EDITOR’S NOTE: If anyone needed a clear example of what an application of Critical Race Theory (CRT) practically means here you have it: Nike demolished Alexander the Great to Alexander the …OK, because of the …patriarchy… Well, it’s about time for all of us to decide whether we will take this atrocity quietly or we will rise up and kick those barbarians out of this beautiful country… At the minimum, we have to ask the question: Does AB Elpidophoros understand now what was the real meaning of his support for the marxist BLM?  Unfortunately, we do not think he has neither the intellectual honesty nor the moral spine to admit his mistake and reverse course…



  1. As Bob Grant used to infamously say:
    It’s sick out there & getting sicker!

    All this anti-white hatred is designed to EXCUSE Empirical Stats:

    Non-whites contributed the Least in the world’s inventions & are cause of highest amounts of violence &
    Is it any wonder then, that 1800’s Black writer E.W. DuBois along with half black Booker T. Washington, predicted if vast majority of blacks didn’t get with church gospel, they’d eventually be a menace to society?

  2. We know that ads such as this Nike promote the overthrow of the American Constitution. They take a young arrogant snot nose and give her a script to say for a few bucks. She poops like we do….a nothing burger…a flash in the pan who knows not God. Who here will take the time to calm Nike and tell them you will never buy their product again? Or are you too lazy to state your truth in the name of liberty? F Nike.

  3. Call Nike!

    General Help
    Search the Help section to find what you need.

    United States
    For questions and assistance related to corporate matters (sponsorship/donations, idea/invention submissions, general feedback for Nike) or for help with product you purchased from an authorized Nike retail partner, please contact us at 1-800-344-6453 (7 a.m. – 4 p.m. PT, Monday through FridaY

  4. Hey!
    One more thought –
    Why does Nike portray black people as nothing more than “ball bouncers?” Why doesn’t Nike promote the latest inventions and other things they are doing? This ad is a blight agains history and black people. Tell Elpi the GOA toadie!

  5. Hey GOA Archons are you listening?
    “Vanity, vanity all is vanity” – holy bible

    “I have seen everything done under the sun & behold, All is Vanity and a striving after wind” – Ecclesiastes

  6. Time to boycott Nike. Also, how about one of you tech savvy people creating a video of people burning all their Nike gear? A black girl, appropriating a white girl trannie trend of dying her hair pink, is really just a push to further denigrate African American youth, holding up dangerous and damaging gender dismorphia up as the new gold standard. So much wrong and disgusting with this racist ad….


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