EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): When I coined the nickname “Elpidoktonos”/ “Hope-killer” (it was the day his “election” was announced on May 11, 2019), I could never imagine that his actions will rise to match it in such a fitting way… Then, I did it with a question mark: Will he prove to be Elpidophoros or Elpidoktonos? (Hope-bearer or Hope-killer?)… Now the question marks and the doubts are gone – he proved to be a Hope-killer!… 

Leadership, or lack thereof, can have serious consequences: The wrong decision by an Army General on the battlefield can cost the lives of thousands.  In the same way, the disastrous decision of AB Elpidoktonos to not support the religious exemption on vaccines not only destroyed the lives of many faithful but it destroyed the faith itself.

  • Where in the Bible or in the teachings of the Holy Fathers is there ONE word supporting using medicine by force? Nowhere… Medicine and “science” would support such an act only when the subject of the forced vaccination lacks “free will” (i.e. he is a young child)…
  • Why did AB Elpidoktonos completely disregard the use of fetal material in producing the vaccines?  For the same reason, he befriended “baby-killer” politicians like Cuomo and Giannaris – who support abortion up to the day of birth!! He does not believe in the sanctity of life –  and therefore he has abandoned the teachings of our Faith… 
  • For the rest, I will let this Greek-American educator – who also happens to be a Sunday School teacher – speak in a very powerful, raw way… This open letter to the Archbishop says it all… THE NAME OF THE AUTHOR IS AVAILABLE TO ANYONE IN THE ARCHDIOCESE OR AMONG THE SO-CALLED “ARCHONS” WHO WISHES TO MAKE A JOB OFFER BEFORE THIS WONDERFUL PERSON GOES HUNGRY BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO KEEP THEIR TRUE FAITH…


Dear Helleniscope,
I am one of the casualties of the ABs recent position on the vaccinations, as he is not supporting NYC municipal workers, especially his own flock, the Greek-Orthodox community here in NYC.
Thanks to our AB, as a Department of Education (DOE) employee, I am on an unpaid, forced leave of absence. I cannot collect unemployment, nor can I acquire another job to put food on my table.  Also, I  cannot pay my mortgage, nor put in for my pension because of a 27% penalty if I try to collect too soon.
During my arbitration appeal process, the DOE attorney argued that my religious exemption cannot be honored because my church leader is in favor of these vaccinations and as a member of his church and as of recently, a Sunday school teacher, I would be denied! 
I argued, without an attorney representing me, the position of our autocephalous bishops throughout the world, and the holy elders from our Holy Mountain, Mt Athos; as I quoted Metropolitan Savvas, and the Georgian Church, Assyrian Bishop Emmanuel of Sydney, Australia, and so on, and last but never least, Saint Paisios!
The Jewish attorney/arbitrator had to listen to me, as I spoke about my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and how the over-zealous AB of America does not speak for me, and neither does the Patriarch who lives in Turkey!  Each night, I speak to Jesus directly; He’s the one who I follow and believe in, and in my opinion, that’s all my religious exemption should have been based on! 
My research was presented, medical evidence against the vaccines composed of fetal cell lines in every stage of the vaccination production, but all fell on deaf ears, as I was reminded that my church leader, basically threw us all under the proverbial bus!!  The week our religious exemptions were due, as we needed the support of our clergy in writing, he made his statement very loud and concise. What timing! 
Aisxos!  It’s shameful, the damage the AB has done to our community.  He’s an outsider, a stranger, a Turk, as he has affected the lives of thousands in such a malicious, calculated and pre-meditated way.What are we supposed to do when your own church is against you?  How are we suppose to survive?  Things are getting worse each passing day. Since my religious convictions have guided me always, I am not afraid… 🙏🏻☦️
May God forgive him for what he has done, but honestly, I do not think we pray to the same God…. The God I believe in, the one true God, is in the heavens, with Archangel Michael and the legions of Angels, who are ready and waiting for His command, as they will annihilate all evil…..🙏🏻☦️
Thank you.
These are some other sources I used for my religious exemption:
1. Georgian Orthodox Synod On The Necessity Of Vaccination Being A Free Choice And Not Compulsory – https://patriarchate.ge/news/2718
2. Greek Orthodox Press Release on “The Cloning of Embryonic Cells” – https://www.bioethics.org.gr/03_c.html
3. Saint Paisios Warns Against the Vaccine – https://cyberianorthodox.wordpress.com/2021/03/26/a-vaccine- those-taking-it-will-be-marked/
4. Elder Efthymios Against the Vaccine – https://www.ekklisiaonline.g
5. Metropolitan Saba of Khoni Against The COVID Vaccine – https://tabula.ge/ge/news/645649-mitropoliti-saba-virusis- vaktsina-iaraghi-ikneba
6. Moldovan Orthodox Church Declaration On The Threat Of COVID Vaccines – https://credo.press/231152/


  1. Run! Get out of the cities while you can! Hell on earth is at the door. This is about purebloods vs those that have submitted their bodied to the mark. The church is dead and controlled by the (((synagogue of Satan))). The Greeks and Armenians fought back these disgusting genocidal Turks. Now they allow them to be priests in Greek churches all over the US? The globalists have already won. Now is the time to be clever and survive the great reset.

  2. God bless you for standing up and not allowing yourself to be bullied. May our Lord Jesus Christ provide for you and care for you. AB Elpi has abandoned us but The Lord NEVER will.

  3. Can. BC anyone contact this lady abd give her the latest CDC death/ injury figures fir those who took the poison shot? Please! This lady needs to sue the GOA!

    🆘 As of October 1, 2021

    CDC: 16,310 Dead 778,685 Injured Following COVID-19 Shots – 2.5X More Deaths than Following All Vaccines for Past 30 Years – 2,102 Fetal Deaths

  4. The writer of this letter exposes the real truth about the denial and betrayal of most of our Orthodox Church leaders, of the Orthodox Faith and the teachings of our Holy Saints and late Fathers.

    Their attitude coincides exactly with the prophecies of many Saints and late Fathers, that during these critical times most of our church leaders will follow the luciferians and their efforts to destroy of our Faith.

    However, I’m dead sure Christ will soon intervene to save the Orthodoxs as on the Day of Pentacost He promised His deciples that He will be with us till the end of this materialistic world.


  5. How is this man our Church leader?!?
    One of this Archbishop’s first deliberate actions was to unilaterally eliminate the Charter that defines the GOA. WE HAVE NO CHURCH at this time.

    And after betraying the clergy, whom exactly does he lead? The Archons, who wearing their proud jackets have demoralized countless FORMER parishioners? Time to hose out the country clubs and return them to what they were, places of devotional faith and aspiration of living a worthy life. (iow, Christian and Hellenic.)

    Any and all church hierarchs who choose not to speak out NOW, and loudly, for his removal and the urgent reform of the Church, should be thrown out on their asses, they are worthless. Liquidate their pensions and establish a fund to save the churches that our pious predecessors built.

    Believe your eyes and ears, there is little doubt where they’ve led us.

  6. This is why I left the Greek Orthodox Church (but not Orthodoxy) last year. ROCOR (The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia) gives religious exemption letters to baptized Orthodox Christians, to Catechumens and even to seekers of the Orthodox Faith. The Greek Orthodox vessel capsized a long time ago. You either sink with it or swim to another boat. Its sink or swim brothers and sisters. Leave the heretics. The fewer their followers, the more meaningless their existence will become. Stop going to heretical churches because you have always gone there, because you miss the same four walls, because the multi-spooning priest is a nice guy. Since they dont hear us, its time to stop talking with our mouths and to start talking with our legs and our money. Stop funding them. Walk out. Find another Orthodox Church under a faithful priest if you live in Greece, or under a different jurisdiction if you are of the Greek diaspora. You will make new friends, you will sprout new roots and you will find peace. Dont sink. Have faith and swim.

    • I was just about to make the same comment. If you need a religious exemption to this farce, ROCOR is the way to go. I know it goes against the grain for a Greek person, but in these times, what options do we have? Our ROCOR mission started up just last year, and already has almost 40 members – including refugees from the various Greek parishes in the area. We must do what we can to protect both our Faith and our persons.

  7. A Federal Judge in NY has issued a preliminary injunction for all healthcare workers against illegal NY Mandate… Anyone in the “Helleniscope” Family who reads this, who is in healthcare, if you are out there and refuse vax– -you have a case!


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