UPDATE, Oct. 17, 2021, 4.00 PM: Another regular reader reminded me of one more source of income for the Patriarchate, the old-calendar group of churches, like St. Irene Chrysovalantou in Astoria.  They have five or six parishes in the US.  These are really “devoted” to the Patriarchate, being “stavropegiac”, and have even sold the golden attributions the faithful put on icons to send the money to the Phanariots!! We will come back another day with more on this story…

By Nick Stamatakis

I will introduce this painful subject with the story I heard recently from a faithful in one of the “Eparchies” of the “Ecumenical Throne” in the English-speaking world, i.e. US, UK, Australia, Canada…  A religious group in a parish collected an amount of money – something around $60,000 – for the purpose of supporting an Orthodox mission on the other side of the globe in a very remote and needy area.  The Archbishop of this “Eparchy”, when he heard of the fundraising, advised (read: forced) the group to sent the money through the Istanbul Patriarchate.  Can any of you guess how much of this amount of $60,000 finally reached its destination of helping the Orthodox mission in this remote part of the Globe? Please try again – your first guess was probably wrong… The correct answer is $6,000!!  Yes, my friends, the “Patriarchal Swamp” in Istanbul kept for themselves 90% of the money and allowed the mission a mere pittance… I had started work on this report about how much money flows from America to the Patriarchate in Istanbul when I realized I have missed this category: Money from various philanthropic fundraisers intended for Christian missions in areas under the Patriarchate.

A few days later I was reminded that I missed another category: Money in envelopes (“fakeloi”) delivered personally to Pat. Bartholomew by various Metropolitans during their annual visits to Istanbul.  The “standard” amount in each such envelope is $100.000!!   (In parenthesis, I note that the Metropolitans, acting very much in the “Ottoman” way, purchase their seats!! It became known that the recently dismissed Met. Evangelos of NJ had paid Bartholomew over $500.000 for the right to “rule” NJ parishes… In return, he acted like a true Ottoman “Pasha” and terrified the priests of his jurisdiction committing all kinds of financial and other scandals… Obviously, he had to have a good ROI “return on his investment”!!!… He wasn’t dismissed for these scandals – they are considered a normal way of life in Istanbul. He was dismissed because he was  confrontational with AB Elpidoktonos…)

The rest of the “standard” categories of cash flow to the “thieves of Istanbul” who pretend to be Patriarch and Metropolitans have as follows:

  1. Out of the $22 million a year sent by the parishes to GOA the Patriarchate currently get $1.5 million and they want to have this raised to $3 million.
  2. The Archons of America send to the Patriarchate $3 million annually.
  3. “Leadership 100” contributes about $1 million.
  4. Karloutsos raises about $5 million from various USA donors.
  5. The National Philoptochos Society funds the “poor” of the Patriarchate with $125.000 annually.
  6.  The new “Bartholomew Foundation” has already raised $15.000.000 – in a very vague organization and mission where nobody knows how the money is used…

Below you can see a chart organizing graphically these sources of money (many thanks to the anonymous contributor):

I have noted several times in the past that there is a complete lack of transparency and accountability for all these millions handed to the “band of thieves of Istanbul” led by Pat. Bartholomew.  Their excuse is the “bad Turks” but when it was suggested to them that they can establish a non-profit foundation in Chambezy, Switzerland where they already operate an Insitute and other establishments, they are silent… Naturally, the first thing any financial abuser would need is …transparency and accountability.

The Patriarchate receives a rumored $10 million a year in cash via diplomatic mail from the Foreign Ministry of Greece.  About 20 years ago when the then Foreign Minister of Greece Mr. Theodoros Pangalos saw a “Patriarchal Mission” staying at the most expensive hotel in Paris and spending like there was no tomorrow, he canceled the annual contribution… But the sleazy Phanariots – making use of their bag of tricks – managed to reinstate it a couple of years later… About half of Greece (including Northern Greece, all the Eastern Islands, and the autocephalous Church of Crete) is under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate and it is unknown how much money they pay Bartholomew annually… All priests’ salaries are paid by the government of Greece…

The Patriarchate also receives substantial amounts from the UK, Canada, and Australia and much lesser amounts from Europe. Let me note here that Greece pays for the salaries of the various priests and metropolitans in Europe.  The thieves of Istanbul recently developed Ukraine as a “cash cow” with Met. Emmanuel in charge (formerly of France and now of Chalcedon, second in command under Bartholomew and preparing to succeed him – get ready to “welcome” him in the US in a few days and ..open your pockets you stupid Archons…) visits Kyiv monthly.  At the end of many visits, he has been seen to take the next flight to Switzerland where the “bag of cash” is deposited in personal accounts (in his name and Bartholomew’s name – I am told).

Last but not least, the Patriarchate receives a very substantial amount from the Vatican which explains the “rapprochement” between the two and the hand-kissing of the Pope by AB Elpidoktonos a few years earlier.  Also recently, Bartholomew made a few trips to Abu Dhabi where the globalists prepare a huge “Abrahamic” temple with a Church, a Synagogue, and a mosque. Knowing how generous the Emir of Abu Dhabi is and how fond of cash the Patriarch is, we can only imagine what the real exchange behind the scenes would be…

How much of (mostly) our money ends up in Turkish pockets?

This is a much more difficult question and, obviously, it has very deep roots in Ottoman history. It has been known though that for the past few decades an amount of about $2 million in cash is delivered annually to the Turkish administrator (a true “Pasha”) of Istanbul.  Recently we learned that the Patriarchate gave money to Turkey and Greece for two purposes: First, to take care of the homeless and, second, to help with the pandemic. In each case, Turkey received $300.000 and Greece only $50,000…

To understand how the whole system works one needs to have knowledge of the “Ottoman” mentality. During the Ottoman centuries, all the subjects knew that local “Pashas” (who were actually the tax collectors of the Sultans) imposed a tax of 10% – the famous “tenth” (“δεκάτη” in Greek).  If you take a careful look at how Bartholomew and his band of thieves operate, you will realize that they basically follow similar rules – only that in some cases as we saw above they increase their share to 90%!!..  But in general, they consider it absolutely acceptable for their “Pashas” (read “Archbishops” and “Metropolitans”) to take their share of all money collected.  In many ways, our Church in America is being governed under Ottoman law and customs.

You will not however understand anything about this system until you realize that at the center of it is the custom of baksheesh” (In Greek it is the famous “μπαχτσίσι” everyone has to pay when dealing with the corrupt government officials), a Persian term which the Ottomans brought to absolute perfection.  It initially had the meaning of charity or tipping but ended up signifying the bribery money paid to corrupt officials to do things that should be part of their job. You also need to know that in Ottoman times a famous “Head Tax” was imposed (“χαράτσι” in Greek). This was paid annually by all in exchange for a piece of paper which was a permit for each to worship their religion freely…

If you were wondering why do we give a little envelope to our priests with $10 or $20 to read ten names in memorial services within the Church (which takes them a few seconds) – this is where the roots of this custom are, in baksheesh… I basically do not mind this type of tipping at the priest level (especially at small parishes) – but at the same time, I do not want to see priests like Fr. Nektarios of Astoria (making a total salary of over $130,000/yr – who by all accounts make additional tens of thousands of untaxable cash income every year) raise real hell when their parishes tell them they have no money for their vacation in Naples Florida… And they take the money from the “hagiography” account to pay for their trip – instead of taking it from their own tips from the faithful… Shame on them!

Similarly, I do have a huge problem when the “baksheesh” system is transferred to the higher levels of the Hierarchy and ends up being bribery money to Pat. Bartholomew for the “purchase of a Metropolis”, much like Pashas in Ottoman times purchased their tax jurisdictions from the “High Porte of the Sultan”… And I do have an even bigger problem with the unbelievable arrogance and sense of entitlement the whole system creates. Example: When last August, the former Metropolitan of France (and now of Chalcedon – mentioned above) left Paris, he used a huge truck to empty the Metropolis of ALL furniture – including even the chandeliers!! – and transport them to Athens where he had bought a $1,000,000 house in the wealthy northern suburbs!!..  Much of this furniture was purchased by the former Metropolitan of France, who to his credit, left it where it belonged…


October 17, 2021, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com



  1. I need to take a deep breath after reading the revelations posted here today. I feel sick to my stomach. I need to read this article a few times to gather my thoughts and post them later. I actually want to puke. This is disgusting, against God, and the GOA must be dissolved completely. These men must be sent to prison for what they have done. Be back later…I am indebted to the author of this blog. What bravery! What truth is revealed here.

    “The clergy are puzzled and are seeking the cause for the people’s ever-growing rebellion against priests and the Church.

    From childhood on we were taught reverence for priests and the Church rites and sacraments. We were told that in order to reconcile our souls with ourselves, to purify the inner man in us, it was necesssary to confess at least once a year, particularly before the Lent.

    We were told that at the confessional one could tell of his most secret sins and that the priest-confessor would rather die than betray what was confused to him at the confessional. We were also told that there was a Church canon, according to which a priest who betrayed the secrets of a confession would be p)rohibited froni officialing at services, and would be the subject to public penance in a monastery, and would even be unfrocked. People, believing this, used to go to the confession to share with their spiritual Father the tormenting secrets of their hearts. This did it to obtain relief, to make peace with their souls.”

    God help us now.

  2. The powerful hierarchy of the GOA have tricked ‘its’ ‘people’ into believing that authority is a legitimate occupation, and can be held. That it is something that actually exists, is all a mind game, an elaborate illusion. No one has any power over any one else, no one has authority over anyone else, unless it is accepted by both parties to be true. As long as you have the wide spread belief and acceptance in the GOA authoritative power structure, that power structure will exist, and rule over your existence. It is a belief, nothing more, nothing less.

    The GOA hierarchy has redefined God’s laws to fit their corrupt needs. We know by now that these beasts in cassocks need cash! Lots of cash! They are very hungry beasts and their greed is a bottomless pit.

    These statist hierarchal GOA leaders fly the American flag on their church property; bought and paid for by the “ the fearful in the pews” that confess their sins to priests that stay quiet about the corruption. Now doesn’t this sound like a cult? Hierarchal beasts in cassocks stealing your money, having illicit sex, and then parading around the church property you bought for them so they can sell it and pocket the cash – whenever they need a few more bucks. The hierarchy always need another church built.

    Wow, what a gig! Have Americans forgotten that the US flag celebrates freedom from tyrannical government? That includes the GOA puppet masters.

    The hierarchal theology fraudsters have tricked ‘its’ ‘people’ into believing that authority is a legitimate occupation, and can be held. That it is something that actually exists, is all a mind game, an elaborate illusion.


    No one but God has any power over any one else, no one but God has authority over anyone else, unless it is accepted by both parties to be according to God’s word. As long as you have the wide spread belief and acceptance in the GOA authoritative power structure, that power structure will exist, and rule over your existence. It is a belief, nothing more, nothing less. It’s corrupt and we do not need it anymore.

    We can create a new GOA. We do not need Turkish laws and customs infiltrating our GOA. Churches in America were always tax exempt. We do not need a non profit GOA that is attached to any government policies. http://hushmoney.org/501c3-facts.htm

  3. Totally corrupt and dead. With the likes of Emmanuella of chalcedon and his monk’ s 1000000 dollars house in North Athens and his bulgarian stallions. Let’s be blunt. Bulgarian young men for Sex. Do these ‘ hierarchy of God’ actually believe in one.? I doubt it as all an elaborate con.
    As June says, what are they but batchelor men playing charades of past glory in a poshed up Turkish slum. When u stand out side of this byzantine charade it becomes clear as the scale fall from your eyes and you see them for what they are, dead, con artists or at best deluded old men and fat younger ones sexually ensnared, playing this game of dressing up.
    LOOK AT THE REAL WORLD WILL U, THE REAL REALITY AND SEE FOR YR SELF WHAT ARE A SIXK CHARADE THIS SHITE IS. The Church, so called. But as long as u peasants pay the pipes, it carries on.

  4. Wrong:
    “buggary” is Not traditional in Byzantine” – this is the leftist excuse for accepting homosexuals in priestly garb instead of being defrocked!

    How insulting for majority of the wonderful, genuine Clergy and Monastics that do us proud?

    People, read Patristic Fathers – they warned us of evils permitting homosexuals in clergy leadership.
    Read especially the ‘golden mouth’
    the great St. John Chrysostom.

    It’s astounding, too many Eastern Orthodox Christians know so little of their faith – it’s hust rituals on Sunday morning service.

    • Zoey, you don’t know your history and you’re just spewing emotions. Buggery isn’t and shouldn’t be Christian, but Christianity hasn’t penetrated ( excuse the pun) the ancient Greek, Roman, Turk/Ottoman, Middle East and South West Asian ( Syria, Iraq, Afghan) traditional tribal tastes for pederasty. The Greek Orthodox Church world-wide has a problem-proclivity with and for buggery and it pre-dates Christ. Post-Modern America and it’s rotted culture merely offers further enablement—like Chicago and France, spoken about often in this blog. Wake up and smell the coffee- and the buggery. We put up with it, so we own it.

      • Yes American, I get your point… it’s true, the church “enablement “ is disgraceful and Patriarch’s not defrocking Emanuel of France after he used Fanar house for his gay sex orgies is Exhibit A proof Patriarch Bartholomew is not fit to be leader.

        But never forget, majority monks/clergy are genuine!

  5. Certainly deeply concerning if all this is true but are we ever going to see any actual proof of all you allege? Any bank statements? Wire transfers? Some sort of documentation? Some correspondence?
    Because it seems to me that the way you started your story “ with the story I heard recently from a faithful….” is really not convincing to me.
    I heard a story is also concerning to me especially when we scandalize the faithful.
    Again, if all this is true, it needs to be addressed but certainly with proof.

    • Are you kidding me? Instead of asking GOARCH and the Patriarchate to establish transparency rules, you are asking me for bank statements? Are you totally in the bag? How much do they pay you? Three years ago when I exposed the sexual scandal of Paris – when it was proven that they invited escorts and had orgies in the Metropolis they wanted also proof. Then I asked Patriarch Bartholomew – since he was the “supervising authority” – to call the Paris Police and request the police report. Until then they put their minions – and you seem to be one of them – to demand proof from me. But when I directed them to the proof they stayed silent. And they stopped threatening me with lawsuits… I am expecting that you and them will be silent from now on… but they showed their true sleazy character when Bartholomew promoted Emmanuel and Maximos instead of sending them to Mt.Athos. Archbishop Iakovos when found out about a similar situation with Athenahoras, the current Archbishop of Mexico, he send him to Athos… Enough for now. More if you dare respond…

  6. Though I believe that there is systemic corruption in the GOA, I believe Jane’s sins were forgiven when she confessed with sincere repentance. Jane makes it sound that the efficacy of her confession is dependent on the faithfullness of the priest. All are sinners, even the faithful clergy.

  7. Well said. I am sure you have more details if needed. I through relatives and son of my nonos who was deacon to kokkinakis (1963-79 uk) know more first hand.
    Our church governence is not fit for any purpose and I fear a scandal as in Catholic church will truly destroy us because we do not have the deep reserve of people and wealth the western church had.
    I week for good clergy and people.I truly weep.

  8. I am curious- have there been traces of where the missing millions from St. Nicholas Shrine, the pension plan, etc. went? $500k was pocketed by J. Demetrou, who is under investigation, but that is still leaving the great bull of missing funds. I don’t recall clearly if I read speculation that some was used to pay off US gov’t related persons or entities to slow down the investigation.

      • Helleniscope,
        Jatras’ Nov. 2018 article points to an October 2018 Orthochristian article, and Jatras comments:
        “The State Department warning also reportedly noted that federal prosecutors have documentary evidence confirming the withdrawal of these funds abroad on the orders of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.”
        Jatras’ article gives no more detail.

        The article does talk alot about Jatras’ theory that the US government gave $25 million to Poroshenko to buy the OCU’s Tomos from P. Bartholomew, but this was a different pot of money than GOARCH’s missing millions. The October 2018 article talked about the State Department and Ukraine, but didn’t go into the missing GOARCH funds.

        Certainly it should not be very hard for US officials to trace the missing funds for a good distance due to US involvement in international banking networks.

        What could the CP do with, eg. over 100 million dollars in accrued unmarked/missing/”black” funds? Renovate its properties in the Phanar district? Well, they would not need unmarked funds for that. Buy a resort in the Mediterranean? Give it as a bribe to Turkey to let them stay? I know that Turkey could squeeze the CP for cash, but really that much? And if the CP doesnt pay, then what happens, Hagia Sophia reverts to a mosque? The CP gets exiled? If it was really that bad, why not pack up and go to Greece like how Antioch’s patriarchate moved to Damascus?


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