EDITOR’S NOTE: No matter what you may think of Bill Maher’s past liberalism you have to give him kudos for standing up to the extremists of the left in these crazy circumstances we all live in… Enjoy!




  1. He says something-then spoils the common sense something with a trump-diss. Ratings’ wise-all liberals should be panicking- as ratings when mentioning trump’s name go up -same way they fall when mentioning bidenmophead’s… Are there really any moderates left? Yes- but they’re scared and mostly hiding behind the squads’ alleged apron springs–they know they cannot win decent moderates riding the marxist’ coat-tails in 2022…

  2. Bill Maher is not a guy I respect. But I do stand for the Constitution and freedom of speech.

    If our constitution is to be anything other than a dusty document we honor in a museum, we need to keep those principles alive in our hearts and minds. Therefore,


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