EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis):  As we learn that India (and very likely Sweden) have reached or are reaching herd immunity, here in the US and also in Canada, Australia, and Europe, places with more vaccinations than anywhere else, the “powers that be” are pushing more masks, more lockdowns, more distancing and of course more vaccines – and now boosters… The one thing they did not push since early on was the use of already existing or new prophylactic drugs (Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies)… This road, the most logical and cheapest of all, was applied in India, and voila! Herd immunity is achieved!

The unexpected resistance of free people to mandated vaccinations, the news from India, and new studies that are showing the ineffectiveness of vaccines are forcing the establishment to change course.  An Oxford study (below) proved that vaccinated people carry as much virus loads as the unvaccinated!! Say what? Then, why on Earth do we have to get vaccinated if we are not protected and we still spread the virus?  Silence…

FDA, which previously PROHIBITED (yes, prohibited!) safe drugs as the ones mentioned above, could not take the pressure anymore and authorized a NEW drug (second article below) that is very difficult to use… Why do they do that? Instead of authorizing existing drugs that are safe, they are pushing new and expensive drugs… Why don’t they want the crisis to end? Why? Why? Why?

All these unanswered questions have given ground to a theory that seems to be very plausible (third article below) and explains how this global propaganda machine is working – by using “scientists” like Dr.Fauci and government coercion in order to achieve their sinister goals…

I will say it again: The truth has a bad habit – no matter what it always surfaces…



Oxford Study: Vaccinated carry as much virus as the unvaccinated!!

study by University of Oxford scientists has found that people who contract the Delta variant of COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated carry a similar amount of the coronavirus as those who catch the disease and have not been inoculated. The researchers stressed that vaccination still offers good protection against catching the disease in the first place, and protects against getting seriously ill with it.

The survey of real-world U.K. data indicates, however, that vaccinated people with “breakthrough” infections could still pose a significant infection risk to those who have not been vaccinated.

“With Delta, infections occurring following two vaccinations had similar peak viral burden to those in unvaccinated individuals,” the study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, concludes. Viral “burden” or viral load refers to how much coronavirus-infected people carry and thus “shed,” or release into the environment around them, where it can potentially infect others.

The survey compared U.K. government data on more than 380,000 people who tested positive for the coronavirus between December and May of this year, when the first-discovered Alpha variant accounted for most of the cases in Britain, with figures for more than 350,000 people infected over the following four months, when Delta was dominant.

Oxford’s lead researcher, Dr. Sarah Walker, told The Telegraph that the study shows two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccines “are still protective. You are still less likely to get infected – but if you do, you will have similar levels of virus as someone who hasn’t been vaccinated at all.”

The data used for the study do not show how likely it is that a fully vaccinated person with the Delta variant can pass on the infection to another individual, compared to an unvaccinated individual with the virus. But the high viral loads found in the study are a strong indicator that the risks of transmission from both vaccinated and unvaccinated people with the Delta variant could be similar.

The findings could have implications for policy makers who’ve banked for months on hopes that by vaccinating a large proportion of any given population, they will also protect people who cannot or will not get inoculated themselves by reducing transmissions overall.

“The fact that they [fully vaccinated people] can have high levels of virus suggests that people who aren’t yet vaccinated may not be as protected from the Delta variant as we hoped,” Walker told the British newspaper. “It comes back to this concept of herd immunity, and the hope that the unvaccinated could be protected if we could vaccinate enough people. But I suspect the higher levels of the virus in vaccinated people are consistent with the fact that unvaccinated people are still going to be at high risk.”

The message from Walker and her team at Oxford was clear: Vaccination remains the best way to protect against infection, and certainly against serious illness or hospitalization with COVID-19, including the Delta variant.

None of the coronavirus vaccines approved for use in the U.S. or U.K. thus far eliminate the risk of infection, but they all reduce that risk by between about 70% and 90% — and they’ve proven much more potent at preventing hospitalizations and deaths.

“There are lots of reasons why the vaccines may be very good at reducing the consequences of having the virus,” Walker told The Telegraph. “You may well still have a milder infection and might not end up getting hospitalized.”

She said that while the results of the ongoing vaccine effectiveness study were important, “they aren’t everything, and it is really important to remember the vaccines are super-effective at preventing hospitalizations.”


The FDA has authorized an early COVID treatment protocol

(American Thinker)

After nearly a year-and-a-half and over 618,000 recorded COVID-related deaths in the U.S. alone, the FDA has finally released an emergency use authorization for REGEN-COV, a new drug that was being tested in 2020 (pre-Biden). Primary care physicians can now use it as an early treatment option. Before now, the only authorized COVID-19 early treatment my family doctor had, per the July 2021 update to NIH guidelines, was to recommend quarantine and then wait until symptoms go away or report to a hospital if they get worse. Of note, these updated guidelines continue to identify hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a prohibited drug – although this should not be a surprise considering the war on HCQ began soon after President Trump dared to recommend it.

REGEN-COV, however, is no simple take-home medicine like the familiar Tamiflu frequently prescribed in the past for the seasonal flu. For example, in the “old days” that ended in March 2020, my wife and I both caught the seasonal flu. Our doctor immediately prescribed Tamiflu and azithromycin because he knew that delaying even a few days would make Tamiflu less effective. Like Tamiflu, REGEN-COV is similarly recommended only for early use before severe symptoms can develop.

Once the initial surge of COVID-19 cases and deaths started in March-April 2020, the seasonal flu magically vanished along with Tamiflu despite some early indications it works on COVID. Coincidentally with its approving a new drug, the CDC is finally pulling the plug on the PCR test for COVID-19. The PCR test often gave false positives and can misidentify the seasonal flu as COVID-19 (although it will remain in use through the end of 2021).

According to the FDA fact sheet on REGEN-COV, the intravenous infusion process it requires appears time-consuming (it can take 20 to 50 minutes or more, with a one-hour monitoring period immediately after). For now, the FDA recommends it for use only on confirmed COVID-19 patients over the age of 12 who are at high risk of developing severe symptoms. However, the fact sheet permits some flexibility in using it as a preventative to especially high-risk patients. It sounds so promising that the FDA was careful to say it is not a substitute for the vaccines.

The FDA has known from the beginning that early treatment of COVID-19 is essential, yet it chose to ignore India’s great success with its initial early treatment protocol that initially included HCQ. However, when the Delta variant arrived in India, it appeared more resistant to HCQ, so India immediately approved and widely distributed a new more potent outpatient COVID kit consisting of Ivermectin, Doxycycline, and Zinc. This less-than-$3 kit quickly reversed the Delta variant death trend there.

Finding the true cost per dose of REGEN-COV proved more elusive; ranging from $10 to $2,100 per dose. Grab your “Good Rx” card, just in case.

REGEN-COV and all the medications used in India appear to work similarly by calming the characteristic overreaction of the body’s auto-immune system (cytokine storm) that COVID-19 can trigger in some patients with compromised immune systems. Advanced age is a major factor, notably from Vitamin D deficiency. If the cytokine storm can be controlled early, the immune system can work properly and produce the antibodies that kill the virus.

To oversimplify the process, the virus triggers an overproduction of white blood cells that mistakenly attack the body instead of the virus. The resulting internal inflammation is the primary cause of severe symptoms and deaths — usually pneumonia, but a secondary contributor is a blood clotting response affecting critical organs, including the lungs.

Never forget that this war against these inexpensive drugs was not limited to the US. It was also fought in most western countries, including the UK and Sweden. However, Sweden, known for its risky minimal mask and lockdowns mandates, has apparently achieved herd immunity. (Its average daily deaths since mid-July 2021 have remained below 0.1 and are continuing steady at 0.01 in mid-August.) Sweden achieved this herd immunity in time to avoid new deaths from the Delta variant.

By comparison, neither the US nor UK have avoided the Delta variant, despite their more rigid mask rules, lockdowns, and higher vaccination rates. In fact, the lockdowns may have delayed achieving herd immunity in time to avoid the spread of the new Delta variant. India with fewer than 10% vaccinated is also nearing herd immunity and has had far fewer per capita deaths than most for the entire pandemic. You can monitor the death trends of these four countries here.

Having spent most of my career as an analyst, I wondered what the outcome would have been if Sweden, the UK, and the US had discovered something like REGEN-COV when the pandemic started or had the courage to permit using India’s inexpensive early outpatient treatment protocols. This question can be simplistically answered by using India’s reported 331 cumulative deaths per million as the best possible expected outcome (assuming the results for REGEN-COV would have been similar) and multiplying that same number of deaths (311/million) by the populations of the three western countries:

The potentially avoidable death counts in the last column (in red) are beyond alarming. The results in the next to last column (in green) resemble the expected deaths in a normal seasonal flu year. Obviously, the skeptics will reject this result by saying that there are many other factors that would have ruled out this overly optimistic result. Examples include questioning the accuracy of India’s data, the difference in average ages of each country’s population (India has far more young people), and the lack of domestic manufacturing and supply chain resources to produce and distribute the needed drugs.

Nevertheless, the results do raise questions about the wisdom of the government medical establishment’s decision to delay authorizing any early treatment protocols and, instead, gambling on the vaccines’ timely arrival or the hope that something new (and more profitable), such as REGEN-COV, would magically appear. We cannot change history, but we should have the wisdom to learn from it.

Image: REGEN-COV. YouTube screen grab.

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Propaganda Expert Warns of Global COVID Psyop

‘Should ring alarm bells for anyone who has

even the most basic grasp of history’

By Leo Hohmann

Citizens Journal

August 19, 2021

Any student of military history will tell you: Wars don’t just happen.

They are always foreshadowed by a propaganda operation intended to soften up the target, wear people down, weaken their resolve to fight.

The most successful operations come down to this simple strategy: Identify your enemy, segregate, isolate, then annihilate.

Piers Robinson, co-director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies, is an internationally recognized expert on propaganda, but not just any propaganda.

His focus is on conflict and war and the role of propaganda within that framework. He is also an associate researcher with the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 “War on Terror” and has served as an advisor to NATO leaders.

From 2016 to 2019, Professor Robinson chaired the department of politics, society, and political journalism at the University of Sheffield.

He spoke at length about the propaganda aspects of COVID-19 in an Aug. 4 interview with Asia Pacific Today of Australia.

“COVID-19 is probably one of the biggest propaganda operations we’ve seen in history because of the global nature and the resources put into it,” Robinson said.  “It was pretty clear from the beginning that propaganda was being employed.”

In the U.S., one of the main spigots of propaganda has been Dr. Anthony Fauci and the media’s elevation of him to god-like status, hanging on his every word and never pressing him to provide data to back up his constantly swerving pronouncements. Every Western government has its version of Fauci, spouting ever-changing, confusing information meant to keep the population off balance, afraid and confused.

A fearful, dazed, and weary public is less able to resist the dizzying array of draconian policies coming from governments, from facemask rules and incessant testing to quarantines of the healthy and mandatory mass vaccinations.

In his latest effort to prepare Americans for even greater medical tyranny, Fauci went on national TV Aug. 8 and said “a flood” of new COVID vaccine mandates are coming down the pike as soon as the shots get FDA approval, which he expects to happen as soon as next month.

Corporations are already piling on. Forbes reported Aug. 8 that companies are not only threatening to fire the unvaccinated; they are beginning to tack on a special surcharge of up to $50 for employees, deducting it from the paychecks of those who refuse the experimental shot.

Fauci has continually frightened the American public for 18 months, wearing everyone down with a steady diet of propaganda.

Which brings the subject back to Robinson, who has decades of studies under his belt in the art of propaganda in war time.

Robinson documents how the British government sought expert advice from behavioral psychologists on how to use the media to manipulate public opinion by ratcheting up the level of fear surrounding the COVID pandemic.

He cited U.K. government documents from March 2020 referencing groups skilled in applied psychology. They helped the government craft a plan of propaganda to drive a fear-based narrative with the goal of causing behavioral change.

One such group was SPI-B or the Independent Scientific Influenza Group on Behaviors. “The key part of SPI-B’s behavioral change strategy that seems to have been adopted was to ‘persuade through fear,’” Robinson said.

The persuasion section of the document states: “A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened.”

Appendix B of the documents lists 10 options that can be used to increase social distancing in the public.

Option 2 advises: “Use media to increase sense of personal threat.”

SPI-B recommendations were to increase the sense of personal threat and “use hard hitting emotional messaging.”  This included taglines such as:

·    “Anyone can get it. Anyone can spread it.”

·    “Don’t put your friends and family in danger.”

·    “Stay home for your family. Don’t put their lives in danger.”

·    “If you go out, you can spread it. People will die.”

Use of hysterical media headlines was another big part of the strategy.

Big Tech quickly agreed to come on board with the censoring of all competing narratives that countered the fear-based approach.

If that didn’t work, the psychologists argued for shame and approval tactics.

SPI-B psychologists knew that fear on its own would not persuade everyone. Messaging needed to be tailored to consider different “motivational levers.”

Thus, the document suggested using both social approval and disapproval, with government compulsion as a backup, as follows:

·    Option 6: Use and promote social approval for desired behaviors.

·    Option 7: Consider enacting legislation to compel required behaviors.

·    Option 8: Consider use of social disapproval for failure to comply.

As if on cue, the “heroes and covidiots” narrative began to appear in the “news.”

The word “covidiots” was coined in spring 2020 by The Economist, the official magazine of the world’s most elite globalists. The magazine described “covidiots” as follows:

“The term “covidiot” describes any and every person behaving stupidly or irresponsibly as the epidemic spreads. Sometime in early March the word was born, and, almost as fast as the virus spread, so did instances of covidiotic behavior.”

The U.S. government was party to similar discussions about how to control the media narrative about COVID at Event 201 in October 2019, two months before the virus was discovered in China.

In Germany, equally insidious propaganda strategies have been documented within the so-called “Panic Paper,” a leaked document from the German Department of Interior that shows the population was deliberately driven to panic by politicians and mainstream media.

Among other things, the Panic Paper calls for children to be made to feel responsible “for the painful tortured death of their parents and grandparents if they do not follow the corona rules,” that is, if they do not constantly wash their hands, put on masks, and avoid contact with their grandparents.

Scientific data shows children are not efficient spreaders of the virus but that couldn’t be allowed to disrupt the fear-based narrative. They were masked and socially distanced, their schools shut down, their social lives destroyed, leading to a record number of teen suicides.

It became obvious to Robinson that the extreme government responses had nothing to do with public health.

“What has becoming increasingly clear is this is not being driven by a health crisis,” he said. “We are seeing profound changes in our society.”

The changes include everything from the introduction of digital currencies and vaccine passports with scannable QR codes, to the regulation of worship services and small businesses.

The World Economic Forum immediately seized on the COVID pandemic as an “opportunity” to change the economic, political, and social structure of the free world. Elites at the WEF, United Nations, the British Royal family, the Vatican, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund did not hide their excitement about the “opportunity” that came with a global pandemic. In fact, they were very open about it, writing books, making speeches, and participating in glitzy promotional videos posted to YouTube.

“What we seem to have here are political actors exploiting the circumstances for political, economic and social objectives,” Robinson said. “It’s certainly very clear for example, organizations such as the World Economic Forum had a very specific vision from the very beginning on how to respond to COVID and had a very specific vision for the future, talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, smart cities and so on, and it would appear that actors such as that are using and exploiting COVID for substantial political, economic and social restructuring.”

The role of propaganda then becomes key because it conditions people to accept these drastic changes without any scrutiny or public debate, “because people are thinking this is all about a virus and people are scared.” So, all the transformative changes are being swept through without any scrutiny. This is very, very dangerous. A terrified population has extracted a huge opportunity for people with agendas who have the power to realize that.

“So, we are moving into pretty worrying territory now, in terms of how governments are behaving.”

Those who speak out against the propaganda start to be treated as the “other.”

The virus now becomes an engine to drive society to vaccine passports, a digital ID system and a social-credit scoring system like what’s used in China to keep people toeing the government line.

“All of these seem to revolve around a major restructuring of society, major redistribution of wealth, much more control, much less democracy,” Robinson said.

The role of the mask

Laura Dodsworth, in her book A State of Fear: How the UK Government Weaponized Fear During the Covid-19 Pandemicinterviewed behavioral psychologists that work for the UK government. What she found was astonishing: the mask was primarily about keeping people’s fear levels up.

“Keeping the virus in the forefront of people’s minds,” Robinson said. “Behavior scientists admitted that’s what the mask is mainly about. It’s not about protecting people from a virus but managing their perception of the virus.”

Governments set up snitch lines in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Australia, and throughout the formerly free world, further dividing their populations and turning friends and family against each other.

“This concept of divide and control is becoming more apparent. We’re starting to see it over the last couple of weeks in terms of mandated vaccination,” Robison said.

Headlines like this from the LA Times are commonplace, “COVID-19 cases surge in L.A. County, fueled by ‘enormously selfish’ unvaccinated.”

Often the media campaigns for even more restrictions than are currently put in place by the government, such as barring the unvaccinated from airline flights, restaurants, stores and basically every public venue, even outdoor sporting events and concerts.

Blaming the unvaccinated for continued flare ups of the pandemic is everywhere.

“This should ring alarm bells for anyone who has even the most basic grasp of history. You start to talk about segregation, you start to talk about people who are unclean, unhealthy, unvaccinated versus vaccinated,” Robinson said.

None of these policies is based on scientific data.

“All of the level-headed epidemiologists that I listen to are very clear that this idea that the unvaccinated spread the virus is not accurate scientifically, but that is the kind of message which is being communicated by people who have been pushing the agenda from the beginning,” Robinson said. “And that will create divisions, and we’ve been in this kind of place in history, and it ends very badly when we start segregating people and we start using that language. But, quite terrifyingly, this is the language which is being used by the people who have been pushing draconian restrictions, vaccines, for the last two years.”

Former Fox News commentator Piers Morgan, for example, took to Twitter last week and suggested that the unvaccinated should be denied medical treatment.

We know from history this kind of talk can lead to very, very dark places,” said Robinson. “Many of the things we are seeing, the need to carry special passports for instance, have parallels in 1930s Germany.”

“Very credible, eminent scientists are now being smeared in the media because of their anti-lockdown views or for questioning the Covid vaccines. The casual smearing is certainly a big part of what’s going on. This should be another warning sign to those who think everything is OK and there are no problems out there. People should ask themselves, why are very eminent scientists from the beginning [like Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone] being smeared and being censored and shut down and shut out from debates? That tells you something. That tells you this isn’t a rational response that’s going on. This is a propagandized response. And it’s being carried through by shutting people up, by humiliating them, smearing them and so on.”

All institutions complicit in the propaganda war

Mainstream journalists operate near people in political power. They frequent the same groups and social gatherings.

“They share basically the same outlook,” Robinson noted. “They depend on each other for information. So, journalists are not as critical as they should be and not as independent as they should be. So, it shouldn’t surprise us that when it comes to Covid, they are reluctant to go against the government narrative.”

Those in academia also tend to self-censor. They come up against pressure within institutions to “stay within the program,” leading to a groupthink mentality.

“We are seeing lawmakers, parliaments being incredibly timid, and not engaging in the kind of democratic scrutiny that they should be,” he said. “So, I think we’re seeing all of the institutions in our society being bent to this propaganda campaign.”


He said hope lies in new political parties that are rising against the establishment, [RM1] but it’s too early to tell if they will gain the traction needed to turn back the tide of authoritarianism in nations that have a long history of freedom.

“Most of our democratic institutions are hollowed out. We need to get democracy back,” Robinson said.

Those fighting for the resistance have a small window to get their message out, educate the public and stem the tide.

“In all my life I have never experienced anything as worrying and as extreme as what we’re seeing at the moment,” Robinson said. “You’re not going to be able to rely on your local politician or the mainstream media to suddenly pick up this issue. We’re in a phase where people need to mobilize, and that’s what we’re seeing. And that means not relying on your mainstream or established political parties.”

The growing protest movements in France and Italy will need to continue to intensify and spread beyond Europe if they are going to be successful.

People must get out and start organizing and communicating with like-minded groups. That’s the key, as Robinson sees it.

We will have to see how this develops, the people getting out in the streets and the new political parties representing those views. Will that start to change the course of what we’re seeing?”

Robinson’s gut feeling is that it will, but one can sense his hesitancy to become too optimistic.

“I sort of have a feeling in my own heart, maybe just my instinct, that it’s so extreme what is being proposed: lockdowns, and vaccinating children, people being forced to vaccinate. This is so extreme that as this goes on, the numbers who are willing to organize and join new parties will increase.”


“We can’t see for sure what is going to happen. My guestimate now, is the propaganda around Covid 19 is quite a fragile bubble. In my career researching and exposing propaganda I’ve never seen this number of people who are waking up.”


“All the alarm bells are ringing with anyone who has a knowledge of history, and a knowledge of propaganda, how governments don’t always operate in the best interests of their populations. All the alarm bells are ringing, and we are in extremely dangerous times, unfortunately, and very worrying for the future.”

So, what is the end game?

“There are some great investigative journalists out there, who have reported on the World Economic Forum and the idea that the end game is a restructuring of society which involves more control over individuals and their lives by the state,” Robinson said. “There are many theories out there. But one thing is clear; this all seems to be driving toward a real end to proper freedom. If you have a vaccination passport which you need to get into your supermarket, you’re not actually free anymore.”

Digital currencies are another thing that seems to be in the offing.

“This gives a tremendous shift in power to governments,” he said. “This is all pretty anti-democratic. If you think democracy and freedom are generally good things, and I’m one of them who does, this is all extremely concerning.”


“We are at a pivotal moment…it could go either way. That’s why people must mobilize and realize something is wrong beyond COVID-19.”

As for the QR codes on the vaccine passports, “we should have all learned a lesson after 9/11, with the Patriot Act, surveillance, monitoring everything, and governments, if they can get away with it, will exploit all of this.”


“Hopefully,” Robinson mused, “it isn’t coming to that.”


  1. Great Article Nick!

    People must take responsibility for themselves and their families by mobilizing and devising their own set of plans for means of personal protection by buying munitions and weapons for self defense against this tyrannical governmental takeover of the great Republic of the United States of America.

    Biden is merely a puppet. None other than a figurehead and distraction for the real work being done to to flood our borders, undermine our sovereignty, freedoms, civil liberties and rights as established in our Constitution.

    We are continuously conditioned by the mainstream media propaganda machine and our government, to believe that the “government, the police, the medical profession (Doctors, nurses, etc.,) and our Social Security Benefits”, yada yada (that we as legal American citizens all pay for in the way of INCOME TAXES and SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES) are gonna “SAVE US” or “PROTECT US” or “KEEP US FROM HARM, illness or bankruptcy” when we absolutely need it.

    The fact of the matter is we’ve become passive pussified bystanders believing in the false narratives of such bureaucratic pathological liars who are not only assisting but egging on by encouraging our enemies in the fall of America to China.

    Arm up before the Government comes a knockin’ at your doorstep. Have a game plan when you open the door and find out that they will try to force you into the coercion of receiving a mandated vaccine which will affect your health greater than any illness ever will.

    Most importantly, pray and pray fervently for Our Savior Jesus Christs’ intervention.

  2. But…but when will the government close down those nasty biowarfare labs? They are still open for business? Who are the criminals? Us or THEM?


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