EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): As we have been saying, the globalist leaders around the world have forced themselves into an impasse by trying to force vaccinations on everybody, even when the science which they supposedly worship is against it.  This is a losing strategy, even if there was 100% proof that the vaccines are totally beneficial and without side effects.  The quest for “Freedom” is the primary motivation especially in societies primordially and intrinsically “anarchic” like Greece… Yes, my friends a superficial knowledge of Greek history teaches you that if there is a place on earth where you cannot under any circumstances force anything on the p[eople this is Greece…  But Mitsotakis thinks he knows better…

Around the year 1829, as the first Greek independent state started operation, the first Governor of Greece Ioannis Kapodistrias, a truly enlightened person (former foreign minister of Russia and founder of the – still in existence – constitution of Switzerland among his other accomplishments) tried to introduce potatoes to the starving population but was faced with strong resistance. Then one night he put a heavily armed band in the central square of Nafplion (then the capital of Greece) to guard a big pile of potatoes. That was it: The Greeks starting little by little stealing the potatoes from the pile, cooking them and eating them…

Please do not get me wrong – this is not the same situation as the vaccines have proven to have numerous dangerous side effects.  But it shows you that the approach is totally wrong – and not only regarding Greece but all over the world… Freedom of individual choice when it comes to medical treatment is one of the cornerstones of our western values… PERIOD.



  1. Anyone know if it’s true or not he was in the Hampton ‘s the 28th… Alleged blinked was bringing it up there when big story broke.


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