By Alex Aliferis 11/9/21

With the recent unconstitutional vaccine mandates in Greece and Democrat-run states, it is time to homeschool your kids.

Did you know you have options for your kids or grandkids?

It is the homeschooling option.

It is time for Greeks and Greek Americans to stop respecting corrupt government and church authority. The Church of Greece is under the authority of the Greek government. In the USA, the Greek Orthodox Church leadership is in agreement with the corrupt Biden puppet regime. Archbishop Elpidophoros does not represent Greek Americans. This Turkish intelligence agent will sacrifice your kids for a paycheck and meetings.

Any school that receives taxpayer money or grants from the government is under the vaccine mandates. This includes charter schools, private schools, or religious schools. Yet, did you know about homeschooling? Homeschooling is 100% legal across the USA. You control your kids, not the government. The government is not big daddy or big mommy. You control medical decisions and consent for your kids.

Enrollments in public government-run schools are down 25% and growing. Parents nationwide from California to New York are pulling their kids out of government-run schools and into a homeschooling pod/association. The big misconception is that the mother or father has to educate them. The good news is that are groups of homeschooling associations or pods of parents where one or two mothers/fathers teach kids. Where do they get the curriculum?

With laptops and the internet, there is a pro-America/pro Christian/pro-Western Civilization that teaches children about the true history of the USA. They don’t teach Common Core curriculum or anti-America/anti-Western Civilization/anti-Christian garbage Critical Race Theory curriculum.

A great homeschooling program is the Freedom Project Academy .  It focuses on Greek Classical education and biblical teaching. It is free from Common Core and Critical Race Theory. It teaches kids about the bible, Greek Classics, and the basics (writing, reading, math, science).

In my series, I will expose how the Marxists in the USA, Greece, Europe, etc. destroyed Classical Greek education with a Marxist one. Did you know each American learned and spoke the Classical Greek and Latin language in the 1700s, 1800s and into the 1940s? Classical Greek education teaches a person to think, question, research and use common sense. A Marxist education brainwashes a person to obey, not question authority, etc.

Wonder why we are losing kids to the wasteland of trash Marxist education?

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyp

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  1. Excellent resources here. It’s imperative that parents remove their children from any school that coerces parents and children to wear a mask and take a dangerous experimental gene therapy, learn critical race theory, and create doubt in a child’s mind as to whether they are male or female.

    A new parallel way of life must be developed which enables humanity to stay out of the satanic reset taking place. Home school your kids.

    Schools are seeking control and manipulation over your children daily by “claiming” they are “looking out” as “child advocates” for your child’s so called “health, safety and welfare”, when in fact, it’s anything but!!!
    Your children and grandchildren are being programmed, brainwashed and are being used as weapons of the “state” with manipulation and coercion. I hear that schools on a weekly basis are overstepping their boundaries by asking children sensitive, private family matters by asking children to complete questionnaires of all kinds of bizarre and personal questions while in school such as:

    -Are there any “conservatives” in your home? If so, how many?
    -Do you or anyone in your family attend church?
    -Are there any weapons or guns in your home?
    -If so, how many weapons are in your home?
    -Do you feel “comfortable” being called a “boy” or a “girl”? Or, would you prefer to be called or “identified” by something different?
    -Do you like your name? What name or identity do you most closely associate yourself with or as?

    REALLY?! This is NOT A JOKE. If you think you still have control over your child and leave them entrenched in the public school system. Think again.


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