UPDATE 7.00 PM – AB Elpdophoros ignored all warnings and attended the event at the UN where President Erdogan of Turkey opened a Turkish cultural center…  One more disappointment for our community…


By Nick Stamatakis

During the last few days, there are persistent rumors in diplomatic circles that AB Elpidophoros will attend the grand opening ceremony by Turkish President Erdogan of a Turkish Cultural Center in New York.  The ceremony will likely take place this week during the visit of Mr. Erdogan to NYC in order to participate in the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Helleniscope has been stressing for the longest time that the Archbishop – who has inappropriately declared himself as the chief “lobbyist” for the Greek-American community – and the whole GOARCH have been taken hostage by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.  When, two years ago Mr. Nathaniel,  the new Metropolitan of Chicago, was enthroned he received the Turkish consul in the city the day following his enthronement.  AB Elpidophoros also received a similar visit last year.  It is obvious that there is an open line between the Turkish Foreign Ministry and the hierarchs of GOARCH, most of whom are Turkish citizens…

We also note that when Patriarch Bartholomew’s visit to the US (which was initially rumored to be canceled as none of the main reasons for its coming to America justified it) was recently reinstated with the note that “his schedule is not yet finalized”, the one part of the schedule that is finalized is his meeting with the Turkish Ambassador to DC, Murat Turcan, right before his visit to President Biden.  Initially, there were rumors that Mr. Turcan insisted to be present at the White House meeting. We are hoping that these rumors will prove to be just that – rumors. But given the previous times when “respects were paid” to Turkish dignitaries, there is enough reason to worry.

Your Eminence, we would truly appreciate an explanation. But please do not feed us the Phanariot nonsense that “the Patriarchate will serve as a bridge between Greece and Turkey”.  The community knows well that one of these two countries is the aggressor and has posted claims on the sovereignty rights of the other.  Your presence next to Erdogan will remind all of us that you are undermining one of the most basic functions of our community’s organization, i.e. support for Greece.

You have absolutely no reason to be seen next to Erdogan, especially because it became clear yesterday that all major Jewish-American organizations rejected his invitation. Even the fact that we have to ask you not to accept, the fact that we have to write these lines (unthinkable under any previous Archbishop) is making me sick…

September 20, 2021, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com


  1. He can attend with my blessing.
    He’d be smart to take his resume along, in case the mehmetia are hiring. He’s clearly blown his current gig.

    (I’ll back off if/when he decides to show some integrity, re the lies, theft and arrogance of the ‘hierarchy’. It’s not too late, until it’s too late.)

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  3. So called Archbishop Elpi is nothing but a nonstop embarrassment of tsunami proportions.
    Nothing surprising with this poor excuse representing GOA. We need to protest for his resignation folks!


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