Catholic figurehead explicitly praised left-wing racial extremists

Pope Francis released a video message advocating more left-wing politics on Saturday, in the latest attempt by the Vatican to reassure the world that Catholicism is on the side of social justice. The pope praised deceased felon George Floyd as a “Good Samaritan,” and provided a moral endorsement of violent BLM  rioters.

“Do you know what comes to mind now when, together with popular movements, I think of the Good Samaritan?” the Pope declared. “Do you know what comes to mind? The protests over the death of George Floyd. It is clear that this type of reaction against social, racial or macho injustice can be manipulated or exploited by political machinations or whatever, but the main thing is that, in that protest against this death, there was the Collective Samaritan who is no fool!”

“This movement did not pass by on the other side of the road when it saw the injury to human dignity caused by an abuse of power,” the Catholic figurehead continued. “The popular movements are not only social poets but also collective Samaritans.”

The pope went on to repeatedly invoke the term “social justice,” and proclaimed that “In my experience, when people, men and women, have suffered injustice, inequality, abuse of power, deprivations, and xenophobia in their own flesh – in my experience, I can see that they understand much better what others are experiencing and are able to help them realistically to open up paths of hope. How important it is that your voice be heard, represented in all the places where decisions are made. Offer your voice in a collaborative spirit; speak with moral certainty of what must be done.”




  1. Wow!
    Teachings of Pope Francis compared to past Church Teaching

    Approving of atheism
    Doubting the Blessed Trinity
    Condemning capital punishment
    Approving of cohabitation/concubinage
    Speaking highly of communists
    Approving of contraception
    Condemning conversion/proselytizing
    Approving of ecumenism & religious freedom
    Approving of evolution of doctrine
    Approving of the worship of false gods
    Denying the existence of hell
    Defending of Islam
    Defending of Judaism
    Denying the omnipotence of God
    Approving of prayer in common
    Defending the Protestant Reformation
    Denying the forgiveness of sins in Confession
    Saying the majority of sacramental marriages are null
    Defending homosexuality and same-sex marriage
    Approving of sex education
    Approving of suicide

  2. While having no view of the Pope beyond not believing in the Papacy as i am Orthodox, although on second thoughts if we are to have a Pope I will stick with the one in Rome over the pseudo Pope of the Phanar, but in any case, looking down yr life, while I can agree on much BUT NOT ALL, I detest a fundamentalist spirit which is protestant and has creation into Orthodoxy Sadly and is a here, let alone an intellectual stupidity.
    The vacuity of the Pope is obvious but is also yr strident views lacking CHRST, especially with suicide, that i detest. I will not enter into dispute because you people love that.
    I am only saddened that the current generation see all this and do the only moral thing and walk away.

  3. We knew from the start out of all the candidates for Pope this idiot can’t even speak English!

    Every world leader speaks English except this hayseed yahoo Pope .
    Everything he says is pure embarrassment, no wonder Patriarch Bartholomew is best buddies .


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