PHOTO: The closing of the ceremony was telling as the “Hierarchs of the Throne” encircle Met. Emmanuel in an unofficial enthronement of him as Patriarch…



Unofficial enthronement of the disgraced former Met. of France as Patriarch!  Not a commemoration, not one mention or prayer for the health of Pat. Bartholomew!!  Not one word in English except the absolute basic bible readings!!  Ambassador of Turkey next to AB Elpidoktonos in the Greek Ambassador’s dinner in DC yesterday!! GOARCH is heading straight for the cliff!!  The “Greek” Karloutsos furious against the “Turk” Elpidoktonos!!

By Nick Stamatakis

In an unexpected development Pat. Bartholomew was hospitalized this morning, as a short announcement described: “Immediately prior to departing for the service at the Cathedral of Saint Sophia, His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew felt unwell — due to the long flight and full schedule of events upon arrival. His doctor advised him to rest and out of an abundance of caution, he will be taken to the George Washington University Hospital for observation”.

The Patriarch’s absence from the Pan-Orthodox Patriarchal Chorostasia at St Sophia Cathedral in Washington DC had an immediate visual and real result of a clearly choreographed presentation of the second-in-command Met. Emmanuel of Chalcedon (formerly of France – involved in numerous scandals the last few years and acting as the “treasurer” of the Patriarchate)  at the place of the Patriarch.  It started with the commemoration of “Our Archbishop Emmanuel” at the beginning of the service, which raised many eyebrows (at 2:06:19 of the video below)… At the time I was watching the service on youtube and I was surprised to hear.  Yes, it is justified to commemorate the highest present hierarch in the service but why was the name of the Patriarch who was present in town not mentioned?  Church protocol, many said… But if the Patriarch is in town shouldn’t he be commemorated?  (the full video of the service at the bottom of this post).

The final visual result especially towards the end of the service proved that Byzantine machinations were the likely cause.  As Archbishop Elpidophoros started reading his announcement, he introduced Met. Emmanuel of Chalcedon with the usual praises and went on to present him as the one to replace the absent Patriarch – without mentioning even once the “hospitalization”… Shouldn’t he say the minimum, like “We are praying for the health of his All Holiness”?  Or, “We are in touch with his doctors and His All Holiness is at the moment recovering?”… Unbelievable byzantine intrigue…

Emmanuel in his turn gave his speech and proceeded with the ceremony of “upgrading five priests” and giving awards to other clergy and laymen…  The whole ceremony was orchestrated as the unofficial enthronement of Emmanuel as Patriarch.  Please see the series of photos and follow the link to the video below.

Let me close this short report by underlying the following: 1) Emmanuel was nowhere to be found yesterday as you will see in the photos of the Patriarch’s arrival.  2) The service was attended by numerous representatives of other Christian Churches and some members of the political establishment in DC (although the Church was not full and empty seats could be seen) BUT NOT ONE WORD OF ENGLISH WAS PRONOUNCED – except in reading the Apostle’s Epistle and the Bible excerpt !! AB Elpidoktonos and Met. Emmanuel made their speeches completely in Greek!! This amazing callousness shows to all of us the road this Church is taking – straight for the cliff!!

October 24, 2021,

Helleniscope calls on each and every one of you, clergy and laity, to follow this link to and sign the declaration of Independence of our Church from the Patriarchate 


YESTERDAY: Disgraced Met. Emmanuel (formerly of France, now of Chalcedon) is nowhere to be seen!!

YESTERDAY’S DINNER AT GREEK AMBASSADOR’S HOUSE: The ambassador of Turkey Murat Mercan is sitting next to AB Elpidoktonos…

DURING THE SERVICE: After the commemoration of “Our Archbishop Emmanuel” AB Elpidoktonos disappeared behind the altar for 10 minutes and when he returned there was an exchange between him and Emmanuel…

In the end they each played their role…


KARLOUTSOS AND ELPIDOKTONOS AT ANDREWS AF BASE WAITING FOR THE PATRIARCH: The photos are talking for themselves… Karloutsos is clearly not happy at all and he is seething against “the Janissaries” at 79th Street… Did you hear any “regrets” from his mouth for what he himself engineered 20-30 years ago?  Maybe it is time now for him to fix what can be fixed… If his grandchildren – and ours – are ever going to be members of this Church…

Helleniscope calls on each and every one of you, clergy and laity, to follow this link to and sign the declaration of Independence of our Church from the Patriarchate 


Ο Πατ. Βαρθολομαίος στο νοσοκομείο –  Ο Μητ. Εμμανουήλ παρουσιάζεται ως Πατριάρχης!

Ανεπίσημη ενθρόνιση του ατιμασμένου πρώην Μετ. της Γαλλίας ως Πατριάρχη! Ούτε μνημόσυνο, ούτε μνεία ή προσευχή για την υγεία του Πατ. Βαρθολομαίος!! Ούτε μια λέξη στα αγγλικά εκτός από τις απόλυτες βασικές αναγνώσεις της Βίβλου !! Πρέσβης της Τουρκίας δίπλα στην AB Elpidoktonos στο δείπνο του Έλληνα Πρέσβη στο DC χθες!! Η Εκκλησία κατευθύνεται κατευθείαν στον γκρεμό !! Ο «Έλληνας» Καρλούτσος έξαλλος κατά του «Τούρκου» Ελπιδοκτόνου !!

Του Νίκου Σταματάκη

Σε μια απροσδόκητη εξέλιξη ο Πατ. Ο Βαρθολομαίος νοσηλεύτηκε σήμερα το πρωί, όπως περιγράφει μια σύντομη ανακοίνωση: «Αμέσως πριν αναχωρήσει για την λειτουργία στον Καθεδρικό Ναό της Αγίας Σοφίας, ο Παναγιώτατος Οικουμενικός Πατριάρχης Βαρθολομαίος αισθάνθηκε αδιαθεσία-λόγω της μεγάλης πτήσης και του πλήρους προγράμματος των εκδηλώσεων κατά την άφιξή του. Ο γιατρός του τον συμβούλεψε να ξεκουραστεί και για λόγους προφύλαξης θα μεταφερθεί στο Πανεπιστημιακό Νοσοκομείο George Washington για παρατήρηση ».

Το άμεσο οπτικό και πραγματικό αποτέλεσμα της απουσίας του Πατριάρχη από την Πανορθόδοξη Πατριαρχική Χοροστασία ήταν η σαφώς χορογραφημένη παρουσίαση του δεύτερου στην ιερασχία Μητ. Εμμανουήλ της Χαλκηδόνας (πρώην Γαλλίας – εμπλέκεται σε πολλά σκάνδαλα τα τελευταία χρόνια και ενεργεί ως «ταμίας» του Πατριαρχείου) στη θέση του Πατριάρχη. Ξεκίνησε με την μνημόνευση του «Αρχιεπισκόπου μας Εμμανουήλ» στην αρχή της λειτουργίας, που δημιούργησε απορίες. Εκείνη την ώρα παρακολουθούσα την υπηρεσία στο youtube και ξαφνιάστηκα που το άκουσα. Ναι, είναι δικαιολογημένο να τιμάται ο ανώτατος ιεράρχης παρών στην λεςιτουργία, αλλά γιατί δεν αναφέρθηκε το όνομα του Πατριάρχη που ήταν παρών στην πόλη; Εκκλησιαστικό πρωτόκολλο, είπαν πολλοί … Αλλά αν ο Πατριάρχης είναι στην πόλη, δεν πρέπει να μνημονευθεί;

Το τελικό οπτικό αποτέλεσμα ειδικά προς το τέλος της λειτουργίας απέδειξε ότι η βυζαντινή μηχανορραφία ήταν η πιθανή αιτία. Καθώς ο Αρχιεπίσκοπος Ελπιδοφόρος άρχισε να διαβάζει την ανακοίνωσή του, παρουσίασε τον Μετ. Ο Εμμανουήλ της Χαλκηδόνας με τους συνηθισμένους επαίνους και συνέχισε να τον παρουσιάζει ως αυτόν που θα αντικαταστήσει τον απόντα Πατριάρχη – χωρίς να αναφέρει ούτε μια φορά την «νοσηλεία» του κ.Βαρθολομαίου … Δεν θα έπρεπε να πει το ελάχιστο, όπως το «Προσευχόμαστε για την υγεία του Παναγιώτατου»;  Η ότι “Είμαστε σε επαφή με τους γιατρούς του και η Παναγιότητά του αυτή τη στιγμή αναρρώνει;” … Απίστευτη βυζαντινή ίντριγκα …

Ο Εμμανουήλ με τη σειρά του μίλησε κατόπιν και προχώρησε στην τελετή «αναβάθμισης πέντε ιερέων» και απονομής βραβείων σε άλλους κληρικούς και λαϊκούς … Η όλη τελετή ενορχηστρώθηκε ως η ανεπίσημη ενθρόνιση του Εμμανουήλ ως Πατριάρχη. Παρακαλούμε δείτε τη σειρά φωτογραφιών και ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο στο παρακάτω βίντεο.

Επιτρέψτε μου να κλείσω αυτή τη σύντομη αναφορά υπογραμμίζοντας τα εξής: 1) Ο Εμμανουήλ δεν φάνηκε πουθενά χθες, όπως θα δείτε στις φωτογραφίες της άφιξης του Πατριάρχη. 2) Στο δείπνο στο Σπίτι του Έλληνα Πρέσβη ο Τούρκος Πρέσβης Μουράτ Μερτσάν κάθισε δίπλα στην ΑΒ Ελπιδοκτόνο, 3) Στην λειτουργία ήταν παρόντες πολυάριθμοι εκπρόσωποι άλλων Χριστιανικών Εκκλησιών και πολλά μέλη του πολιτικού κατεστημένου στην αμερικανική πρωτεύουσα (αν και η Εκκλησία δεν ήταν γεμάτη και φαίνονταν άδεια καθίσματα) ΑΛΛΑ ΔΕΝ ΕΙΠΩΘΗΩΘΗΚΕ ΜΙΑ ΛΕΞΗ ΣΤΑ ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ – εκτός από την ανάγνωση των σύντομων αποσπασμάτων της Αγίας Γραφής!! Ο ΑΒ Ελπιδοκτόνος και ο Μητ. Εμμανουήλ έκανε τις ομιλίες τους αποκλειστικά στα ελληνικά!! Αυτή η εκπληκτική ε[πιλογή δείχνει σε όλους μας το δρόμο που ακολουθεί αυτή η Εκκλησία – κατευθείαν στον γκρεμό !!









  1. Who cares. I left the parasynagogue of the Ecumenical Patriarchate 30 years ago for ROCOR and haven’t looked back. All the bishops of the EP need to be removed and real bishops (genuine monks) replace them all! Bishops faithful to Orthodoxy!

    • Read Beasts of Cassocks 1924
      So much for the ROCOR. Church corruption rampant everywhere. Abd of course spies are also priests. What to do? Read Bible. Sad. Embrace truth.

      • You are right about church corruption!The Catholic Church has NO COMMON SENSE to allow priests to be married and prevent the children molestations by many priests that totally disgraced and criminalized the Catholic Church that went bankrupt paying huge amounts of money to its victims.
        Bishop Emanuel after the sex gay scandal in Paris recorded and reviewed by the Paris Police should have been defrocked not promoted in the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

        • Absolutely!!!
          Defrocked, not promoted…
          Emanuel is the nail on coffin for Greek Church.

          Bartholomew is clearly not a well man & my heart goes out to all genuine monks on Mount Athos who refuse to recognize this fool.

  2. I just reread this breaking news. My conclusion to date: There is one a d only one priest: Jesus Christ. Anything man made is filled with sun and corruption. Everything stated in this breaking news by the author is well taken. Be smart – let the hierarchs eat themselves. Do not engage.

    Christ is opening our eyes! Let us pray!

  3. So completely predictable and laughable, I don’t know what honestly else is left to say? Once again, you see them all fawning over themselves as they love to do thinking the flock will continue to embrace the brotherhood throwing more good money after bad.

    Please don’t tell me that NOBODY didn’t see this abracadabra coming? The ole switch-a-roo, yabba dabba doo thing? The kumbaya everything is now once again hunky dory? I mean really if this doesn’t make you walk or rather run out of the GOA I don’t know what will.

    Rumors my friends aren’t just rumors for a reason. Congratulations are fully in order for the Phanar house of ill-repute.

  4. 1. Karloutsos wanted trip postponed because he knows nothing is left among us on the Titanic.
    2. Bart and Elpi wanted it because Bart not in good shape and his ego wanted his name on the WTC Nicholas dedication plaque, not the successors.
    3. Alex and Elpi are fighting over Elpi’s Turkishness, but not over Americanism ( that doesn’t count). Alex says he’s really Greek and Elpi isn’t.
    4. Elpi bans Alex from attending DC events. Church today, AHEPA tonite, and billionaire Metropolis produced movie at usual self praising OXI DAY dinner dinner
    5. Bart at GW HOSPITAL IN DC Sunday AM
    6. Claims of dehydration.
    7. Planners too stupid to allow a day off between arrivals and departures. They killed the old Patriarchtge same way in 1991. 31 days straight of stupid Greeks events.
    8. Emmanuel chased out of France after huge expose of homosexual encounters with buff Bulgarian muscle boys. That’s you # 2.

    Pathetic just pathetic, on all counts.

  5. Lady Margaret Karakas:
    you can say that again,
    Fanar house IS indeed house of ill-repute.

    Do the men in black really expect us to welcome this repugnant Emanuel of France after we’ve learnt his stripes?
    Patriarch Bartholomew by choosing the degenerate Emanuel has destroyed any chance of redeeming himself to the flock.

  6. SMDH! You reap what you sow…..oddly, today’s Epistle reading.😂 God loves the cheerful giver, not the thug who maliciously and avariciously takes!

    Epistle Reading

    The Reading is from St. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians 9:6-11

    Brethren, he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must do as he has made up his mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work. As it is written, “He scatters abroad, he gives to the poor; his righteousness endures for ever.” He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your resources and increase the harvest of your righteousness. You will be enriched in every way for great generosity, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God.

  7. Indeed the freshman team was on display to greet HAH. These young liberal priests have been chirping in the ear of AB Elpidophoros and have been giving him some really bad advice (BLM rally, coming out not supporting religious exemptions for the vaccine mandate, etc.) Karloutsos and AB Elpi have not been on good terms since at least the summer. Also, surprised to see Karloutsos’ son Michael not on the trip. He has been at HAH Bartholomew’s side at all his visits. Karloutsos must be at his wits ends that he is not in control of this trip. Indeed a sinking ship. Truly sad to see our beloved church being led by a bunch of egomaniacal bozos.

    • Michael has to probably lay low, since his multi-million dollar civil suit in which he is a defendant and accused of fraud is calendared for early next year. His lawyers probably told him to shut up and not be seen. His major lawsuit troubles forced his departure from suburban Washington DC ( where he was attempting to establish Karloutsos Global Enterprises and Political Road Show for All Things Greek) to Florida, where bankruptcy laws allow you to keep your house. That’s a good enough guess in a circumstance like this where the defendant knows his ass is in a sling.

      Young liberal priests don’t exist and no advice is given or taken. They are all trained Phariotes, which means a combo of Ottoman crook and pervert, socialist-communist-fascist, and Islamic collaborator. That’s who you are dealing with at GOA and Phanar. Your parish priest is just a beleaguered, over-weight, decent guy struggling with bills and maybe a cranky wife and kids who maybe are jerks—and he slugs along trying to get through the week and maybe do some good if he doesn’t drink and smoke to much or have pill dependencies

      That’s our world, take it or leave it.

  8. These comments are so sad; the name calling and sweeping judgments of our clergy are far from the Gospel I read. It is one thing to make a critical remark and express concern, another to show disrespect, make up disparaging names for others and label people. And, to spread untruths or half-truths; clearly Fr. Alex Karloutsos has been present for some of the events as we can all see in some of the pictures being made public; this blog is saying that he is nowhere to be found–NOT TRUE, though for me, it doesn’t matter anyway.

    • I will say it once again: If the Patriarch wanted to find the truth about Emmanuel-la, his gay friend Maximos and the sex orgies with gay escorts IN the building of the Metropolis of France in Paris he would simply pick up the phone and requested a Police report as the supervising authority. He chose not to do it – after making his useful idiots threatening me personally and the freedom of the press… As for Karloutsos let me remind you that the whole church and especially he is under investigation….
      You of course have the right to close your eyes… This is e free society nobody can force you to open your eyes and see the truth…

    • There have been many, MANY, civil requests for fiscal transparency for decades now. I was present at the last legitimate (and quite large) Clergy/Laity held in Orlando (1998). When asked, very politely, to reveal the GOA’s finances so that capable members could assist these clearly incapable hierarchs to manage (and also to show the “sheep” if/why the Church needed more funding), their response was VIVIDLY CLEAR: “The Church is not a democracy, it is a hierarchy.”

      Perhaps you, papman, were not involved as we were, some of us for DECADES. Most of us are descendants of the worshipers whose sweat, blood and tears saturate the churches built across the US. They have emptied and teetering on bankruptcy. You fret that the posted comments are sad, how do you deem the state of the Church?!!!!!

      Hundreds of million$ are GONE, pfft! Thousands of believers, who were devoted members of the churches, have abandoned the GOA in resignation, or disgust. There is NO mechanism to remove these incompetents (or frauds) from the Church unless they remove themselves.

      What is your proposal to stop this apparently DELIBERATE destruction??
      The folks who are paid to run it are either obviously incompetent or, are very satisfied that they are accomplishing an intentional mission. Men of God do NOT act as these men have. Their duties to the members of the Church do not contradict their duty to God. Hope the PR firm they’ve hired (!!!) has a plan for His Judgement.

    • PappyMan, stop apologizing for and enabling these creeps. They’ve ruined our church and the record is clear: relentless waste, fraud, abuse, and sin as a management style. Make Greek Orthodoxy Great Again ! Quit tiptoeing through the Tulips.

  9. I do not refute there are serious issues that need to be openly addressed, my eyes are wide open, and my head is not in the sand. Those who responded to my post seem to miss the point about the destructive nature of name-calling, half truths/untruths and sweeping judgments. I do not have answers; I just seek to be faithful where I am planted, and I, too, have given much of my life (4 decades) to serving Christ in His Church in the GOA. And I struggle mightily sometimes, but resorting to name-calling does nothing to build up the body of Christ and address the issues at hand. May God have mercy on us all.

    • If there is no charter and if there was one the prevailing EP or GOA attitude for more than two decades is that “the Church is not a democracy” as they are planning to centralize priests salaries and parish property ownership then there is no much left than asking for independence and name-calling…

  10. It is sad that this one man (Karloutsos) has done so much damage to the church. If you are going to try to defend him, please STOP now. He orchestrated the removal of all the previous Archbishops Iakovos, Spyridon and Demetrios. If you are going to try to refute this, please STOP because these are facts. Its even a sadder day to see the EP praised Biden as a faithful man. This trip is a joke. Just their way to fly around the country to live large on our dime and collect money for themselves. Unfortunately for them, many of the faithful are on to them and their sleazy ways. I am going to have to agree with those that say it is time for the Greek Orthodox Church in America to become an independent entity and control its own destiny, free from these Machiavellian orchestrations.

  11. What’s left of the GOA in a few years—the good people and priests—will find their way into the OCA, AOCA and ROCOR. God will be merciful.

    • After the way the Greeks and its Phanar have treated Him, why should He be merciful ?
      Don’t assume too much. I would be surprised if slavery to Pharaoh wasn’t better judgment !


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