EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Suddenly, all Greek-American media are “surprised” by Eric Adams’ “pro-Turkish” statements… As if we did not see the splash of photos of his meetings at GOARCH headquarters with “the Turks”, Pat. Bartholomew and AB Elpidoktonos… As if we did not know that these “leaders” – BOTH OF THEM – have served their military service in intelligence units of the Turkish Army… As if we have not heard from their own corrupt mouths that their policy regarding the Greek-Turkish relations will be “promoting peace between the two nations”… In their “coded” language this means helping the aggressor, Turkey, impose its will… This is what “peace” with the military power that still today illegally occupies Cyprus… This is the meaning of “peace” with the Turks who just last year turned Hagia Sophia into a mosque…  This is the meaning of “peace” with a nation that still today has in effect an active “casus belli” threat against Greece…  As for our political leaders, Gounardes and Giannaris, shame on them.  In this and other issues (abortion, BLM, etc) we consider them real enemies of our community’s values!!

Above all, my sincerest “congratulations” to the “Cyprus lobby” leaders… Are they going to issue a statement that they take issue with such statements by Eric Adams? No, of course not… They are not going to let Adams know that the Greek community is at odds with such statements. They care mostly for their own self-interest… 




Eric Adams: Turkey has played a major role in shaping mankind… I am a friend of the Turkish people…

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams said it is imperative to rebuild trust between police officers and New Yorkers, which he said has been broken for years.

“The only way we can revive that is to be honest about that,” said Adams in an interview with Anadolu Agency in Manhattan on Thursday. It is the first-ever interview with international media after his election victory.

Adams served at the New York City Police Department for 22 years. As a former police captain, the mayor-elect said he knows what it is to wear a police uniform and to wear bulletproof vests and protect children and families.

In his remarks, the mayor-elect said his priority is to work with police officers for public safety across the city.

“Number one, I’m going to have the backs of my police officers. I’m going to give them the support to do their jobs and allow them to carry out public safety aspects of keeping our city at a level of safety,” said Adams.

He will tell police officers to “carry out the role of law enforcement with the nobility that it deserved”.

Adams also said he would take action against “overly abusive” police officers.

During his campaign in May for the mayoral race, the mayor-elect vowed to get rid of “abusive” police officers within three months of an incident if he becomes mayor.

“We cannot allow officers who are overly abusive to stay in the police department. They will be removed and we will have a department that lives up to its name of being the finest because I believe it is the finest,” he told Anadolu Agency.

Adams, a Democrat, won New York City’s mayoral election on Nov. 2. The 61-year-old will take office on Jan. 1.

Responding to a question about how to revive the city in a post-pandemic era, the mayor-elect outlined three goals for a “healthy” recovery.

“COVID-19 decimated our financial institutions,” said Adams, recalling that many people are still out of work, and many small businesses are closed.

He said New York City will show resiliency while getting back to normalcy. “We want people to participate in the vaccine process and get the vaccination. The virus is a potent enemy and the vaccine is a strong counterbalance to that enemy,” said the mayor-elect.

“Second, we need to get employees back into office spaces,” he said. “And then lastly, we must be safe. The prerequisite to the prosperity of our city is public safety.”

“So we want to make sure that the city continues to be a safe city so that people can come here to raise healthy children and families,” he added.

New York City was once the epicenter of the pandemic and now the city is reopening. Currently, it has 1.1 million reported cases and is a very high risk for unvaccinated people, according to New York Times.

– ‘Friend of Turkish people’

The mayor-elect also spoke about the Turkish American community in the city, calling them “great contributors to our economy”.

“I’m a friend of the Turkish people here and abroad. I have a large Turkish population that lives in Brooklyn, probably one of the largest in our country,” said Adams.

“We are going to put together delegations that would involve business leaders to look at how to do business here in New York and how we can do business in Turkey,” he added.

In terms of cross-cultural relationships, the mayor-elect said he will ask young Americans to visit places like Istanbul and Cappadocia, and other places in Turkey “as we bring young Turkish students here to New York to enjoy the rich culture here as well.”

Adams has been in Turkey six times and said he looks forward to traveling more.

He said Turkish people “have had an excellent ability to maintain the history as well as an extremely modern city.”

And it’s that combination that draws you into understanding how Turkey has played a major role in shaping mankind and continues to do so in shaping the future,” he added.

* Servet Gunerigok in Washington contributed to the story


  1. Eric Adams is a bull shit artist bureaucrat for the globalist internationalist capitalist gang of thieves. What’s in it for Eric Adams? Stay tuned…

    The filthy thieves are all setting the stage for their dream of global totalitarianism that is masked by Covid, climate change, and racism. Shhh! The hypocrites do not want the sheep realizing the real politik! Eric Adams is just another rag the big boy globalists will use and throw away when they do not need him anymore.

  2. Wait a minute !

    Elpi and Bart are Turks, so doesn’t this mean “Hizzoner” ‘Da Mayor supports Elpi and Bart ?

    Maybe we need to look at it the right way. He supports our Turkish Pasha Leaders. We are Turkish led and we follow Turks, right? All is well.

    Stay calm and carry on.

  3. Does Adams know the difference between Greeks and Turks? Were his pandering words meant to please the “Turkish” visitors? Was he asked to say a few words about the Christians in Turkey, or did he think he would offend some people?

  4. I agree with Sir Gatanas.. the boys and girls running Greece are even bigger socialists on the global food chain.. Adams is tasked with lowering an unreal crime problem.. Yeah.. He’s no Giuliani but but will support police.. So he likes Turkish food..


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