EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): This very important census regarding the GOARCH between 2010-2020 verifies most major assumptions we have been writing about regarding the decline of our Church. The decline is very steep (about 22%), the number of Greek-Americans following the Church is definitely below 20% and the decline is affecting all aspects of Church participation.  It would be reasonable to assume that the pandemic exacerbated the decline and that we are now dealing with a decline certainly above 30%…


Source: US Religion Census

Adherents Cartogram resizes each state proportionate to the number of GOA adherents reported in that state in the 2020 U.S. Religion Census.

The report “The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA) from 2010 to 2020: Changes in Parishes, Membership and Worship Attendance” is now available. The 2020 US Religion Census (www.usreligioncensus.org) obtained the data directly from GOA parishes. Overall, 98% of the GOA parishes participated. The report can be downloaded here:


The 2020 Census has revealed that from 2010-2020 the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese experienced a significant (-22%) membership decline. But these membership changes were different in different Metropolises: some Metropolises had much larger losses of parishioners than others. GOA Metropolises also vary greatly in the strength of the church commitment of their members – the percentage of parishioners who attend church regularly. This report offers to readers:

1. National overview of GOA parishes, membership, and worship attendance
2. Detailed data on parishes, members and worship attendance for individual Metropolises
3. Examination of 2010-2020 changes in membership and parishes for individual Metropolises
4. Eight county-level geographic maps reflecting distribution of the GOA parishes and members through the territory of the USA
The next reports to be issued will discuss the 2010-2020 membership and worship attendance changes in the parishes of the Orthodox Church in America and the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese.

We encourage you to share this report via social media with your parish communities, as well as with Orthodox friends and relatives. Questions and inquires are welcome: send them to orthodoxdata@usreligioncensus.org

Again, here is the link to the report:

Alexei Krindatch,  National Coordinator
Second Census of Orthodox Christian Churches
2020 US Religion Census (www.usreligioncensus.org)
Office: 510-647-9427 Cell: 773-551-7226


  1. Churches of every denomination are emptying out one by one,
    rabid Leftists infiltrated & contaminated church into another MSNBC hangout…
    why bother going in person, stay home & watch CNN! No diff.

  2. Sir G.– the irony in all of this is that the crowd of woke, abc wacked soupers– they do not attend church!
    So, let the establishment sing in emptiness– the crowds who attend—will never buy their songs!

  3. My husband and I attend a non-denominational Evangelical Church. It’s absolutely amazing what I learn Biblically each week that you can take away and apply in life that through my 40 yrs of going to the stuffy, arrogant prideful laden Greek Church, I never learned.

    The GOA is spiritually dead except for a number of independent God fearing and loving Priests, Monks at the parish level who actually do make a difference. Orthodox theology has destroyed the gifting of truly being anointed in spreading the Word of God.

    Bottom line: Non- denominational Evangelical Churches ARE growing world wide, where as organized, traditional based religions are losing memberships in droves.

    Let the protests begin against the corruption and sin within the GOA, but with the pews already empty, no one will be present to even see or care.


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