Numerous faithful – absolutely disgusted in the view of some of the participants in yesterday’s ceremony – reminded us that it was the “Prince of Darkness” Karloutsos, who was single-handedly responsible for all the delays and most of the budget overruns: He had asked (in the years preceding 2017) the possible donors NOT to donate in order to oust former AB Demetrios, a clear power play.  And sources tell us that he even stopped a bank loan that was in the works to help the construction finish… But his end is near, as the federal investigation continues and there is a critical court date coming up (January 2022) in Jerry Dimitriou’s case. More importantly, we are receiving information about a class-action lawsuit that will be filed by donors to Saint Nicholas, demanding justice.

By Nick Stamatakis

For the past two weeks, it was clear that there was one main purpose to the lighting ceremony that took place yesterday outside the construction site of Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero: It was supposed to serve as the “pool of Siloam” to wash the countless sins of the “Prince of Darkness”, Karloutsos.  This was epitomized in the last minute of the ceremony when AB Elpidophoros embraced Karloutsos, with former AB Dimitrios standing a few feet away… It was a contemptible end to a hastily put-together ceremony, which was held outside as it was illegal to enter the building site without a certificate of occupancy…  Even the lighting, the main declared purpose of the event, was half-finished, and internal temporary lights were partly used… Here is the infamous embrace:

In every single news piece and TV report, during the frenzied propaganda blitz in the last two weeks, Karloutsos, Psaros, and the rest of the so-called “leaders” made numerous positive references to Karloutsos, without mentioning his sinful or criminal acts that caused the delays.  Characteristically, NY Times journalist Liam Stack – apparently instructed by Karloutsos himself – wrote: “… It also drew questions from state investigators (First mistake: the investigation was federal) about the archdiocese’s financial practices. In the end, no wrongdoing was found… (Second mistake: the investigation is in full force and still going on).  Only the “failing NY Times” can make one “mistake” in each sentence… These actually were not mistakes – they were intended to “help” Karloutsos out of the dire straights he is in… After the loss of close confidante Andrew Cuomo he is at a perilous point. His staying out of jail is hanging by a thread.  Who is holding that thread? Former finance director Jerry Dimitriou…  Our sources tell us – and we had noted several times over the last two years – that Mr.Dimitriou is cooperating with the authorities (in order to get the best possible plea bargain)…

Next came numerous statements by Michael Psaros to the National Herald (read by a few dozen people but indicative of a disturbed state of mind in the “leadership” circles): “… The lighting of the National Shrine belongs to Father Alex and Presvytera Xanthi…”  Psaros also quotes AB Elpidophoros saying “that the National Shrine will also be the Orthodox Church in the world most visited by non-Orthodox and even non-Christians…”  Did anyone notice that the megalomaniac narcissist Psaros was placed in front of the Clergy? Absolutely despicable… Also, the absence of Catsimatides spoke volumes. He is probably tired of paying for his “koumbaro’s” (Karloutsos) mistakes…

This brings us to the nature of the “Shrine”… AB Elpidophoros mentioned once yesterday the full name of the Church “St.Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine”. In exchange for this one reference, he used several times the words “shrine”, “temple” and “cenotaph”...  Let’s stay to the word “cenotaph” for a little.  If St. Nicholas is a cenotaph, a grave, then what has been going on there for years and what happened yesterday is clearly grave desecration.  This is a crime scene going on for several years.  And there is no graver crime in humanity than desecrating a grave – IN ALL RELIGIONS…  Finally, we are hoping that the Cross on top of the Church will stay there and that the sign outside on the Church will say the full name: “St.Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine”.  We have received some information that some in the Port Authority are raising questions on both of these issues.  We need to make sure that both of these will stay as planned. And we are reminding here that AB Elpidophoros has promised that the American and Greek Flags will hang outside St. Nicholas just like they used to before 9/11…

No matter what Karloutsos does, no matter how many “journalists” he uses to make himself look decent and not like the “Prince of Darkness” that he really is, no matter how many times AB Elpidophoros embraces him, no matter how many flattering words the “circle of his friends” uses (who listens to them anyway?), he will never be able to change the facts:

  • It was him who drew a “fundraising fee” (and covered it in many ways) for decades and still today is not man enough to admit it. Karloutsos, who gave you the right to get a fundraising fee? Did you ask anyone? If you want to be part of a protestant Church go ahead – you do not belong in Orthodoxy anyway…
  • It was him who put his wife and son on the GOA payroll and let them use GOA credit cards (totaling millions of $$) without a job title and a job description in GOA. But he was also involved behind the scenes in scandals and court cases with his son Mike (aka “Fredo”) and son-in-law who was asked in one case to take the hit in order to save Mike and keep intact the family name…
  • It was him who asked the donors to stop donating a few years before 2017 and caused a 3-year work stoppage causing the doubling of the costs.  Does he realize that this fact alone, a crime committed on the grave of the 3,000 innocent victims of 9/11 should send him to jail for the rest of his life?
  • It was him who, according to sources, put a stop at a loan that would have completed the work on time – just for ousting former AB Demetrios.

Karloutsos will pay the price for all his evil acts – have no doubt.  He already is paying – considering that he is viewed as an outcast in the corridors of power where he used to shine years ago.  His buddy Andrew Cuomo just a year ago was considered presidential material – while last month he narrowly escaped jail time with a last-minute “behind the scenes deal”.  Karloutsos is frantically trying to replace him and he is using Catsimatidis’ weight to do so – but it will not be easy.  In DC, where he did not appear in the Biden inauguration, his power is currently very diminished. His friend “Biden-opoulos” is already bound to pass to the history books as the most inept and corrupt president this country ever had.

And so will go Karloutsos… As all evil-doers end – their punishment, as we Greeks proverbially say, comes in this life – and not after death.  It may soon come as a result of the class-action lawsuit we heard being planned by several faithful, former donors to Saint Nicholas…

September 11, 2021,




  1. Thank you for standing up for what is right and true. God chose you to put on His armor and reveal what needed to be revealed on our 911 twentieth memorial anniversary. Thank you for bringing out in the open the festering crime and corruption taking place in the Greek Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of America. How many priests did nothing? They chose obedience to the Prince of Air instead.

    Thank you for relieving Orthodox Christian American hearts from the heavy burden of knowing the bits and pieces of a truth they could not fully put together themselves.

    How many confessions did these wicked hierarchs hear from others who needed forgiveness for their sins and afterward find out they told their sins to an unclean priest and archbishop? How many times did they watch these hypocrites on the altar perform Communion rites? OMG. This whole affair is wicked! WICKED!

    Who can attend this church when it is finished – if ever finished? These men of “Babylon” were building a tower honoring themselves and not Our Lord.

    Gods bless you, Nick, for being the healer that you are. I am sure your revelations caused you much pain and suffering but you walked on! You walked forward. America sorely needs real men like yourself! Our nation is decaying fast.

  2. Firstly how sad even on the 20th anniversary of. these trajic events it is not finished. What ever it is.

    Above all how the ‘soft focus ‘ words of Karloutsos,meaning nothing in reality, epitomise all that dead and meaningless in this GOC USA, one fast heading for empty buildings formerly known as churches , to be what has become, a rich man’s club devoid of spirituality unless it comes with a dollar Sign. CORRUPT AND DEAD.

  3. Prince Alex sure looks worn out from his television interviews, could it really happen, to this powerful leader all these years who has billionaire friends? Either way Prince Alex sure had a good run.

  4. Rev. Karloutsos must be royally Untouchable, he’s set himself up with Joe Biden and billionaire buddies.
    “Prince Alex’s” motto now is:
    What me worry?

    Except he sure looks zoned out on video, must be on meds?

  5. I write this as I listen to my local parish on You Tube, another modern evil, another slavery and addiction.

    I am not without huge fault and sin.

    Forget Alex, ignore him. Look at today. Not a mention of anything American, much less 9-11.

    Greek Independence 200, Greek fires (as if half of California isn’t burning). Greek flags. No indication of our being Americans.

    All Greek centered. If you aren’t Greek, stay away. Greek is more important than Christ.

    St Nicholas portrayed as the “American Parthenon” not as a place of Salvation, first. A Greek building.

    Blasphemy abounds on all levels. Best strategy:



    • Well stated… And a suggestion for those living in Long Island. We were told by three different faithful and their families that they were ecstatic with the service, friendliness, and humility they encountered at Saint Dionysios monastery in Smithtown (ROCOR), where they attended services… Here is their website/address:
      Also here is a list of OCA (Orthodox Church of America) parishes – just pick one in your state:
      And here are the Antiochian Church parishes – this is the only Orthodox Church in America with a growing following thanks to an excellent leadership:

    • Agree! All they ever did is use church members to make spinach pies and cook for festivals to make money for the hierarchs. Always begging church members for more money to build a “new church!”

  6. So sad to see the makeshift tarps covering the unfinished exterior cladding. How many more years and millions of dollars above the $100,000,000.00 mark will it take to complete this? Your guess is as good as mine. Where is the justification in the millions already spent for the lives of those who should be honored who lost their live 20 years ago?
    Even the Catholic Church doesn’t use their parishioners as slaves to make pies to sell at festivals, to send thousands of their hard earned dollars of money to the Catholic Archdiocese. Why is this acceptable for us to be used to pay for the poor decisions and actions of so few? Lord I pray for Your light and wisdom to give us the widosm, discernment and a pathway to redemption out of this unholy mess.

  7. that poster of the Vicar General Alex Karloutsos is hilarious,
    but also seriously pathetic,
    that any Priest be embroiled in nonstop scandal is not healthy for the faithful.

  8. N Y City is not come back anytime soon. Transit is unsafe-crime -the highest ever– it’s been documented by experts that tourism at all-time low—

  9. While tourism of all faiths flocking in to leave $$$ and light candles $$$ is way down the yellow-brick road, they’ll sweat it out… all should be in prayer that republicans take over all NY City areas of governing… with the no-fund police marxist crowd- we’re all doomed in this fasolada…

  10. Our churches are addicted to the money we bring in toiling year-after-year to sponsor festivals that send millions of dollars to our dioceses. Baby Boomers are the are main engine supporting, staffing and sponsoring our Festivals. We will soon be soon to old and on fixed incomes and will not be willing and able to contribute our labor and financial support. What will follow us? In the face of declining membership what happens next?
    GOA is devoid of accountability and transparency. Where does the money go? We recently took up funds to support Fires in Greece? Any reporting back as to how much was raised and where it was sent? I think not. How many scandals, just within recent memory, have we witnessed with no accountability or transparency? Too many.

  11. As a Philosophy professor and devout Catholic, it’s terrible tragedy to see both our Catholic and Orthodox religions contaminated by such impure leaders,
    in truth, many are homosexual or sexual deviants out to dismantle the church.
    And all of this was predicted long ago via apparitions of the Blessed Mother aka Theotokos.


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