By Nick Stamatakis

A member of Helleniscope’s resistance support team passed by Ground Zero a couple of days ago, expecting to see St.Nicholas finished or almost finished at least on the outside… Why did we expect this? Because AB Elpidophoros, Karloutsos, Catsimatidis, Psarros, and the whole GOA administration have been in a publicity frenzy recently appearing in all news services, declaring the …” completion” of construction of St.Nicholas on the outside and announcing the first religious service on the grounds of the church this coming Friday.  Here is what our friend saw:

  1. Does this look “finished” to any of you? Even on the outside?
  2. How will service take place on Friday, Sept. 10, without violating OSHA regulations? Will the Archbishop and the rest be wearing hard hats?
  3. We Greeks are known to protract preparation for all events to the last minutes – but this 20-year and $100 million boondoggle is beyond any comparison and it is directly related to corruption both in GOARCH and Constantinople Patriarchate.  American authorities in DC and criminal investigators in NY have already explained that they are in full knowledge of millions missing and having been directed to Constantinople…
  4. Where are the words “Greek Orthodox” in the sign? Yes, it is a temporary sign but it certainly was “overpaid” and has enough space for these two important words… This is what the correct sign should say: “St.Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine”.
  5. The number one reason for the rumored postponement of Pat. Bartholomew’s visit to America is the sorry sight of semi-finished St.Nicholas…
  6. Remember all of you faithless “Archons” and “Leaders”: Saint Nicholas, with his eternal example of humility and selflessness, WILL NEVER LET YOU DESECRATE HIS NAME… The faithful are hoping that some of you “Archons” and “Leaders” will see the light and change your affiliations.  Almost all of you have become successful because of your own abilities and the opportunities of this great country of ours. What do you gain associating your name with corruption? You should be part of the future of the Church and the community… Corruption and byzantine machinations are certainly not the future…

September 9, 2021,


  1. Q: How many times must a person lie to be considered a liar?
    A: Once
    For these criminals, yes they are, that ship sailed long, long ago. Woe unto them.

    Growing up in the Church vs what it means to me now, night and day. What a spectacle! Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll live long enough to see it recover. If it ever will.

    Nick, you are truly to be commended for all that you’ve done to expose these lowlifes. Eisai megas.

  2. Trust me when I tell you………….
    Take my word as gospel truth………….
    You understand the above?
    Imposters and Liars………….

  3. As my late father wrote with much boldness, honesty and gumption, the rights to the valuable land underfoot should be sold to the highest bidder. ASAP!
    The “First Loss” was the best loss and the chance to get out of this mess altogether…
    This shameful affront to Jesus Christ himself as a temple for “all” religious affiliations is at the sole burden and expense of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese who is left with carrying the losses of an already aging, rusting infrastructure they will NEVER BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO CARRY GOING FORWARD.

  4. As my late father courageously wrote with brutal honesty two years ago as he raised the concept of selling the valuable land “rights” under which the temple is built…

    The “first loss” was the “best loss” and is an opportunity to wash away debts and get out from underneath this shameful affront to God and Christ Jesus.

    A “Temple” which will welcome people of all “faiths” both Christian and Non-Christian, which will be solely carried by the morally and financially bankrupt Greek Orthodox Archdiocese whose burden to not only complete, but to maintain and carry this debt debacle going forward will never cease financially.

  5. This is a monument in mold of The Tower of Babel, but conceived of (and half-built) by nitwit Greek and Turkish village shamans who cater to the nouveau riche pizza parlor merchant class of Manhattan, when they need voodoo favors for their gods.

    “Gimme 3 gyros, and 3 feta pizzas to go, efcharisto, and tell Father Alex I was here on his recommendation”

  6. Father Alex is consumed by a sickness called narcissism,
    his true religion &
    besides he’s too freaked out by
    Jerry Dimitrou trial –
    he might go to jail


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