EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamaakis): The question of refusing a vaccine on the basis of a religious exemption is important and is treated certainly as such in the discussion of Raymond Arroyo with FR. TAD PACHOLCZYK, director of education at The National Catholic Bioethics Center.  The “Sultans” in our Church and their puppets, such as Fr. Evagoras Constantinides (in a recent piece of news) they do not bother with science and logic: they do not want to refer, as Fr. PAcholczyk does here, to the utter failure of vaccines and they ignore the scientific facts from Israel where 60% of covid HOSPITAL patients are vaccinated!! Father Evagoras, AB Elpidoforos’ puppet, knows best: Go get vaccinated, he says to all of us… No need to ask questions, in Turkey whoever asks questions is jailed or executed summarily!…  Of course, all of this discussion will soon be irrelevant as powerful drugs as the monoclonal antibodies are becoming widely available… Did you hear anyone in GOARCH – or even Pat. Bartholomew himself – say ONE WORD about the availability of wonderful drugs? No, they did not – but they are “all in”, real experts, when it comes to vaccines… SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!!

Enjoy the video with this deeply educated priest and make your own comparisons with GOA…



  1. Fr Evagoros what an embarrassment, no wonder that little punk posing as religious priest is still not defrocked,
    he’s a relative of former Chancellor Andonios. Nepotism has its losers.
    What a mess


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