By Nick Stamatakis

Instead of taking extra space to explain the title, I will just say that on top of the many previous disasters (Economy, vaccinations, cancel culture and critical race theory, Afghanistan, etc.) I decided today to list just the disasters of the last 24 hours – disasters that show that Bidenopoulos’s presidency will pass in the history books as the worst ever!!

  1. Just Read our main post regarding FDA panel’s rejection of the Pfizer booster vaccine shots for under 65 – just a few days ago Biden was pushing the booster for all!!
  2. Just a few hours ago the Pentagon admitted that in the drone attack in Afghanistan “against the terrorists” a terrible mistake happened and 10 civilians were killed!! General Millie still refuses to submit his resignation!!
  3. After Australia canceled the purchase of the submarines from France – aligning with the U.K. and the U.S. – France recalled its ambassador from the US!! So much for re-establishing America’s international status by Biden…
  4. To top it all off watch Tucker Carlon: Biden presidency means Death to America… This 10-minute video by Tucker Carlson contains yesterday’s horrible scenes of thousands of new immigrants flocking at the border!…

I will leave it here.  If Biden can accumulate so many huge disasters in a 24 hour -period there is nothing to save him….


  1. Biden will destroy us if we keep sitting back and doing nothing. I propose we do something. A S A P: Refuse all mandates is a great start! I heard the submarine builders are doing just that. They are refusing his stinking mandates.


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