for a priest Alex Karloutsos have an orgastic money spasm!

    Somebody tell him retirement means he can go gently into that goodnight & stop embarrassing us.

  4. As convert from Anglican Church, GOA has been an extremely disappointing experience; the endless stories I’ve heard among Greek Orthodox people on this Rev. Alex Karloutsos is beyond spiritually toxic –
    suffice to say, this disaster has no business wearing holy robe when he clearly disdains what’s pure and holy and I’m too kind to report the list of horrendous exploits he’s participated. But truth always comes out.

  5. Looks slightly Satanic seeing “hubris” priests burning legal papers related to mammon ..,
    as if it’s all they worship…

    Where is the leader of the rat pack in Constantinople? Aren’t we tired of buying the same ol’ Constantinople candy yet?

    “The one who boasts boast in the Lord.” For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends (2 Corinthians 10:17-18).

  6. The video is stunning in its bad taste, bad example, and megalomania. This isn’t leadership, it’s ,at best, a boastful distraction (while most of the GOA parishes and America suffer) and, at worst, just a demonstration of prideful sin.

    The archbishop’s concern should be that Karloutsos’s parish not take on his mindless egoism and lose their souls in the process. Elpi needs to make sure that burning a mortgage and, bragging about it through videos, doesn’t lead to burning in hell.

    Alex and Cuomo and Biden are all birds of a feather, that’s why they crawled each other’s butts.

  7. “the time to Break Up with this disaster leadership is NOW”…

    indeed, bc there is no
    Leader of true holy Pack –
    & like the Shangri Las say:

    “I met Bartholomew at the Constantinople Candy Store,
    he turned around & looked at me,
    you get the picture?
    (yes Archons, we see)
    that’s when I fell for
    the leader of unholy pack”

    “My Faith was always putting Bart down, (down, down)
    they said he came from wrong side
    of world – (Istanbul)
    they told me Bart was bad,
    & monks on Mt. Athos also sad,
    yet that’s why I fell for
    the leader of unholy pack”

    “One day my holy father said,
    “Find someone new” –
    I had to tell my Patriarch Bart
    that we’re through,
    he stood there & asked me why,
    where was more money?
    but all I could do was cry,
    I’m sorry I hurt you,
    the leader of unholy pack –
    & now he’s gone,
    gone, gone,
    the leader of unholy pack”


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