EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): We did not expect anything better from an Archbishop who chooses to side with the faceless globalists instead of supporting the basic tenets of the Christian faith. If someone does not understand that no pharmaceutical treatment should be forced on human beings, then this “religious leader” is a lost cause… A look on his Instagram today rekindled memories of communist commissar announcements during the dark years of communism in Eastern Europe…

This is probably why some Eastern European Orthodox Churches are adamant against forcing any faithful to wear masks or take vaccines. Take the Romanian Churches in New York, for example. No masks and no vaccine push.  Do you want to wear your mask or do you want to vaccinate? Fine, go ahead… But do not force it on the rest of us… This is what the Romanian Church is saying. Sorry, there was no report of big numbers of deaths and hospitalizations… 

The Church’s position should be simply this: NO FORCEFUL VACCINATION, NO SUPPRESSION OF OUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS. Especially at a time when the Courts allow consideration of religious exemption for teachers and healthcare workers –  as you can see in the news below.

Yet, AB Elpidophoros does not care… He is trying to feed us the nonsensical “science” that comes from the DC globalist establishment. One more reason for the faithful to look elsewhere for religious services… The choices are plentiful.



N.Y. Vaccine Requirements for Teachers, Health Workers on Hold

Two vaccine mandates imposed on health workers in New York state and New York City teachers were temporarily blocked by judges.

State court judge Laurence L. Love issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday barring New York City’s health department from requiring education workers to be vaccinated. Love’s order was issued just hours after a federal judge temporarily blocked New York state officials from imposing a Covid-19 vaccine requirement on health care workers who claim the shot violates their religious beliefs.

U.S. District Judge David Hurd in Albany set a hearing for Sept. 28 to consider whether the order sought by the health workers should be extended. Love scheduled a hearing for Sept. 22.

Unions representing teachers sued the city on Sept. 9 seeking to stop the vaccine mandate, which takes effect Sept. 27, from going into effect.

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A group of 17 medical professionals separately sued New York Governor Kathy Hochul and other state officials to try to invalidate the law, claiming it violates their religious beliefs because the vaccines were tested, developed or manufactured using cell lines from aborted fetuses. Though the Covid vaccines do not contain cells of aborted fetuses, they and many other vaccines were developed and tested using fetal cell lines obtained from two abortions that took place decades ago.

“They oppose abortion under any circumstances, as they believe that abortion is the intrinsically evil killing of an innocent, and thus they also oppose the use of abortion-derived fetal cell lines for medical purposes and abortion-derived fetal stem cell research,” their lawyer said in the complaint filed Tuesday.

Hochul’s press secretary, Hazel Crampton-Hays, said the mandate is part of the governor’s battle against the highly transmissible delta variant of the coronavirus, which is causing a spike in cases and deaths nationwide.

“This order does not suspend the vaccine mandate, but it temporarily bars the Department of Health from enforcing the mandate where individuals have claims for religious exemption,” Crampton-Hays said in an emailed statement. “We are considering all of our legal options to keep our communities safe.”

The state case is Dr. A. v. Hochul, 21-cv-01009, U.S. District Court, Northern District of New York (Albany). The city case is New York City Municipal Labor Committee v. City of New York, 158368/2021, New York State Supreme Court, New York County.


  1. This Archbishop never ceases to disappoint. Many Orthodox Christians will not get these vaccines because they all have connections to aborted fetal tissue cells. They want to keep their jobs so that they can support and feed their families…so they file a religious exemption…but this Archbidhop will not support them. In fact, he belittles them and their deeply held religious beliefs…and he forbids any of his priests from assisting them. This is absolutely demonic. It is time for the good people of the Greek Orthodox Church to find another jurisdiction.

  2. He is a a figure on the hands of globalist.
    He is breaking my nerves when I see him
    advertising among other things that vaccine is
    gift from God.

  3. You do not need a letter from the priest, you do not need to be a member of organized religion to state your personal, genuinely held religious beliefs. It is not about Archbishop’s or Synod’s beliefs. People need to know and understand this. We do not need their “approval”. But this is so disappointing. The church is letting its people down. No wonder people leaving GOA in droves.

    • This is true although what a disappointment for the flock who want their priests support. This man needs to be defrocked. He’s far from an Orthodox Christian!

  4. Dear Natalia,

    I am aware that we do not need a letter from the priest. But my employer demanded it. As Orthodox Christians we have the fullness of truth and access to the patristic phronema…and yet I see more protestant pastors willing to write letters of support for those in need. Lord have mercy.

  5. I do not need a religious “exemption” from any 5013c fascist boot licker church. Will Elpi pay liability damages for his faithful members who suffer adverse effects from the EUA extended Pfizer gene manipulation? Egad! Stay away from the twisted GOA! My body, my choice!

  6. Evil abounds and so does gross ignorance, lack of responsibility and demonic forces against goodness. You can’t fix STUPIDITY, or whatever you want to call it. Have faith brothers and sisters, GOD WILL PREVAIL! The tide IS turning against them. There is a Christian Revival at work in the heavenly spiritual realm that we can’t physically see but can feel. Don’t let the what you can’t see keep your eyes fixed on the brokenness. There is much for which are are continuing to be blessed!

    All that said, I would NOT have ever expected ELPIDOPI to come out publicly with any contradicting opinion other than what he has always professed and believes in as his “gospel”. He is secular based and not of the spiritual. One could even argue that spiritually, he is dead to Christian beliefs and God Himself. We MUST pray for his lost soul to see the light of Christ Jesus to soften his heart of steel and change it to a heart of compassion and love.

    1. Do Not quit your jobs over any forced Employer “mandate”. That’s would be too easy and frankly, that’s exactly what they want to have happen by playing into “their” hand. It’s a scare tactic. Make your Employer fire you so that you can collect unemployment benefits. The go back and SUE them for discrimination.

    2. Move on to another church-Any Church, just get involved rather than continue to sit at home watching services live streamed…
    Haven’t we been locked up at home long enough? You can change, update and redecorate only so much to make your “home” environment a sanctuary, but after a certain point, we can NOT allow fear to overcome and stifle us! That is NOT God’s will for us.
    Other Orthodox or Non-denominational churches will welcome Orthodox Christians with open arms. They will be happy to fill more seats/pews and most have multiple service options for attendance making it easier to attend.

    The outreach in other churches will amaze you compared to the GO Church and it’s ethnic pride, snobbery and cliques. Leaving the GO Church doesn’t mean you have to abandon your heritage, culture, family or lifetime friendships you made within the GO Church either. You will be surprised at what other churches are doing to fulfill God’s works. And, as a bonus, you won’t have to slave over another Greek Festival spending endless months and hours, organizing, laboring, cooking only to send the hard earned money the church raises back to a broken house of leadership in communist Turkey.

    3. Try the “Three Time Challenge”. Give any new church at least 3 visits or Sunday attendances, if after that you still don’t feel more connected, or the church doesn’t align with your values, then move on the next church and given them the same 3 opportunities. Repeat until you find “home” with other Christians all choosing to worship the same GOD.

    The sting of the GO Church will remain bitter for years and will never have the opportunity to prosper in accordance with Christ because it remains contrary to HIS Word. Until we forgive, let go and move on to other churches more aligned with Christ’s covenants and commandments .

  7. Globalism was first brought to my attention in 1984 via a speech given by a United Nations’ Head–it was brought in and accepted by elitists (then republicans) — the republicans then went on to drop the proverbial “ball” -then–the democrats got into power and really ran with it- they own it now—the new world order was supported by all administrations albeit (one)—- Can you guess which one?

    • The one man they single handedly tried to destroy and stole our elections from. The outsider who saw from a different perspective, spoke with truth and love of country and had personal business and multi billions of dollars of experience dealing with these countries and their authoritative/dictatorial regimes.

    • You must be living in outer space to suggest that all the Bishops spoke out of their free will. If they did and if the decision is unanimous they are all to be condemned. They ignored the faith and even worse they decided to disregard the free will of the faithful.

      • Think about it. When it came to protocols for the distribution of the Eucharist, the bishops clearly were not of one mind, so the Synod did not issue a unified statement. Each metropolitan issued his own protocol for his priest to follow, which varied from Metropolis to Metropolis. Clearly with the issue of the vaccine, they came to a unified, decision.

    • I guess you don’t understand or refuse to acknowledge ppkk, that there is NO equal representation, voting or joint means of decision making which includes laity involvement or there synods, and Bishops in the GOARCH. Any “unanimous decision” making process is made by the “few in control” and is not inclusive. Otherwise, Pat Bart would have been ousted from within years ago. This religion is authoritative and dictatorial. Plain and simple. They have a kingdom to maintain and dominion and power to preserve for their very own soullish purposes.

      • I suppose you know the inner workings of the Synod of the GOA metropolitans in the United States and have the answers. Lord have mercy on all of us.

  8. Has anyone checked Elpidoktonos’ schedule on his website? I see his future toiling in an apron, traveling from failing parish to failing parish, for the rest of his days baking spinach pies. When we did it in the past, it was out of pride of our heritage, camaraderie with fellow parishioners and to maintain our communities. Now that these gaidouria have bankrupted all of it, this may as well be his work-release, his community service, to keep his dumb ass out of jail. Covering up felony theft and fraud is a crime (abetting), let alone the tax fraud of not funding the priests’ pension fund.

    ‘Better to remain silent and be considered a fool than speak stupidly and remove all doubt.’
    After his absolute embarrassment on the world stage waving a censer in front of a tarp-covered eye-sore at Ground Zero (after 20 years!!), a man of moderate intelligence would lay low instead of rushing to dig his hole deeper….. but not this guy.
    Elpi is racing to rock bottom, on the level of their hero, Bidenopoulos.

  9. Asmatic toddlers are being chided for not being able to breathe in travel’ masks— God- give us a break from this fascism-this abuse… so travel is cut off- air to child is cut off- what’s next? 1930’s pre-war berlin tactics? Theos—through the intercession of Panaghia save us! Literally!

  10. True to putting their money where their dictates are—- shouldn’t vaccine passports and masks be required during the Oct.23-Nov.3rd events by all elitists in attendance? Yes folks, it’s back on!!

  11. Yesterday, our friends at Orthochristian.com posted an article regarding Bishop George of Canberra’s (ROCOR) excellent epistle condemning vaccine passports. It was in the exact opposite spirit of which AB Elpidophoros has been operating. Suddenly and mysteriously, the article was scrubbed from the website today. I am unable to find his letter posted elsewhere. Does anyone know what is going on here?

    • I have found it online – is this the one?
      MOBILE PHONE: 0412535120 PHONE: (02) 9747 5892 OR 9747 2301
      5 August 2021
      Pochaev Icon of the Mother of God
      Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ: that whether I come
      and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one
      spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel; (Philipp. 1:27)
      Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem
      other better than themselves. (Philipp. 2:3)
      Dear Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters in Christ,
      It has come to my attention in recent days that there have been disagreements among
      you, as well as behaviour unbecoming of Christians, due mainly to differing attitudes
      concerning the coronavirus and the inoculation being offered as a vaccine. This
      difference in opinions is understandable since there is also a difference in opinions
      among professional doctors, scientists, and even Church authorities, and the
      regulations given by government authorities are ever-changing and often
      contradictory. Each person believes the experts or Church authorities that they
      choose, and can often show articles and videos to prove that they are right. These
      disagreements are also exacerbated by our passions: fear and pride. Fear of dying,
      fear of the virus, and perhaps fear of one another, as well as our pride, and the desire
      to show that we are correct, can cause unseemly behaviour in people who normally
      behave as Christians. But as St. Paul writes to the Philippians:
      Do all things without murmurings and disputings: That ye may be blameless and
      harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse
      nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world; (Philipp. 2:14-15)
      There are some Orthodox hierarchs who condone taking the vaccines, even though
      they contain fetal cells, or are derived from fetal cells, thereby being a direct product
      of abortion. In good conscience, as an Orthodox Christian, I cannot agree with this
      view and cannot condone it. However, considering that there are some Orthodox
      hierarchs who do allow these vaccines, and considering the great fear campaign that
      is being waged by the governments and the media, I can understand if people do
      decide to get vaccinated. People also need to know that many of those who are getting
      vaccinated are dying or experiencing severe side effects. We must be aware of what
      we are doing. Whatever our personal choice is in this matter, we must still live as
      Orthodox Christians, loving and encouraging one another, being an example of
      Christian love and piety both to those in our Church communities and to others. Let us
      re-focus our priorities and focus more on our own spiritual life, not just on preserving
      our physical life in this sinful world, so when the time comes that God
      MOBILE PHONE: 0412535120 PHONE: (02) 9747 5892 OR 9747 2301
      summons us to the next life, we may be able to give a good account of our life here
      on earth, time in which we should be repenting and preparing ourselves spiritually for
      eternity. We should remember that whether we get sick from the virus or not is up to
      God, and when and how we die is up to God, not determined by a virus. Let us ask
      God to give us repentance, the “vaccine” for eternity, as Metropolitan Onouphry of
      Kiev has expressed it, so that we will be able to live and die as good Orthodox
      Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice…
      And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and
      minds through Christ Jesus. (Philipp 4: 4,7)
      With much love in Christ,
      Bishop George of Canberra
      Auxiliary Bishop
      Australia-New Zealand Diocese
      Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

  12. No. It was dated September 15th. It was a letter to the civil authorities proclaiming that the holy Orthodox Church cannot submit to discriminatory vaccine passports.

  13. Father Anastasios of St Demetrios Astoria wrote very courteous and on point response to Archbishop Elpidoforos statement regarding religious exemptions from the GOARCH being invalid. It looks like it was scrubbed. God Bless you Father Anastasios!! You are a true spiritual father!

  14. We are in actuality living in 1930’s Berlin… wake up everyone! They will ruin us– socialism in the form of fascism will arrive— but our “elite” went with the crowd of evil…. they went against us- and what we stand for!

  15. I don’t get it? Why aren’t the Greek Orthodox Christians protesting in front of the Archdiocese so AB can see we don’t agree with his decision to disallow religious exemptions from COVID vax. Doesn’t he realize that by doing this he is taking away the right we have as Orthodox Christians? Our kids want to play sports and go out to have a slice of pizza with their friends and can’t if they don’t show proof of vaccination.. our kids have been in and out of school the past 19 months with limited or restricted activities.. they want to be kids and have fun! They were counting on the church to support them with a religious exemption so they can play, go out have fun and be kids! And now he took that right away from them just because he believes everyone should be vaccinated. What kind of true spiritual leader does this? Hurts our kids.. he needs to stay in his space on E79th Street and not dare visit any schools under the Greek diocese. He has no right! He has demonstrated that he clearly doesn’t care nor does he respect the wishes of the Christian Orthodox people. Our kids don’t want to see him he betrayed them!! I guess they don’t need parishioners in their churches and students in the few schools that are left! What a shame.. Fortunately people have woken up and will continue to leave the parish communities and support the old calendar churches even if they are Russian or will support the few Greek old calendar churches left in Astoria. They provided religious exemptions to help especially the children! God Bless them! And may God enlighten the AB to read this message and think about the harm he has done to our kids.. our kids who looked up to him as a respected spiritual leader, the kids he stood next to and took pictures with at the Greek Day Schools who struggle to stay intact but yet continue without failure to meet their financial commitments to the Greek diocese. I had to tell my sons they can’t play baseball because the Archbishop won’t allow priests to provide the religious letters. They were heartbroken! But I won’t have my 12 and 13 year old vaccinated in order to do so. Thank you very much AB!


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